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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beware Of Good Samaritans

Hello Resident,

This is a FIRST PERSON story, not hearsay.

Last Saturday, 17-09-11 (Ci Hang 25th Anniversary Charity Dinner), at about 11.30 am as I was driving to Thean Hou Temple to see how the arrangements go, just near the Federal Auto/Volvo show room, a motorcyclist started to hoot at me and gesturing that something was wrong with my car. Then he passed me by and went on his way.

A few seconds later, another motorcyclist with a pillion rider also came by, this time on my left and started hooting and shouting at me. I slowed down and rolled down the window and asked what was the problem. He shouted in Bahasa that my front wheel brake was leaking with brake oil and he wanted me to stop the car so that he can fix it.

In my mind, stopping on a road with heavy traffic is certainly not the best thing to do and further more what can he do for me, if the problem is a serious one. So I shouted back that I am nearing my destination, without telling him that I was going to Thean Hou Temple. I drove on wary of the 'brake problem'. Seeing that I was gathering speed and making the turn that leads to the Brickfield Police Station (and Thean Hou Temple), they did not follow. At that moment I was rather grateful to these guys (of dark complexion - needless to say you know who, we are not suppose to be racist) .

When I parked the car at Thean Hou Temple, I went and have a look at the front wheel. Sure enough, there were several drops of brake fluid. I was convinced that the brake caliber was leaking and so called Chee Wah to get me a bottle of brake fluid on his way to Thean Hou Temple.

When Chee Wah came with the brake fluid, Lee Gim Hee and I went to refill the brake fluid, but surprised to find the brake fluid container in the car still full! To cut a long story short, when I sent the car to the mechanic on 23-09-11, the mechanic could not find any leakages. Fishy situation, I thought.
Now is the real situation. When I golfed with my friends on 24-09-11, I related the story to them and one of them who stayed at Taman Seputeh said that I was lucky for not stopping otherwise, I could have been robbed. He further added that many residents at Taman Seputeh and the Brickfield areas, especially ladies, have fallen victims and robbed, when they stopped to 'receive' help from these 'samaritans'.

So be alert whenever you are being approached in this manner and in any places, not just Brickfield areas. As long as your car can go, move on and get to the nearest mechanic to check it out, rather than trust some strangers.

P11 residents, so be awared.

RA 11

Restriction At The Pagola

Dear resident,

We are so pleased that the road has been widened and all lights were installed in every pagolas in the playground and also the one situated in Jalan 11/13.

Only the pagola at Primrose's playground has not been done as yet. You can be assured that we will follow up the matter with MPSJ's contractor.

However, we wish to inform you that nobody is allowed to further install any electrical appliances because the approval was only granted to install two florescent lights at every pagola.

Installing extra electrical appliances without MPSJ grant is a serious offence. So no joke!

Should anyone committed such an offence and is knew by MPSJ, not only they will withdraw every lighting including the free electricity supply for the spotlights, they will also sue the RA asking for compensation.

An unselfish, reasonable and understanding attitude will allow peace and harmony within our community.

Thanking you for your kind attention.

Yours truly,

Alice Choo


cc.  Mr. Tan Jo Hann - MPSJ Councillor

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brightness in our Taman - Gazebo Lighting

Dear resident,

Before I proceed, I wish to take this very opportunity to thank Mr. TAN JO HANN, our MPSJ Councilor and his PA Cik Sharifah, who have been helping us with countless effort in all the project we have applied for. Tan, Sharifah our heartfelt thanks to you both.

At last!, all our 5 pagolas in the Taman are lighted up.

You can now make use of the pagola without having to fear the darkness.

Enjoy it!

God bless and cheers!

ALICE and the Entire team

Cc RA team, Tan Jo Hann n Sharifah
Except the gazebo at Primrose park, which will be install soon.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Deepavali's Greeting

May all Indian communities in our Taman enjoy this festive season.

Happy Deepavali!

RA Committee Members

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dengue Awareness Campaign 23 Oct 2011

Dear Residents,

We have been organizing this event since August 2011 and have succeeded in obtaining a considerably good mousticide for stopping the breed of Aedes and it is non-toxic. There will also activities and games for children. Breakfast is provided.

The event featured a dengue awareness talk, games and quizzes, an exhibition contributed by the local health department, and gotong royong session to clean up mosquito’s breeding grounds.

RA received fullest support from MPSJ Dept. of Health, Yayasan Tunku Naquiyudin (YTN), and Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah Petaling (PKD).

The support and concern of MP Puchong YB Gobind Singh, ADUN Serdang Dato’ Satim, P8 Chairman Dato’ Samson, MPSJ Councillor Mr. Tan Jo Hann have made our event more successful.

MP Puchong YB Gobind who officiated at the event expressed his concern and support for the community’s effort to prevent dengue epidemic. He has also highlighted that the importance of Awareness, danger of Dengue, and the fatality rate that is considerably high in Selangor.

Whereas Dato’ Satim emphasized that the larva breed in clear water and is not visible to our eye, which is another danger to it.

However, the Director of Entogenex Dr. Alan Brandt and Dr. Neil Ranaweera, Member of TYN Board of Trustees, said they literally work towards the slogan REAP i.e.:
  • R for Reduction of mosquito population at their source (breeding grounds)
  • E for Education for behavioural change
  • A for Awareness through community engagement
  • P for Prevention of mosquito bites
Nonetheless the attendance of P12, P10 and P6 Chairman was another strong contribution too.

The event could not be merrier without PKD’s Dengue Truck that has enhanced the ambiance with their musical tools and Deejay.

Che’ Chi Environmental Centre participated in educating our residents the "green" knowledge by creating craftworks with the waste papers.

Children have their fun with games and their participation in the quiz contest organized by PKD and Entogenex.

RA has to thank YB Gobind Singh, Dato’ Hj Mohd. Satim bin Diman, Dato’ Samson, other RAs chairman, residents for rendering their usual supports to us.

Last but not least, I have to once again to thank all my Committee Members for their dedication and hard work in this project.

Alice Choo

Friday, October 21, 2011

Residents laud improved access


THE residents of Bandar Puteri 11 Puchong have welcomed the Subang Jaya Municipal Council’s (MPSJ) efforts to widen the road at the main entrance to the residential area.

Residents are also happy with the council’s plan to install lighting for five gazebos in the area.

Councillor Tan Ju Hann, who inspected the ongoing widening work, said the road would be completed within a week.

Tan said the road widening work at Jalan 11/1 started about five months ago following complaints from the residents that it was too narrow and dangerous.

“The gazebos in the area will also be lighted soon, as requested by the residents. The residents complained that the gazebos were too dark and unsafe for residents to come together at night for meeting or chats,” he added

Puteri 11 Residents’ Association chairman Alice Choo said they were happy with the quick response from the council.

She said the council had spent RM20,000 on the road widening works and the lighting for the gazebos.

“We are also happy that the council has approved six additional parking bays for the residents at Puteri Bayu apartment.

“The residents have been receiving compound notices from the police and MPSJ in the past for parking illegally.

“I am glad that these problems have finally been resolved,” she said.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Stop Dengue Awareness Campaign

Let's Make Puteri 11 a Dengue Free Zone

Stop Dengue Mission

23rd October 2011
Sunday 8:00am - 11:00am
Jalan Puteri 11/1A (Beside hill side)
Bandar Puteri

Let's help keep Puteri 11 Safe, Clean, Healthy and 'Green'

Dear resident,

We wish to inform you that on the day of the Dengue Awareness Campaign, we are also carrying out GOTONG ROYONG and GREEN CAMPAIGN to help keep our environment clean.

It was not easy to convince MPSJ to sponsor the event with all the tents, chairs and table and to convince the Ministry of Health for a good and non toxic Mousticide for our campaign.

Please make sure to join in as we are ecpected to participate massively.

Remember that we have 1 dengue case in our Taman. Awareness is important to prevent other cases to happen.

Let's us take this opportunity to work together in enhancing the cleanliness of our Taman and meet with each other.

During the event refreshments will be provided and children activities will be organised. Bring along the whole family.

Please confirm your participation as we have to order refreshments accordingly.

Thank you.



Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crematorium Nearby


I'm a resident from Puteri Bayu Apartment. I'm not sure if BP11 RA realize about the construction of the crematorium opposite Puchong Hartamas Phase 1 but here the link,

And the residents of the new village nearby has protested and began collecting signature. A news from Sin Chew,

I believe BP11 is also very nearby to the site, I just want to share out the news so all are aware to protest of that crematorium construction.

About 70 people started picketing action against the construction of crematorium in the village was built. (Figure: Sin Chew Daily)
Residents pointed out that in a few months ago that after the crematorium will be built and not below, so that people once thought that works were suspended, but was found a week ago crematorium is ready to start. (Figure: Sin Chew Daily)
Zhao Zhigang: we will collect residents' signatures, the proposed memorandum to the Selangor State Government. (Figure: Sin Chew Daily)
Work to start: The site of the crematorium in Puchong.

Final Follow Up Coverage By China And Nanyang Press

MPSJ Councillor Mr. Tan Jo Hann and RA Chairman have been interviewed by China and Nanyang Press
this morning regarding all the pending 3 projects (Road Widening, 5 Pagolas Light & repair of Reflexology Stone) in our Taman, which 2 have been accomplished finally.

Mr. Tan is still helping us very intensely on the repair of the reflexology stones with MPSJ.

Puteri Bayu's extra car park achievement and the towing of cars by MPSJ Penguat Kuasa Division were also covered.

The coverage will be published on tonight's China Press but not so sure of Nanyang.
Can be tonight or could be published tomorrow morning.

RA hope that if any resident has any suggestion or complaint, please do not hesitate to approach any of us in the Committee and we shall be most please to listen, consider and to assist, rather than approaching the wrong person in dealing with complaints, applications and etc.

By doing this, will not jeopardize the reputation of any committee members but the name of our RA and our Taman.

Your understandings and co-operation is highly appreciated.

Thanking you.
Alice Choo

Private Investigator

Dear Residents,

Should any need a Private Investigator, we have one here;

Paul Ang
(Company No:1614257-X)


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Widening Of The Road

Today work started for the widening of the road.

The job is expected to be completed within 3 to 5 days (according to the weather conditions).

The width of the road will be extended by extra 10 ft in order to allow the positioning of the barrier gate and the passage of bigger vehicle.
The widening of the road will also allowed the transit of the fire brigate truck.T
The length of the road will be extended by 20 ft long as per MPSJ authorization.