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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Tiger

We wish all our Chinese residents a Happy Chinese New Year. May the tiger bring us all happiness and prosperity.

As we celebrate the auspicious day, we should always remember to keep our park clean and beautiful always.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New 2-storey Semi-Detached houses next to Primrose park

IOI is building 8 units of 2-storey semi-detached house at the land next to Primrose park.

Refer to IOI Master plan There is no mention of Semi-Detached houses.


A Primrose buyer confirmed that the semi-d was already in the masterplan when he bought the house.

Now, will the Puteri 11 RA need to be changed to include the new development?

Also, IOI should update the Bandar Puteri masterplan on its website to show the new Semi-D.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Security Bulletin - KPD Services

Received this in mailbox this morning:


HOTLINE 24 HOURS: 017-226 8131

Dear Residents,

Wishing warmest Greetings to all the Residents of Puteri 11.

We would like to congratulate all the owners. For those residents who have already moved in hope you all had adjusted to this neighborhood.

We have been providing Security Services for this neighborhood since 2005.
Recently we have been assigned by IOI to provide security at this exclusive site (PUTERI 11) since 01 Dec 2009.

We have established a HOTLINE NUMBER at guard house Puteri 11. If any need arise regarding security please call the HOTLINE & identify by telling your name, Unit No, Street No and Nature of assistance require or reporting of abnormal activity which need security assistance. You may email your suggestion & comments to :

We are engaged to deploy 5 x guards, 2 x at main guard house, 1 x at primrose, 1 x at Olivia and 1 x at Nadia conduct patrol.


We assure an hourly patrol by motorcycle / bicycle with clocking keys located at strategic location by our guards.

We have value added service like the HOTLINE and Motorcycle patrol and our manager/patrolling officer will conduct minimum of 2 to 3 rounds daily.

  1. Please ensure front gate / doors are locked as you ENTER & EXIT your premises.
  2. Park your vehicle inside your compound & secured the keys.
  3. If you park your car outside, please ensure your vehicle is locked.
  4. Please use good steering lock & alarm system is armed.
  5. Never leave valuables & smart tags in vehicle.
  6. You are an extended EYE of Security. Please report any abnormal / suspicious activities to MAIN GUARD HOUSE as soon as possible (ASAP).
  7. Please display the STICKER at your vehicle so that you are easily identified as owner / resident.
  8. Please do inform your CONTRACTORS & VISITORS to register at main guard house & follow the security instruction.
  9. Please do cooperate with Security / Guards in order to have harmony and safety residence.
  10. Keep emergency contact number at your Handphone.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trees removed near Jalan Puteri 11

This morning IOI workers were removing a few trees along Jalan Puteri 11, due to the tree roots are affecting the underground pipes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Street Curb at Endlot near park at Jalan Puteri 11/5

This morning IOI workers were building the street curb next to the endlot near park at Jalan Puteri 11/5. According to the worker, IOI received complaints from the house owner.

IOI has always been pro-active and take action upon any complaints received.