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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Special Guests On Our Agm 29th April 2012

Dear residents,

RA has invited Mr. Chang Kim Loong, our MPSJ Councilor, En. Azmi, Timbalan Pengarah Pembangunan MPSJ and Datuk Ghani CEO of Asia Space for our AGM this Sunday.

The reason is because RA wanted you to receive a pleasing piece of news pertaining to our Taman from Mr. Chang Kim Loong and also we wanted you to have an opportunity to a Q & A session with Datuk Ghani on the issue of the Communications Tower in order to clear your doubts and fears of radiation.

I believe most of us have been suffering and affected immensely with the bad and poor signal.

We therefore, are asking you to take this opportunity to know more about the Comm-Tower for us to have a cohesive mandate in this issue.

Also it is important for you to meet our MPSJ Councilor who is also the Chairman of JKP Zone 16 Puchong and a Hon. Secretary General to a very important NGO called National House Buyers Association, whom you can seek assistance when needed in future.

We shall let Mr. Chang to introduce and elaborate more during the AGM.

We look forward for as many participants as possible.


Alice Choo

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Junction Mirrors

Dear residents,

GOOD NEWS! – 23rd April, 2012

MPSJ Engineering has installed 1 junction mirror at 2 sharp curves along Jalan Puteri 11/1A and the other at/between Jalan Puteri 11/1 and 13.

This will definitely allow you to have a better vision of cars or people on feet coming from the opposite especially driving in the night and in the darkness when street lights fused.

We have to thank En. Ariffuddin, En. Rostam, En. Azli for their kind attribution to the safety of our residents.

Also not to forget to thank our Councilor, Mr. Chang Kim Loong too.


Alice Choo

Friday, April 20, 2012

Temporary Lanes Closure on Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP) – KM 23.5

Dear RAs,

Good Day!

Please be informed that there will be a temporary closure at the two most left lanes turning into Bandar Puteri Puchong from LDP in order to facilitate the lifting of M&E equipments to the office development at Puchong Financial Corporate Center (PFCC) Towers 4 & 5 which has been approved by LLM (Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia).

These lanes will be closed from 21st April 2012 (10.00 am) until 22nd April 2012 (9.00 am) and the highway users from Puchong Jaya / Pusat Bandar Puchong are advised to use the alternative route to access into Bandar Puteri Puchong as follows:

Route 1: To take the alternate entrance to Bandar Puteri Puchong via Jalan Puchong and into Jalan Puteri 4/5.
Route 2: To make a U-turn before Subang Jaya/USJ Toll and access via Bandar Puteri Puchong Interchange.

Kindly log-on to our community website at for the alternative route map and we appreciate if you could share this information with your residents via your Website, Blogs or Facebook.

Highway users are advised to follow the temporary signage placed along the route for traffic diversion. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

For further enquiries, please contact IOI Properties Bhd, Customer Relations Unit at 03-8064 8833 or e-mail to

"Happy To Serve!"

Customer Relations Unit

Top Urgent - Temporary One Lane Closure At Jalan Puteri 11/1

Dear residents,

We were told by TNB Contractor that in order to rectify the actual problem of the blast at the Main Sub-Station at Primrose that has affected the supply of electricity to our Guard house; they have to hack the main principal road.

In view of this may we request you to exit from Puteri 12 and enter from Puteri 11, to allow work to carry out without hindrance until further notice.

We regret for such short notices.

Thanking you for your co-operation.

Yours faithfully,
Alice Choo

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rubbish complain hotline

Dear Residents,

Yesterday, RA has highlighted to our YBs on everybody distress on most of the problems in our Taman, likewise the unscheduled garbage clearance, fused street lights, dirty street etc ., and dissatisfaction on their services hence MPSJ is no longer attending to any phone call’s complaints.

Upon hearing this, YB Teresa is now furnishing us the contact number of the department that we can call to file in our complaint.

Also Mr. Chang Kim Loong, our new Councilor is taking this issue rather seriously too.

RA is apolitical but we think you all ought to know the actual scenario because we know nothing until I attended my 1st JKP meeting lately.

I wish to also take this opportunity to advise you on how little do I know why Alam Flora was terminated is because to our understanding 75% of the TAXES revenue collected from rakyat of Selangor goes to them, approx. 15% for MPSJ Employees’ salaries and only the balance of approx. 10% for the infrastructures and other purposes.

Besides, by doing so is to create more job opportunity to the people.

Of course during this transition period, there are a lot of things in “ kelam kabut “situation, so let us all help by giving your opinions and suggestion to achieve and to gain a better service we entitle to.

Don’t forget you have every right to it.

May I suggest you to complain to the numbers as listed below and keep all the complaint reference you received from MPSJ or emailing it to me for follow up?

1) state govt rubbish hotline: 1800 88 2824

2) Mpsj rubbish hotline: +60356376545 / +60380267431

Alice Choo

Monday, April 16, 2012

Request For A New Reflexology Stone With Railing

Our Ref: RQR 2/16/4/2012

Yang di Pertua
Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya
Persiaran Perpaduan USJ 5
47610, Subang Jaya
Selangor Daruh Ehsan

16 April, 2012

Attn: Puan Azlina
Landscape Dept.

Dear Madam,


Further to our letter dated 11th July, 2011, pertaining to our complaint of the poor and bad workmanship of the reflexology stone as the stones are too sharp and were placed too far apart whilst caused lots of pain walking on it.

Thus far, it has never been repaired and we doubted it is repairable.

It’s a shame that the land has been utilised with an inutile reflexology stone.

Owing to this we wish to put forward a new application for captioned utility that can be beneficial to our residents’ health.

Thanking you for your kindest consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

c.c. Mr. Chang Kim Loong - MPSJ Councillor
YB Gobind Singh

Request Of Junction Mirrors & Speed Breaker

Our Ref: HUMPS (2)/apr/2012

Yang Di Pertua
Persiaran Perpaduan, USJ 5
47610, Subang Jaya Darul Ehsan

16TH April, 2012

Attn: En. Rostam
Pengarah Jalan Raya - Kejuruteraan

Dear Sir,


With reference to our letter of ref. HUMPS/Feb/2012, dated 9th February, 2012, requesting for 3 junction mirrors for all the corners surrounding our Taman and speed breakers along the curve at Jalan Puteri 11/1 (after our guardhouse heading home - photos were enclosed previously).

Thus far, only the humps have been made but the junction mirrors has yet been placed and the speed breaker (yellow lines) has not been drawn along this road to stop reckless speeding.

It is very important to have the junction mirrors to allow driver to view if any car approaching the sharp corners, whereas the yellow lines (speed breaker) is necessary to eliminate the speeding down on this curvy slope to avoid undesirable accident.

We thank you if you can look into this request of ours at your earliest possible, please.

Thanking you for your kind attention.

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

c.c. Mr. Chang Kim Loong – MPSJ Councillor
YB Gobind Singh

Ramp For Elderly, Invalid And Infant

Our Ref: RQRAMP 16 / 04/2012

Yang Di Pertua
Persiaran Perpaduan, USJ 5
47610, Subang Jaya Darul Ehsan

16TH April, 2012

Attn: En. Arifuddin - Timbalan Pengarah Kejuruteraan

Dear Sirs,


We noticed that there are many elderly residents in our Taman who cannot stroll around the playground due to the fear of falling down from the staircase.

Also residents on wheelchair and infant on pram can only be pushed along the service road as it is too heavy and difficult to carry the equipment down the staircase to the playground.

In view of this, we would like to request you to build the ramp to facilitate these groups of people an easy access to the playground.

This can allow them feeling less stale with their handicapped condition and could be safer for these people to enjoy the day, least to say.

May we proposed the ramp be made next to the TNB Sub-station situated at Jalan Puteri 11/1A as the land is not sloppy as compared to other part of the Taman.

We shall be most grateful if you can kindly consider our application on goodwill, please.

Thanking you for your usual assistance,

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

c.c. Mr. Chang Kim Loong – MPSJ Councillor
YB Gobind Singh

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fuse At The Main Meter Situated At Tnb Sub-station At Primrose

Dear residents,

We would like to inform you that the barrier gate stopped working is due to the main meter at the TNB Sub-Station (Primrose) blasted hence the meter connected to our Guardhouse is fused.

We have already arranged with our previous contractor to attend to this problem at the soonest possible.

Not until this problem is fixed, the barrier gate will not be in use and we can only activate those unreadable cards once we have the flow of electricity at the Guardhouse.

Please bear with us and we apologize for all the inconvenience caused due to this power failure.


Alice Choo

Notice Of 3rd AGM 2012

Dear residents,

We have already distributed the hard copy of this notice alongwith chairman annual reports and account statements to you tonight.

Our new councillor Mr. Chang Kim Loong, who is also the secretary general to the home buyers association which is an NGO handling property legal cases on probono basis, will be coming to support our AGM on sunday.

It will be good for you to know him in person, who knows you might need his advice and help in future.

We look forward to see you on sunday, 29 April, 2012, 4.30pm.

Best regards,


Dear residents,

You are kindly invited to participate to our 3rd AGM on 29th April, 2012, 4.30pm, at the usual position at the main playground (located between Jalan 11/11 & 12).

Please take this opportunity to come forward with your queries and suggestions.

We look forward for you attendance as there are various issues to be addressed including the annual election.

Those interested in being elected as RA member, please confirm by emailing to us your availability.

Most importantly we required not less than 50% of paying members attendance to achieve the quorum to necessitate this Meeting otherwise it will be deemed VOID. (approx. 220 members)

In case of rain the Meeting will be held anyway.

Thanking you for your attention.


Alice Choo
12 April, 2012

Note: The Chairman Annual Report And Account Statements In Chinese Version Will Be Forward To You On Either Monday 16th April Or Tuesday 17TH APRIL, 2012.











3rd Annual General Meeting

TIME: 4:30PM


Please bring along this report when attending the Annual General Meeting
Registration will start at 4:00 pm

13th April, 2012

Notice of the 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Notice is hereby given that the Third (3rd) Annual General Meeting of Persatuan Bandar Puteri 11, Selangor will be held on the 29th April, 2012 (Sunday) at 4:30 pm at the Puteri 11 Nadia Playground.

  1. Chairman’s Opening Address
  2. To receive the Report of Management Committee and matters arising thereof
  3. To receive and to adopt the Audited Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2011
  4. To nominate and elect Management Committee for the year 2012
    • Chairman
    • Vice Chairman
    • Secretary
    • Vice Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • 9 Ordinary Members
  5. To appoint 2 Honorary Auditors
  6. To appoint 3 Trustees
  7. Any other matters
  8. Address by the New Chairman
  9. Adjournment
Your presence at the meeting is very much appreciated.
By order of the Management Committee

Venice Ang
Hon. Secretary

Third Annual General Meeting


Before I proceed, I and on behalf of my entire team would like to thank our previous committee members and Mrs. Tan, for their contributions to our Community.

Also not to forget to thank my entire Team who are also the Road Rep. for the security fees collection, have been working with countless effort and time in servicing the Community VOLUNTARILY. Without them, I will never be able to succeed with my task and responsibility to enhance the betterment of our Taman, our Home.

A very special big “Thank You” especially to Mr. Khoo, our Vice Chairman cum Head of Security, who was the one that has been ensuring your everyday safety and security. Our salutation to you Mr. Khoo.

This goes to our Treasurer Mr. Leo, who is not only honest and hardworking. He has been taking care of the account but also managing of the management during our absence. Kudos to Leo.

I am proud to say that I am so blessed to have this team of member, I hope you do feel the same likewise, therefore please respect them and not taking them for granted because they are volunteers. Please count your every blessing to have them.

Then we are apologizing to you for having to delay this Annual General Meeting which was supposed is held on the 23rd January, 2012.

RA has decided 29th April the best date to accommodate residents and to be sure to meet the quorum for this meeting.

As you have known that RA is a voluntary Non-profit Organization set up with a major objective and play a role as Caretaker in the aspect of Security and safety of the Community.

One must know that by having Security Guards surveillance is just a form of deterrent but a good strong neighborhood ties can help in preventing crime from happening and is your best guard ever.

RA wishes to encourage every one of us to foster and embrace a strong and harmonious neighborhood bonding to fort your family with thy safety and peace.

The second Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 23rd January, 2011.

The current RA Team consist of 10 members and 2 sub-committee members namely Mr. Seow and Mr Yong, who have been involved very actively from 12 February, 2011, the day they were appointed.

Those who resigned from RA were: Substituted by:
  1. Mdm Vimala Devi – Secretary Ms. Venice Ang
  2. Mr. Ng Ping Chew – Treasurer Mr. Leo Swee Leong
  3. Mr. Kuan Jin Sain – Ordinary Member
  4. Mr. Mahendra Ragupathy – Ordinary Member
We thank them for their services and continuous support to the RA.

During the tenure of our RA Committee from 23rd January, 2011, the following were the activities carried out.


Our RA Committee conducted 8 management meetings and 2 adhoc during our tenure of office. The meetings were held 24 January 2011 / 10 March 2011 / 8 April 2011 / 27 April 2011 / 4 June 2011 / 8 July 2011 / 7 August 2011 / 26 August 2011 / 23 September 2011 / 10 April 2012.

2 Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) were held on 5 March and 20th November, 2011 respectively.

The first EGM was called for the following issued;
  1. Constitution amendment on several clauses that requires residents consensus
  2. Increase of security fee by Rm 10.00 with effect from 1st July, 2011 (from Rm 50 to Rm 60)
  3. The control of new car sticker
  4. Security issues – inconsiderate parking attitude
  5. Cleanliness of Taman – dog faeces
  6. Appointing Road Representative and new sub-committee member Mr. Paul
  7. Termination of Blog and announce official website account
  8. Other matters
The second EGM on 20th November 2011 was with the objective to discuss the implementation of the Security Access System and a CCTV with 6 cameras with the presence of supplier (Platinum Deal Sdn Bhd). We could not be able to proceed further for the consensus as there was a dispute between residents and residents who stood up for the management.

Nevertheless 3 residents were appointed to take part in this project with RA and no further EGM will be called for and the installation of the Long Range (Smart Tag) and Short Range (TnGo) Security Access System will take place based on the agreement and consensus of the RA with these 3 representing residents.

2 meetings were held together with these representing residents and agreed upon that the Terms and Conditions signed by residents will be treated as an official consensus instead.


RA has successfully carried out 3 events in the Taman;
  1. Fire Safety Awareness Day – 23 April, 2011
  2. Moon Cake in conjunction with National Day celebration – 16 September, 2011
  3. Dengue Awareness, Gotong Royong and Recycle Awareness Campaign – 26 October, 2011

RA has had 2 meetings with IOI at MPSJ on 16 Feb and 28 March, 2012 respectively to discuss about this issue, in which we are all protested against the entrance/exit of this new township.

This meeting was chaired by our EX-Councilor Mr. Tan Jo Hann and YB Gobind Singh.

During the initial meeting IOI has agreed to carry out the Traffic Impact Study, Slope Stability Study, Environmental Impact Study, Soil Test and the new plan of the 5- storey townhouses with full scale to assure us that this township will not block the view as it was presented in the brochure and they will also furnish us with all the reports before the 2nd meeting.

Also we asked them (IOI) to relocate the entrance/exit to Leburraya Puteri 3. IOI agreed to look into this suggestion and will be discussed in the next meeting.

However, during the 2nd meeting with IOI, they declined to provide us any reports as agreed and blasted a severe dispute when our developer insisted to have the entrance/exit on Jalan Puteri 11/1 by widening this road to 40 ft. and making it into 4 lanes.

In view of this, Alice proposed for a site visit on Jalan Puteri 11/1 so that we can have a better understanding on the new structure before we agreed to it.

On 9th April, 2012, we have carried out the site visit on Jalan Puteri 11/1, but no compromises achieved, hence will further discussed in the next coming meeting.


On 27th February, 2011, MPSJ finally granted 16 extra parking to accommodate Puteri Bayu’s residents and work will commenced once they have finalized the appointment of Contractor for this job.
Construction work started on 28th May and the 16 car park were completed by mid-June 2011.

Although 16 extra parking spaces were made but conditions seems to get worsen than before. This was due to the selfish and calculative attitude of Puteri Bayu’s residents who refused to pay parking rent that has caused haphazard parking condition.

RA worked very hard by having constant meeting with various departments in MPSJ and the police to try to gain safety by imposing various hard measures to stop the illegal parking.

RA succeeded in getting MPSJ to place “NO PARKING” & “TOWING” signboards and police to continuously issuing saman but was to no avail.

RA also succeeded in having MPSJ Enforcement to tow cars that parked along this road, which finally help clear the kiosk.


Our membership number as at 23rd January, 2011 is 334. Record as at 31 December, 2011 the number of houses contributing to the RM 60 monthly security fees is 430. Out of 471 households, 33 remained unoccupied.

Collection is done on a quarterly advance payment basis as being commonly practice by many of the other RAs.

The combined total of houses in Nadia, Olivia and Primrose is 471 units, excluding the 8 units semi-detached.

The percentage of houses contributing to the security fees calculated on occupied houses is approx... 97% (430 over 440)

For the Security Access System, we have 414 signed up based on 33 vacant, 10 tenants and 14 residents did not signed up as yet.


We are still engaging the same security company Z Force Security Services & Systems Sdn Bhd.

In order to provide a fair supervision RA increased the number of guards from 10 to 12 with effect from 1st February, 2011. There will be 6 guards working from 7 am to 7 pm and another 6 guards during the night from 7 pm to 7 am. The fee still remains at $ 4.00/hour and including service tax the total fees comes to about $ 20,000.00 per month. Our Members at the EGM on 5th March, 2011 has approved to the increase of a higher amount as stipulated in the amended constitution.


Our RA maintains a bank account with Public Bank, Bandar Puteri, Puchong Branch.

Any of the three out of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Vice Secretary and Treasurer, together are the authorized cheque signatories. As at 31 December, 2011, our account has a balance of RM 1xxxxx as is shown in the audited financial statement of accounts.

Our funds are derived primarily from membership fees, security fees, Boom gate contributions and sponsorship. The saving derived from the security fees are used for paying printing, stationery, and event and meeting expenses. Security fees are used for paying the security guards services.

In many occasion activities carried out are funded by RA committee members.


MPSJ has installed 3 road humps; 2 along Jalan 11/1 and one along Jalan 11/13 to slow down speeding vehicles.

MPSJ is going to place 3 junction mirrors at the corner of Jalan 11/1A, Jalan 11/13 and 1 mirror be place between Jalan 11/1 and 1A.

MPSJ also sponsored 7 canopies during the Moon cake celebration and 2 for the Dengue Awareness Campaign.

JKP Zone 16
  • has funded in the widening of Jalan 11/1 (guardhouse) by 10 ft. and lightings for 5 pagodas in our Taman.
  • Has sponsored 2 canopies for our Fire Awareness Campaign and
  • 2 for the Moon cake event.
Puteri 11 Signage, awnings and rubber humps at the entrance/exit were made with the money from sponsorship.

IOI Sponsor mineral waters for all events carried out in our Taman.

One of our residents (refused to be named) sponsored all the spotlights for signage and lightings (awning)
Spotlights facing Air Itam Rainforest were sponsored by residents of Nadia and Olivia’s (Phase 1) corner units

Mr. Mak sponsored chairs and table for the guardhouse
Dr. Raja Juhaidah sponsored 2 iron grills to fence up the podium for guard to work
Mr. Leong sponsored tiles for the podium
Mr. Alex Looi sponsored 1000 units of 2011 car stickers
Mr. Alan Looi presented a bicycle with motor to our Chairperson

Lucky Draw – MOON CAKE Festival

YB Gobind pledged a sum as sponsorship
Dato’ Satim pledged a sum as sponsorship
Z Force sponsored 1 bicycle
RA sponsored 2 bicycles
Dr. Kow sponsored RM 500 Gift Voucher (Rm 100 each)

OCPD Serdang has inaugurated 3 blue polis box and to have police cars conducting daily surveillance within our Puteri 11 neighborhood.

KP Puchong and Community Policing Selangor, joint forces and is patrolling our Taman on every Wednesday from 9pm – 11pm.


On behalf of all the RA members, I wish to thank residents for their supports that have allowed us in attaining the objectives and hope to have your continuous support in future.

On behalf of all the RA members I wish to say that we have done our best to serve the community.

We also would like to thank our resident Mrs. Angeline Yong (Certified Account) to have helped us in tabulating the accounts and Mr. Kuang, our internal Auditor to certify the correctness of the Accounts as tabulated for 2011. Not to forget to extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Lee Weng Fatt who has played another big role as our Mentor and Advisor too besides being appointed as our Trustee.

Again, on behalf of all the RA members I wish to say that we have done our best to serve the community. Of course we all know that things could have been done in a better way for this reason whoever thinks that he/she can gives a contribution to make things better for all of us, please do not hesitate any change, any new proposal will be more than welcome.

We are all working for our community the better the merrier.
Together we strive for the best!

With best wishes and God Bless,


Date: 13 April, 2012

Resubmission Of Our Gated And Guarded Request For Bandar Puteri 11 Puchong

Our Ref: SAC/GG (2)-MPSJ/03/2012

Encik Hazman Bin Mohd Mahayudin
Timbalan Pengarah,
Jabatan Perancangan Bandar -MPSJ
Persiaran Perpaduan, USJ 5
47610, Subang Jaya Darul Ehsan

14th April, 2012

Dear Sirs,

Re: Resubmission Of Our Gated And Guarded Request For Bandar Puteri 11 Puchong

Refer to my tele-conversation with our Councillor Mr. Chang pertaining to the abovementioned application for our Taman.

I hereby, would like confirm you that I have submitted our letter of ref. GG/03/ 22/2012 enclosing the entire list of signatories to you on the on 22 March, 2012 and was acknowledged by your PA.

I then forwarded the entire file to Mr. Chang on the same day too.

May I stress to you that we have 471 units of houses, where 438 units have been occupied leaving 33 units vacant.

Out of 438 occupants, we succeeded to obtain consensus from 425 owners (Stakeholders).

If you wish to have copy of this letter with acknowledgment from your office, I am pleased to furnish you one.

I again thank you very much if you can kindly consider in granting your acknowledgement to our application at your earliest possible, please.

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

c.c. Mr. Chang Kim Loong - MPSJ Councillor
YB Gobind Singh
YB Teresa Kok

Thursday, April 12, 2012

MPSJ Aduan: No Lights At Two Pagolas

Dear Sirs,

We would like to inform you that the lightings at pagola situated
  1. between Jalan Puteri 11/2 and 3
  2. between Jalan Puteri 11/6 and 5
were fused.

We shall be most glad if you can kindly sent us your contractor to check if it is caused by poor wiring system or you are required just to change the florescent lamps due to bulbs fused?

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,
Alice Choo



Salam sejahtera dan dengan hormatnya merujuk kepada perkara diatas.

Dimaklumkan bahawa aduan tuan / puan yang bersiri 0713/04/2012 - [1] telah diterima dan kini di dalam proses untuk diambil tindakan selanjutnya.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Site Visit At Jalan Puteri 11/1 - 9th April 2012

Dear residents,

Today 9th April, 2012, 10am En. Arifuddin (MPSJ Kejuruteraan), En. Hazman (MPSJ Perancang), Mr. Esmond Khor (Snr Project Manager IOI), Mr. Chong (IOI Engineer), Mr. Tan (IOI Traffic Consultant), Puteri Bayu’s residents, Puteri 11 Residents, Mr. Leo (Our Treasurer) and I were on the site discussing the new plan on where Puteri Hills entrance/exit be located and the new structure on widening Jalan Puteri 11/1.

Mr. Danile represented YB Gobind Singh because our YB has Parliament Sitting this morning and could not come for the discussion.

The entrance/exit will be move slightly down the road but still remained facing Puteri Bayu.

Existing width of the road of 28 ft. will be widened to 40 ft. until the last parking space and before our signage.

If so, I proposed them to widen till our Guardhouse instead if they insist to widen this road and to rebuild us both the guardhouse and P11 signage.

4 lanes will be made and these lanes will begin from the spot of Puteri Bayu’s entrance leading down to the junction.

40 car parks to accommodate Puteri Bayu’s residents will be extended to the area of the drain but no confirmation if this can be done solely depend on MPSJ approval.

Question is where will the new drainage system be located then? IOI and MPSJ will have to study this and to be discussed in the next meeting.

Queries as follows were made to MPSJ based on the gazette plan;
  1. Why Puteri 12 Main Road was gazette for 66 ft. in 2003 when P12 was the only 1 Hilltop project and was built at least 5 years before us?
  2. Why Jln 11/1 is gazette 50ft when this road has to accommodate not only P11 , Puteri Bayu but also P12 and Puteri Hills. Wouldn’t we need a bigger and wider road?
    Furthermore both roads are categorized "MAIN ROAD" as it lead to the principal road of 100 ft.
  3. Can Jalan Puteri 11/1 be upgraded and be made a better and safer road?
  4. How developers can use JKR basic factor for the Traffic Impact Study when all 3 Tamans are not a new township?
Although it was said during the 2nd meeting on 28th March that the Authority will not allowed 2 entrance/exit on the same principal road (100 ft.) but looking on the gazette plan they have in fact approved 2 entrance/exit junction for the use of P12 and P11 even before P11 started the buildup/construction.

Therefore our query is why can’t a 3rd entrance/exit be allowed, which situated quite a distance apart from Jalan Puteri 11/1? No relevant answer was given.

Finally we asked IOI for a "Back up" plan as an assurance and for us to tackle future problems if any arises, instead of seeking help and solution from MPSJ in the future.

En. Hazman said it was gazette based on "Technical" reason and was studied by all experts and professionals that Jalan Puteri 11/1 has to be cut as it is and no upgrading can be allowed.

En. Ariffuddin suggested us to appeal to a higher authority "Lembaga Rayuan Negeri" if we are still not contented.

No doubt for all the assistance Mr. Ariffuddin has rendered to Puteri 11 on many occasion, we have to thank him for his kindness.

For all the documents we have asked for will be referred to his Superior for authority before any of it can be given to us.

We have yet to agree to the entrance/exit of Puteri Hills and also the proposed 4 lanes road of 40ft until;
  1. we see and have a "Backup" plan from the developer
  2. the extra lane for making the 40 car parks be sorted out for Puteri Bayu’s residents
  3. the justification on the cracks of 6 houses at Jln Puteri 12/3 (facing Jalan 11/13)
  4. the final decision of widening the road till our Guardhouse and to rebuilt the Guardhouse and P11 Signage.
Alice Choo

Repair Work On Principal Road Jalan Puteri 11/1

Our Ref: RFC 11/1 / 04/2012

Yang Di Pertua
Persiaran Perpaduan, USJ 5
9TH April, 2012
47610, Subang Jaya Darul Ehsan

Attn: En. Arifuddin - Timbalan Pengarah Kejuruteraan

Dear En. Arifuddin,

Re: Repair Work On Principal Road Jalan Puteri 11/1

Further to our meeting with your good-self, IOI Team, Puteri Bayu’s residents and residents of Puteri 11 on 28th March, 2012 pertaining to the protest of Puteri Hills project.

I have highlighted our suspicion on the faint crack along Jalan Puteri 11/1 (facing service road 3, 5 and 7) that may be caused by the soil movement as this part of the road was built under the reclaimed land confirmed by Mr. Esmond during our 2nd meeting on 28th March, 2012.

However, this principal road stretching from service road 5 to 7 has been repaired and now we can see no more sign of the crack that is significantly long and visible, which may help us to stop future disaster likewise in Puteri 9 and Puteri 12 respectively. At the same time we have to thank Encik Arifuddin for his kind thought to have this portion of the road repaired effectively.

But, we still cannot understand why such hurry in repairing the road since we have agreed to visit this site hoping to have you to verify if such crack is caused by movement of the soil?

In spite of this, we enclose you some photos which taken before the repair was done for you to tell us if this crack is caused by sole movement, please?

Furthermore, we have some crack on the fence at most houses near to this road and we wish to know from you what procedure and test can be done before asking IOI to repair the damages (see attached photos)?

This can help to clear the worries and fears of most residents from any undesirable happenings like in Puteri 9 or Puteri 12 in the future.

We look forward to your fair and just attention in this matter.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

c.c. YB Gobind Singh
YB Teresa Kok
Mr. Chang Kim Loong - MPSJ Councilor
Mr. Esmond Khor - Snr Project Manager

Barrier Gate Form

Ms. Yong,

This is our Terms and Conditions in both English and Chinese version, for you to post it.

We have about to 98% of residents agreed and giving us their consent for the installation of this barrier gate. We never have forced any residents to sign it nor threatened the 2 - 3% of residents who have not yet sign the consent in this matter.

TOL is in the process now and MPSJ is now reviewing our G & G application. Moreover we never have stopped any of our residents nor of Puteri 12 from accessing the road (you can see photo I have send you earlier).

The only different is Non Paying Member who does not possess the Access Card is required to come in using the "Visitor Lane" and we never have stopped anyone from going home.

Paying residents will be given the priority to clear the gate before the non-paying residents which I supposed fair; hence this has been practice by most Taman too.

However, there is no doubt that is bound to have people from different walk of life rejecting to this idea in enhancing the security as there is a saying “One man meat is another man poison”.

To conclude, so far our Taman security is of par performance.

Alice Choo
RA Bandar Puteri 11

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Office Cabin at Puteri Hills site

Uncomplete Cleaning Task

Our Ref: KHID (2) / 04/2012
Yang Di Pertua
Persiaran Perpaduan, USJ 5
6TH April, 2012
47610, Subang Jaya Darul Ehsan

Attn: Puan Azura - Jab. Perkhidmatan

Dear Puan Azura,


Further to all my previous complaints and today’s email of 3.57pm and 4.50pm respectively pertaining to the undesirable condition and bad maintenance provided by this newly appointed Contractor.

Cik Rokiah and another male colleague of yours both came to inspect the condition of our Taman, and they should be able to confirm you the reason of us complaining so hard on this new Contractor.

They (Contractor) are considerably irresponsible and possessed a "couldn’t be bothered" working attitude all this while regardless how many complaints they received and is going to receive in future.

Today, they’ve (contractor) send 4 men with only 2 brooms to sweep the remaining undone portion of Jalan Puteri 11/1A (heading to Puteri 12 direction) for the whole afternoon and left all well gathered trash at the road side (see attached photos) instead of clearing it.

Apparently these 4 workers only concentrate in cleaning up the area nearby my premises and they ignore other area (see attached photos) likewise
  • the principal road from Jalan Puteri 11/1 to Jalan Puteri 11/13
  • in most service road (photo was taken on Jalan Puteri 11/5 only)
2 men who were supposed to cut the grass left half the field undone (photos attached) as they literally worked only for 20 minutes from 3.16pm to 3.36pm and siesta from then on until they call off for the day (see attached photos taken at 3.40pm). Your male colleague who was here at that time (I don’t remember his name) can testify the situation.

This is not only the fault of the foreign workers but the major problem lies in the hand of our local Contractor who has been behaving arrogantly and not attentive at all to any of our complaint and nevertheless none of his local staff came check on how the workers do their job.

What’s the possible reason they have to behave in such a way when the costs of their contract or salary are borne by all tax payers?

Although not all Taman that are covered by the same contractor made strong and consistent complaint on them, but we believe most Taman are equally disgusted with the cleanliness of their Taman too.

We loathe having to say this that we detested having this contractor assigned to our Taman since they do nothing to change their attitude or to have some improvement either.

We are enclosing you all the photos taken on 7th April, 2012 between 4.30 – 6pm, for your references.

We hope you can help look for a more practical solution before our residents’ outcry over this accumulative problem, please.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

c.c. YB Gobind Singh
Mr. Chang Kim Loong - MPSJ Councilor
Puan Azura - Jabatan Perkhidmatan MPSJ

Complaint Of Pothole At Jalan Puteri 11/13

Dear Sirs,

We wish to bring to your attention that the podhole located on Jalan Puteri 11/13 facing Hse 7 is getting bigger and deeper and the hump in front of it is also been chipping off. Please see attached photos as confirmation of the condition.

It will be highly appreciated if you can kindly arrange the repair at your earliest possible, please.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,
Alice Choo
RA Puteri 11
No. 1, Jalan Puteri 11/10
Bandar Puteri Puchong
47100, Selangor

Uncleared Plant

Dear En. Yusri,

We wish to bring to your attention that this plant has been chopped and left at the side road of Jalan Puteri 11/1 (Primrose) for a period of 1 month already.

We shall be most grateful if you can kindly arrange for the clearance at your earliest possible, please.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,
Alice Choo
RA Puteri 11
No. 1 Jalan Puteri 11/10
Bandar Puteri Puchong
47100 Selangor

Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Complaint Of The Untrim Plants

Our Ref: LSA 6/04/2012

Di Pertua
Persiaran Perpaduan, USJ 5
6TH April, 2012
47610, Subang Jaya Darul Ehsan

Attn: Puan Azlina - Jab. Landscape

Dear Puan Azlina,

Re: Our Complaint Of The Untrim Plants

I thank you for email dated 5th April, 2012, in respect to my several complaints regarding the untrimmed plants.

I do agree with your point that plants are supposed to grow and naturally.

But these types of plants are neither good nor suitable for our Taman in the aspect of security.

I am enclosing you some photos taken before and after the plants were trimmed for you to understand why I said they are neither good nor suitable.

If you can judge from the photographs you can see that part of this area is facing the Air Itam rainforest and IJM Construction site is on the other half of the hill, where intruders can easy get into our Taman without any problem.

One, these plants that you have chosen for our Taman is not good because they can grow as big as all the big tall plants behind them, hence demolished the means of landscaping yet will make our Taman a little jungle. Sorry, I hope no offence, please.

Two, they are unsuitable is because they are so bushy when they grow bigger (as shown in the photos) which can be made a temporary hideout for intruders (hard luck if we have one).

What we are complaining here is not only for the neatness of the Taman but most importantly it is for the Security purposes.

Owing to this reason, we have in fact submitted you a letter dated 28 February, 2011, requesting for change of the road plants which is less bushy and easier to maintain, but was rejected.

However, we do understand the procedures and your standing too.

But we would be most glad if you can also try to understand our circumstances by considering the needs to trim these plants once a month or in every 2 months instead of the usual 4 months period for the Security and the safety of our residents, please.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,
Alice Choo

c.c. Mr. Chang Kim Loong - MPSJ Councilor
YB Gobind Singh - MP Puchong

Overgrown Plants

Dear Sirs,

I would like to complaint that all the big trees in our Taman have never been cut or trim for a year or more, which branches have grown touching the ground.

Please be advised we have forwarded our complaint before on 20 Dec 2011 and you acknowledged us on 30 Dec, 2011 No Aduan : 1150/12/2011 (1), confirming your investigation and job will be carried out on the 15/January, 2012.

Regret to say until today nobody has came to cut the long branches and It was my own fault failing to follow up matter.

My apology.

I shall be most grateful if you can again kindly arrange the personnel concern to look into this matter at your earliest possible please.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Alice Choo
RA Puteri 11
No. 1, Jalan Puteri 11/10
Bandar Puteri Puchong
47100, Selangor

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dilapidation Survey By Ioi Appointed Surveyor - Messr. Perunding Aec Reka Sdn Bhd - Saturday


Hse No. 2, 4, 6 - Jalan Puteri 11/1A
Hse No. 1, 3, & 5 - Jalan Puteri 11/3
Hse No. 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 - Jalan Puteri 11/3
Hse No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 - Jalan Puteri 11/5
Hse No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 - Jalan Puteri 11/7
Hse No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 - Jalan Puteri 11/9
Hse No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 - Jalan Puteri 11/11
Hse No. 2 - Jalan Puteri 11/16
Hse No 1 & 2 - Jalan puteri 11/17
Hse No. 1, 2, 3 & 4 - Jalan Puteri 11/18

Dear Residents,

Please be informed that our developer IOI would like to carry out a Dilapidation Survey Work to the surrounding buildings and facilities. The survey covers visual inspection, photographic documentation and mapping of distress at accessible are of your premises within 15m from site boundary (Puteri Hill).

They have appointed Perunding AEC Reka Sdn Bhd personnel to carry out the Survey on 2 April, 2012 as stated in their letter which I received from AEC yesterday.

I have requested for the change the appointment to this Saturday as per majority requests.

Therefore, please be sure of your availability to allow this survey to carry out.

Thanking you for your attention.


p.s. En. Nik - Can you please advise us the time for Saturday? tq

c.c. YB Gobind Singh
Mr. Chang Kim Loong - MPSJ Councilor
En. Nik Mohd Hazimin - Perunding AEC Reka Sdn Bhd
Mr Esmond Khor - Snr Planning Manger , IOI

Dear Mdm Alice,

Please find attached file of time frame for survey on Saturday and Sunday (7&8/4/2012).

There are total 43 numbers of houses which I need to enter internally. Saturday alone will not enough time, I recommend on Sunday for additional survey.

I will be there around;
9am - 2pm on Saturday (7/4/2012),
9am - 12pm, 2pm - 7pm on Sunday (8/4/2012)

Time frame will be change base on accessibility.

Please do call me at 019-6436672 for any inquiry.


Best regards;

Nik Hazimin,
Perunding AEC Reka Sdn. Bhd.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Location For The Comm Tower Survey

Dear residents,

With reference to the issue of the new location of the comm tower, please be informed that due the poor response of the residents, this RA will not be able to follow up anymore this issue.


Alice Choo

Re: Puteri Hills Project

Our Ref: PHP(E)-MPSJ/04/2012

Encik Hazman Bin Mohd Mahayudin
Timbalan Pengarah,
Jabatan Perancangan Bandar
Persiaran Perpaduan, USJ 5
47610, Subang Jaya Darul Ehsan

Dear En. Hazman,


We hereby would like to enquire about this project of IOI, which they claimed to have submitted you the new plan somewhere last November.

In view of this, we would like to know at what stage this project has been approved after the developer has submitted you their D.O, please?

Also, I wish to highlight to you that the developer did not provide me with any report of the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA), Slope Stability Analysis (SSA), Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) nor the new drawing of the township as agreed in our first meeting on 17 February, 2012.

Furthermore, Mr. Esmond has also agreed to have the soil tested but thus far, nothing has been carried out as said during the 2nd meeting on the 28th March, 2012.

Nevertheless, we also wish to have the JKR rules and regulations gazette for the Road, please, to know the feasibility to have Jalan Puteri 11/1 widened to 40 ft. and making it into 4 lanes of 10 ft. each instead of 66 ft. gazette for a MAIN ROAD.

We need your confirmation if is it correct that the TIA achieved by IOI Traffic Consultant Mr. Tan was supposedly based on JKR Basic Factor of 2 cars per household or on the actual amount of per household of Puteri Bayu (250 units) and Puteri 11 (471 units) as both respective property is no longer a new township?

In spite of the JKR Basic calculation factor, shouldn’t the traffic impact be analyzed, time and calculated hourly on both peak and non-peak period?

Furthermore, our developer insisted that they cannot cut any further slope from Lebuhraya Puteri 11/3 because of Ikram’s report.

May we asked is Ikram a governed body with full authority in ruling the cutting of slope? Is Ikram’s finding cannot be overturned?

Henceforth, there is no REASON why we cannot have a copy of all the reports summarized if everything is under the correct justification, or otherwise Mr. Esmond wouldn’t has agreed to it initially, wasn’t it? Therefore, we demand to have copy of it from you please, as directed by our developer.

In view of this, I wish to ask you for a copy of the following documents which our developer refused to do so although it was agreed upon during our first meeting on 17th February, 2012;

  1. Puteri 11 and Puteri Bayu Statutory Plans
  2. The summarized TIA, SSA and EIA
  3. The summarized reports from IKRAM on why the slope cannot be cut and new entrance/exit of Puteri Hills Township are not feasible.
  4. Copy of the Minutes for both 17th February (since it was not shown to us on the 2nd meeting) and 28 March, 2012 (if possible)

Despite of not getting what were presented by our developer during the launching period that have lured us buying such expensive property, we therefore is asking for our every right to pursue for further details which can help us to regain what we supposed to have.

Least by not last, we are looking forward for your office to arrange the site visit on Jalan Puteri 11/1 between MPSJ, our developer, us and all parties concerned within this week as said in the last meeting.

We thank you for your expedition in this matter and your usual kind attention is highly appreciated.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

c.c. YB Gobind Singh
Mr. Chang Kim Loong - MPSJ Councilor
En. Arifuddin - T. Pengarah Kejuruteraan MPSJ
Mr. Esmond Khor - Snr. Project Manager, IOI
Mr. Soo - Chairman, Puteri Bayu

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Community Policing Balai Polis Puteri RA

Dear All,

I believe this is the same team. They are not Pakistani, foreign looking. Could be Iranians or some suspect Kampucheans.

Selamat ptg Datuk, bagitahu semua RA Bdr Puteri /Pst Bdr Pch kesan Toyota Wish warna hitam No pend WPT3375 ( No palsu ) saspek (3) lelaki warga asing Iran @ Cambodia aktif PECAH RUMAH jumpa / nampak / masuk kaw. perumahan hubungi sya KPB Bdr Puteri Sjn MatSood h/p 0132359999.TQ