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Monday, December 16, 2013

Get Rid Of Aedes Mosquitoes In Taman

Dear resident,

I wish to inform you that we have had 3 cases of dengue in our Taman in a period of 4 months.
MPSJ has carried out fogging twice and MPSJ do not reckon to have too much of fogging done as there is a tendency in mutating the mosquitoes if they weren’t killed.

In view of this, we suggest all residents to help check and clean up all flower pots, drains or any areas that can possibly breed Aedes mosquitoes.

Let us all help each other to stop our Taman to be a breeding ground especially in this rainy period.

It is every one’s duty to do so!

Save your children, your family and neighbors to be a Dengue Victim.

Thanking you for your cooperation and attention.

Yours Truly,
Alice Choo

Improving Outgoing Access

Dear resident,

We are aware that many of our residents just waved hand instead of using their Smart Tag or Touch N Go Card when going out and this is not good in term of Security.

We therefore are asking you to please utilize your smart tag and for those who are using TnGo Card to wind down and touch the screen when going out as this will allow both RA and Guards to have a better Security Control.

Many residents have been complaining about our guards’ negligence but we must say it was not justified to blame on them if we did not do our part.

We seek your kind attention and cooperation.

Thanking you and best regards,

Alice Choo

Monday, October 14, 2013

Lampu Yang Tidak Menyala - Jalan Puteri 11/1a(3)

Salam Sejahtera Tuan,

Sila rujuk gambar yang dilampirkan.

Kami amat menghargai jasa Tuan sekiranya pihak Tuan boleh menjalankan pembaikan yang diperlukan dengan secepat mungkin untuk menggelakan sebarangan kemalangan dan dari segi sekuriti, kerana tanpa lampu jalan tersebut adalah amat gelap sekali.

Ribuan terima kasih kami ucapkan.

Yang benar,
Alice Choo
Pengerusi BP 11

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pecah Rumah di Taman Wawasan

Pecah Rumah di Taman Wawasan 1/2 jam 0940hrs hingga 1015 hrs hari ini modes operandi sama dgn kejadian Pecah Rumah d Puteri 8 itu hari

potong grill tingkap maklumat kend / saspek belum d ketahui hati2 & buat perhatian pd kend/org d syaki d kawasan masing2 terutama masa surirumah keluar urusan hantar ambil anak sekolah masa itu  di ambil peluang penjenayah melakukan pecah rumah , perkembangan maklumat kend/saspek sya maklum balik kes dlm tindakan ada apa maklumat hubungi saya.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Site Visit At Jalan Puteri 11/1 On 25 July 13 10.30

Dear residents,

MPSJ Engineering has confirmed the site visit at Jalan Puteri 11/1 this Thursday 10.30am togetherwith the developer to further discuss the enhancement and means of upgrading the safety on this road.

I am therefore, shall be most glad if you can make yourself available and help furnish your ideas and suggestion for the betterment of the Taman.

Let's work together towards a better environment and living for all.

Cheers and god bless.

Yours truly,
Alice Choo
Chairman of RA BP 11

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fused Of All Lamp Posts Along Jalan Puteri 11/1 (After The Guard House)

Dear Sirs,

Please be advised that all the lamp-posts along Jalan Puteri 11/1 have not been working for a while, which our road is extremely dark in the night.

Furthermore, this problem has been occuring very frequently.  We therefore, is asking you to carry out a thorough check and to verify what is the cause of it, please.

We shall be most grateful if you can kindly attend to the captioned problems at your earliest convenience, to avoid any undesirable accident to all road users.

Thanking you for your usual kind assistance.

Yours faithfully,
Alice Choo
Chairman RA Puteri 11

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Puteri Hill - Meeting Sked On 8 Jul 13 (Mon) 2.30pm At Mpsj Bilik Mesy 2 With Our Developer And Mpsj Perancang

Dear YB Ng and YB Noor Hanim,

Please find enclosed herein copy of MPSJ letter confirming our meeting with IOI on the 8th July, 2013 to further discuss about various issues that our developer did not comply to what we have had agreed during the meeting held on 5 Sept 2012, are as follows:
  1. the widening of Jalan Puteri 11/1 till our Guardhouse
  2. removing the bottle-necking along Jalan Puteri 11/1
  3. implementation of all security features/ curbs along Jalan Puteri 11/1
  4. the width of the proposed 4 lanes road do not seem feasible hence it should fall on the Sub-Standard Plan category
  5. 50 extra car parks for Puteri Bayu residents
In view of this, residents of both Puteri 11 and Puteri Bayu Apartment hope that both YBs can attend this meeting as we all believe with your presence can help us at the very least to achieve and to obtain a fair and just treatment that we deserved.

We look forward to have your conscientious attention and assistance.

Thanking you,
Alice Choo
Chairman of Puteri 11 RA
o/b all residents of Puteri 11 and Puteri Bayu Apartment

cc Puteri Bayu Chairman - Mr. Choo (please kindly circulate this to your residents and come help fight for your rights!)

cc.  CR Chang Kim Loong AMN

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Complaint - Lorry BHG 2864

I am one of the residents in Jalan Puteri 11/5.

I would like to complain on this lorry parking along the main road, near the junction of Jalan Puteri 11/5.

This lorry has been parking here for quite some time and sometimes not moving at all.

Please find attached herewith the photos for your further action.

I almost had an accident this morning, as I cannot see the incoming car from the opposite lane.
I hope you could find out the driver and ask him/her to park further up, at least not at the junction, to block the vision.

Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Meeting At Mpsj On 10 Jun 13 (Monday) 10am - Cracks On Jalan Puteri 11/1

Dear resident,

I hope most of you can attend this meeting to help fight for our residents who live within the perimeter of these cracks.  Above all fight for ourselves, our Taman our Home.

RA alone cannot assert the pressure on both MPSJ and the developer.

Let's come together as ONE to stand for the betterment of our Taman.

Kindly confirm me your attendance (if possible).

Thank you.




Salam sejahtera dan dengan hormatnya merujuk kepada perkara di atas.

Adalah dimaklumkan, bahawa mesyuarat bagi membincangkan perkara tersebut akan diadakan seperti berikut :-

Tarikh    :    10hb. Jun 2013 (Isnin)
Masa        :    10.00 pagi
Tempat    :    Bilik Mesyuarat 2, Aras 3, Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya                                      

Kerjasama dan perhatian daripada pihak  tuan amatlah dihargai.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Puteri 11 Grievances and Disappointments

With reference to yesterday’s complaint pertaining to the reoccurrence of cracks on Jalan Puteri 11/1, we hereby wish to enclose you copies of the photos taken yesterday that will explain you the reason of our anger and disappointment towards your esteemed company.

May we ask for your opinion (from the pictures) if your contracted workers were carrying out a proper rectification work?

Also we wish to highlight to you of your Mr. Esmond Khor’s irresponsible, arrogant, pretentious and unfriendly attitude, which we have suppressed all these while.  Thus far, he has not answered to not even one of our correspondences that we have addressed to him since 2011 (we will forward you all those letters for your references).

Furthermore, we wish to again point out to you of your agreement in widening the road (Jln Puteri 11/1) till our guardhouse to eliminate the bottle necking on this road hence will allows a better traffic flow and better safety to all users too.

Nevertheless you too have agreed various requests of ours in enhancing the environment during the last meeting at MPSJ on 6th September, 2012.

We hope you will upkeep your promises as we have been rendering you our understandings and co-operation so far.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

Latest Update On Comm-tower Issue

Dear resident,

While I was at MPSJ this afternoon, I happened to meet En. Adi of Asiaspace at Jabatan Pembangunan.

I was told that they have won the Court In-conjunction case against Puteri 12 protest and they will now proceed with the installation of the Comm-Tower at the initial approved site situated at Puteri 12.

I was also told that the installation will take place tentatively in August, 2013 as it’s very much depending when they are going to receive the Tower from their supplier.

So please hold on to your patience as we will soon enjoy a more functional reception.

God bless Puteri 11.  Cheers!

Alice Choo

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Discrepancies/Missing Important Facts On Mpsj Minute For The Meeting Held On 6 September 2012 9.30am - Puteri Hills Project

We wish to bring to your attention that there are number of prevailing facts were missing in the abovementioned Minute.

We hereby is enclosing our letter PHP(E)-MPSJ/1505/11/2012, which all the 13 points that have been voiced up and agreed upon during the meeting with our developer were not documented in your Minute.

We hope you can make necessary amendment as it is the only evidence for all concern and where the developer has to adhere to.

Furthermore, we wish to highlight to you that it has been more than a month we have not receive any reply to any of our inquiries from our developer as promised.

Also, we fear that this road (Jalan Puteri 11/1) cannot accommodate 4 lanes even after widening with the maximise width; hence we hope you can investigate the condition by carrying out a site visit with us before the progression of this Township.

Thanking you for your prompt attention in this matter and please let us have a copy of the new Minute with the issues agreed at your soonest possible.

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

Monday, May 13, 2013

Reoccurrence of cracks on Jalan Puteri 11/1

Further to our letter ref. RFC 11/1 (2) 04/2012 dated 16th April, 2012, pertaining to our complaint on the spotted faint cracks along Jalan Puteri 11/1 that rectification work has been once carried out by your department.

Of late this rectified road cracked very badly and we suspect that this is caused by soil erosion (soil settlement), which we have raised to you a year ago.

Nevertheless we fear that our residents who live within this perimeter might be badly affected in time to come.

Owing to this, we shall be most obliged if you can instruct your engineer to inspect site at your earliest possible before our developer continues the development of Puteri Hills Township.

Thanking you for your usual prompt attention.

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sued for Defamation

This website is sued by a certain party for having distributed or published an electronic messages that has hurt the person's reputation.

From now onwards, this website will have comments disabled.

For any inquiries or comments, please email to our chairman :


Dear Resident,

This is important for all of you to be aware that our blog is NOT the official site of the RA.

Therefore from the legal point of view, you will be held personally responsible
for what you post if the content is hurting anyone's good name, goodwill and professional integrity and thus damanging his/hers reputation.

Alice Choo

Monday, April 1, 2013

Problem Of Our Security Access System

Dear resident,

I call for your patience and to use the Visitor lane for the time being as there is a some unforseen techinical problem with the barrier arms.

As The Technician was away for Cheng Beng last week, hence can only come tomorrow to verify the condition.

I therefore be most obliged if we can have your understandings and patience in squeezing and utilising the Visitor Lane.

Thanking you.


Meeting With P12 Re Access Road

The meeting will be convened on Thursday, 11.4.13 at 7.00pm at JKP Zone 16 cabin in the presence of the following persons:

  1. 3 representatives from each RA 11 and RA 12;
  2. YBhg Dato Samson RA 8 Advisor to keep the peace and to advise us;
  3. Chik Chan Chee, RA 9 Chairman and my Vice Chairman of JKP Zone 16
Please attend the mediation in the spirit of an amenable attitude. Please come along with a constructive possible proposals/ plans for all to consider. There must be a 'win-win' situation with no one party having a upper hand agansit the other.

Observe our common motto : TOWARDS COMMUNITY BONDING

Thank you for your cooperation.
Cr Chang Kim Loong AMN
Ahli Majlis MPSJ
selaku Pengerusi JKP Zon 16

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Puteri Hill

A meeting was convened today, 25.3.2013 at 2.30pm at MPSJ, Jabatan Perancang in the presence of the following persons: 
  1. Cr Chang Kim Loong AMN
  2. Cr Ng Sze Han
  3. Cr Pooi Weng Keong
  4. IOI/ Flora Development representatives : Wong Peen Fook & Tan Keng Seng
  5. MPSJ Jbt Perancang, Pengarah - En Ismail Muhamad, Timbalan Pengarah - En Hazman, pegawai Kawasan - En Shazhin
Re: Puteri Hill

Since the minutes of the previous meetings ( convened on 16.2.2012, 28.3.2012 & 6.9.2012 ) chaired by Tan Jo Han and Ng Sze Han have been duly signed, it is ready for distribution to RA and Flora Development. MPSJ will forward to me a set of the official minutes for ouwards transmission to RA 11. MPSJ will officially response to RA 11 letters dated 28.11.2012 and 20.1.2013 after Flora Development Sdn Bhd reply to your eight (8) queries as specified in your email below. MPSJ has granted Flora Dev a grace period of 2 weeks to response officially.

MPSJ officers will visit the site to verify the current status and made a preliminary report to the department.

Re: Holistic TIA study for the entire Bdr Puteri area

IOI / Flora Development has agreed, at their own cost and expense, appoint a Traffic Consultant company to prepare a holistic study on the traffic system and to propose traffic plans. This is apart from the TIA study that MPSJ will embark on for the entire Puchong area.

It has been agreed at the meeting that there shall be no approvals of NEW application for development save and except such TIA is conducted in totality. Existing applications will not be affected.

Re: Dewan Masyarakat

Two (2) Dewan Masyarakat has been earmarked in Bandar Puteri area; one of which is situated at Bdr Puteri 10 with an area approx 3.0 acre  and will be air-con with three (3) Badminton Courts. There will also be a stage for performance with a capacity of 300 pax. The cost is expected to be approx RM1.3 million and borned by the developers ie IOI/ Flora Dvelopement

Re: Road Upgrading, proposed Fly-Over and proposed Tunnel along Lebuh Puteri (from Columbia Hospital to the end of the stretch of the bridge in front of PFCC)

IOI/ Flora Development has proposed to invest RM30 milion to upgrade the roads, proposed a 'Fly-Over' and proposed a Tunnel along the stretch of road stated above. Details of the proposals will be made available in a Public Consultation thro' slides, power point presentation on the following date and time:

Date: Thursday, 18 April, 2013
Time: 8.00 pm
Venue: JKP Zone 16 cabin

Please let me have sometime to sort out more details before calling for a public meeting.
Thank you.

Cr Chang Kim Loong AMN
Ahli Majlis MPSJ selaku Pengerusi JKP Zon 16

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Anybody missing a doggy

Anybody missing a doggy!!!

Please come and get it
No.3 Jalan Puteri 11/13
Bandar Puteri Puchong

Friday, March 22, 2013

Notis Gangguan Bekalan Air

Dimaklumkan bahawa pihak Syabas akan menjalankan kerja-kerja 'Zero Pressure Test'.

Butir-butir gangguan adalah seperti berikut :

Tarikh : 4/04/2013
Masa : 2:30 petang - 4:30 petang
Kawasan yang terlibat : Bandar Puteri 11 & 12

Perhatian :
  1. Sila tutup injap masuk (Stopcock) sebelum meter, semasa gangguan tersebut untuk mengelakkan air kotor masuk ke sistem paip perkhidmatan di rumah tuan / puan.
  2. Adalah diharapkan pihak tuan dapat menyimpan bekalan air secukupnya untuk kegunaan semasa gangguan bekalan air tersebut

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan sila hubungi :

PUSPEL : 1 800 88 5252

Segala kesulitan adalah amat dikesali

Sekian, terima kasih :

Ketua Wilayah Petaling
Tarikh Notis : 14/03/2013