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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good Neighborhood Etiquette Make Strong Ties

Dear Sukhbir,

We have tried to reach you on phone several times this evening but were to no avail.

We were informed by our guards that yesterday and this afternoon two of your guards came to our Taman ordering our guards what they suppose and suppose not to do.

We are wondering if our guards were under their payroll or yours or ours.

Your guards were complaining about lorries/contractors entering Puteri 12 from Puteri 11 and causing you lots of problems.

We hereby confirming you that for 3 days the undersigned has been on watch but there was no sight of lorries going to P12 through this access road per se. Furthermore we have instructed our guards to register every lorry that comes in, yet no lorry has been recorded thus far.(although your guards said 2 lorries passed through us).

We really cannot understand why your personnel must keep insisting that all these lorries were/are from our end.

We do know that 2 of our residents who owned their 1 ton lorry used to come home from P12 every evening, and we can confirm you that these 2 residents are paying members.

Based on our mutual agreement was/is all P11 and P12 paying residents can access the road on 1 Taman concept as long as they have the lastest car sticker sticked on, hence is different from what your guards claimed of.

You are always welcome to come speak to us of your requirements and discontentment instead to be trickery by imposing all sorts of incidences on us just for the sake to meet your own desire in closing the access road.

Having to say by allowing your guards to behave in such a way, will no doubt cause lots of unnecessary misunderstandings, especially with such inappropriate manner and also due to their poor communication capacity and capability.

Why are we surprise to see the same “sour grapes” attitude and practices of your predecessor in you? We almost forgot who is your Advisor?

Please do not let history repeating by itself.

We hope this behavior is to be stop in no time.

May we humbly suggest you to act openly, sincerely and above all professionally, are highly appreciated and respected?

Constructive, Contributive and Directive Communication is the pilot tools to clear stale air and to gain a better result and relationship.

We ain't in a battlefield.

We will always welcome you with open arms, and nevertheless be happy to listen.

Honesty always hurt, but it has never been our intent.



Monday, June 18, 2012

Security Operational Procedures (Sop) For Residents

Dear residents,

With effect from 16TH June, 2012, the security services will be taken over by SEBIRO Security Management Sdn Bhd who provides us with a local Security Officer and Nepalese Guards.

RA has to reduce number of guards from 12 persons to 9, in order to meet our budget as we have no intention to increase the security fees as yet.

The increase will only be considered if we need more than 00 guards. Therefore, RA will take at least 3 months for a thorough observation before to decide if any add on is required.

There will be 00 guards for the day shift and another 00 guards for the night shift. Furthermore their working hour will be from 8 am/pm – 8 pm/am.

We wish to highlight to you that MPSJ has finally acknowledged our Taman as Gated and Guarded on 16th April, 2012, and therefore we hope to have your co-operation adhering to the followings:
  1. Paying residents members without sticking the new car sticker on the car will be treated as non-paying members hence will have to access through the Visitor Lane (as stipulated in Terms & Conditions of the Security Access Card under clause 17 : “If your Access Card does not trigger the auto gate to open, please inform the security guards at the guardhouse to manually open the barrier gate, provided there is a P11 car sticker (of the latest issue) or you may contact any of the committee members for assistance later.
  2. Guards will only recognized residents by P11 car sticker (of the latest issue)
  3. Paying security members, who do not possess the Security Access Card, will have to access from the VISITOR LANE and NO registration is required. But you will have to wait on line until residents with Tag/Card cleared the fast track as they will be given the accessing priority, which is deemed fair.
  4. Paying security members, who possessed Security Access Card and chooses to access from VISITOR LANE NO PRIORITY, will not be given hence will have to wait on line until residents with Tag/Card cleared the fast track as they will be given the accessing priority.
  5. You are required to inform either any of our Security Sub-Committee members or the Security Officer at the Main Guardhouse of your function or party.
  6. You are also required to advise your visitors to access from our Main Gate and NOT from P12 for registration purposes
  7. Residents are not allowed to purchase any car sticker for their Transporter, Caterer or client of babysitters etc.

    You are required to furnish the Name of the Driver, IC number, Car plate number, car type and color to our Security Sub-committee and a special FOC TAG will be issued to them.

    This will allow RA a better control and to tighten up the security in and within the Taman.

Residents are required to communicate ONLY with our Security Sub-Committee members for all complaints pertaining to Security or the Security guards otherwise your complaint will not be attended to.

These are the list of people you can contact in the security aspect.
  • Mr. Khoo, Head of Security Sub-Committee (Hse 21, Jalan Puteri 11/7) : 016 311 6483
  • Mr. Pua Boon Chan, Assistant Security in Charge (Hse 40, Jln Puteri 11/18) : 012 388 8108
  • Mr. Eric Boey (Hse 12, Jln Puteri 11/2) : 013 362 3113
  • Mr. Liang Ann Kok (Hse 20, Jln Puteri 11/9) : 012 366 0008
  • Mr. Wong Kok Choon (Hse 15, Jln Puteri 11/13) : 012 332 9783

GUARD HOUSE : 016 281 7176
Mr. Jega : 016 346 9605 (Ground Operating Officer)
Mr. Nazar : 010 265 0232 (Asst. Ground Operating Officer)
Mr. Sivakumar : 012 339 3566 / 016 322 9035
Mr. Setia : 016 975 7550
Mr. Bala : 017 875 9392

Least by not last, Taman security and safety is very much depending on your contributions and support. Therefore, RA hopes to see more residents play their role, share the responsibility and be part of the community with your contribution.

We invite you to join us as Paying Security Member to make our Taman uniquely strong, safe and peaceful and harmony.

We truly thank you for your kind consideration.


Alice Choo


Hard Notice in Chinese/English will be distributed once translation is completed.

Access Linked Road between Puteri 11 and Puteri 12

Our Ref: AR 2012-1/6/2012

Mr. Alan Tam
RA Puteri 12
Bandar Puteri Puchong

17th June, 2012


Dear Alan,

Re: Access Linked Road between Puteri 11 and Puteri 12

Further to my email dated 4th June, 2012 and referred to our tele-conversation on Friday 8th June, pertaining to the captioned issue, which has been causing unnecessary dispute during the time of your predecessor.

We can understand that you desperately want to close the road but I am afraid that you are not allowed to do so.

We are not in the jurisdiction to agree with you for closing it permanently is because of the following reasons;
  1. It is gazette as a public road
  2. Mostly every Taman should have 2 exits, in case of any unforeseen emergency or accidents (eg. Fire, land sliding etc.). The back road is meant to be emergency exit / Secondary road for both Taman.
  3. Many of our residents send their children to the Tadika in Puteri 12
  4. Also many of your residents do exit/enter from Puteri 11 to send/deliver their children from Han Ming School at Bt. 14 Puchong.
 Furthermore you cannot install an automatic or Semi Auto Boom gate as this will be deemed as an OBSTRUCTION, which is a very uncertain move and unlawful because this obstruction on public spaces or road is bylaw illegal (in contravention of Section 46(1) (a) of Street Drainage and Building Act 1974, Section 80 of the Road Transport Act 1987 and Section(s) 62 and 136 of the National Landed Code 1965.

We felt so unpleasant and inappropriate for you to create boundaries and uncertainties between P12 and P11 residents.

According to me, the issue is not the back road but is Puteri 12 and Puteri 11 Security Committee should merge security information, systems, procedures and method into one to tighten and enhancing the safety for our residents. I hope my opinion will help in some way.

We have been waiting for you to meet us since last year from the time of your predecessor until your take over but were to no avail.

Nonetheless, during our tele-conversation, I advised you that I have attained the G & G acknowledgment from MPSJ on the 16th April, 2012, which I believe can help both Taman in enforcing a stricter procedure and would prefer to meet you and your team to further update you the details.

Despite of all our goodwill, it seems to us that you bear no interest to render neither any co-operation nor wanting to know more in details of the implementation except insisting to have your desire fulfilled by installing an automatic boom gate to create the boundaries. (This is what Mr. Allan Ng proposed before stepping down, probably this might have been withdrawn, we don’t know).

So before you made any final decision, I hope both RAs can sit down to discuss and to achieve a more cordial and compromising deal that favor both Taman.

It will be highly appreciated if this request can be look into with utmost urgency, please and reply me at your earliest possible on goodwill basis.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

c.c. CR. Chang Kim Loong Amn

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Unethiquette And Nonsensical Behaviour

Dear residents,

RA has been working very hard trying to provide you a good, clean and safe place to live where we all called HOME!

But, sad to say, besides receiving numbers of complaints, RA has observed and is aware that there are dog feces (poo) lying all around the Taman.

This is no doubt you can be fined by MPSJ for this offence. (pls forward complaint with picture if possible to

I am sure we want to live in a LIVEABLE ENVIRONMENT!

I am sure we thirst to come home feeling ZEN after a hard long day in the office.

I am sure we want the sense of EXCLUSIVENESS AND PRESTIGIOUS!


HOW??? SIMPLE!!!!!!


For all dog lovers, I sincerely asked for your kind and co-operative gesture by taking your dog to ease at the right place and PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO CLEAR AND DISPOSE THEIR POO.

I agreed with one of our resident saying “ANIMAL CANNOT BE TOLD BUT WE HUMAN SHOULD AT LEAST KNOW THE COURTESY WITHOUT HAVING BEEN TOLD” to clear the feces (the dog poops).

So, dear residents, let’s comes together and make a Change and let’s differ from the rests.

Let’s walk hand in hand toward the goal in enriching our lifestyle!

Love yourself, love thy neighbors and Love the Taman, your HOME!


Alice Choo

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Letter Of Appeal - Puteri 11 Guardhouse

Our Ref: G/HSE/APPEAL 1/06/2012

Yang Di Pertua
Persiaran Perpaduan, USJ 5
47610, Subang Jaya Darul Ehsan

6th June, 2012

Attn: Jabatan Perancangan Bandar
En. Hazman & Puan Rohana

Dear Sirs,

Re: Puteri 11 Main Guardhouse at Jalan Puteri 11/1

With reference to our TOL PTDP 4/PG 30/2011, we were told by En. Khairul of Pejabat Tanah Daerah Petaling that they have sent you their letter on 26th April, 2012, requesting for your “Surat Ulasan” in support to our application.

Somehow the grant has been delay is because they have not received the required review from you hence application is remained pending for finalization.

We also understood from your office that you have a position of “Tidak Sokong” and you are you not in favor of our application as you think that our guardhouse is wrongly located.

We understand that this guardhouse was built by our developer Messrs. IOI, 5 or 6 years ago and it was released to our RA in December, 2010 as per IOI letters ref. FD/G/33 (10) dated 29 December, 2010 (Syabas) and FD/G/34 (10) of 17 January, 2011 (TNB) respectively. (See as attached)

We also understand that the guardhouse was relocated to the current vicinity, after several rejections by the authorities (building the guardhouse in the middle of the road, similar to the Puteri 8, Puteri 9, Puteri 10 or Puteri 12 guardhouses) because those guardhouses in the middle of the road do not comply with the Standard Planning design gazette.

Puteri 11 is proud to declare that we are possibly the only Taman in the vicinity that has taken the proper initiative to seek respective Local Authorities for official consent to ensure our compliance with the regulated requirements and guidelines.

Owing to this Puteri 11 RA has obtained a 97% consensus from the residence, allowing the implementation of the Security Access System and by making it as a Gated & Guarded compound to enable a better security for the Taman and we are enclosing you all the Terms and Conditions signed by our residents for your references. Moreover we have no objection from P12 Residents Association thus far as we do comply with the G & G guidelines as stipulated.

Nonetheless, we have embarked on the path to ensure that the actions of providing a safe place to stay for our residents by adhering to all proper requirements and we believed all procedures have been addressed. 

One of the actions is to seek for a TOL for the guard house.

Having done all supposed we would like;
  1. to understand the concerns of “ Tidak Sokong” by MPSJ and why?
  2. what other procedures and actions need to be carried out in order to meet the criteria for us to obtain the support from MPSJ for the approval of the TOL by Pejabat Tanah Daerah Petaling?
However yesterday our CR. Chang Kim Loong and Puan Rohana from Jabatan Perancangan MPSJ paid a site visit to our guardhouse, upon viewing Cr. Chang comprehended that our guardhouse is appropriately located at the buffer area and the Security Access system installed did not affect the traffic flow in out the Taman, there is no obstruction to the road.

Consequently Cr. Chang agreed with us that the authorization for the guardhouse should be granted by all means.

In conclusion, we truly seek your positive review to enable Puteri 11 the TOL, in alignment to support the security enhancement in our Taman, which we managed to assure with the support of the Police Forces and the Community Police of Selangor.

We look forward for a favorable reply from you.

Thanking you for your usual kind assistance, we remain,

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

c.c. CR Chang Kim Loong Amn
YB Gobind Singh
YB Teresa Kok
Pejabat Tanah Daerah Petaling – by registered Mail
Ms. Jessica Chan – Project Manager, Customer Services IOI

Issue Of Main Guardhouse - 5 June 2012, 2:30pm

Dear all members and residents,

Before proceeding, we have to thank Cr. Chang Kim Loong for his big helping hand in this particular issue. We are lucky to have a Councilor who cares and handles problem and complaint not only fast but also effectively.

Nonetheless, we need to thanks Cik Rohana from Jabatan Perancangan MPSJ who has been extremely helpful in advising us the appeal procedures, Yong who has helped preparing prevailing notes and all other RA members who were in the presence for today’s discussion at our guardhouse.

Upon site viewing, Cr. Chang comprehended that our guardhouse is appropriately located at the buffer area and the Security Access system installed did not affect the traffic flow in out the Taman, there is no obstruction to the road.

Consequently Cr. Chang agreed with us that the authorization for the guardhouse should be granted by all means.

I would now submit a letter of appeal attaching all the relevant documentation about this issue.

Our appeal should be reviewed during the MPSJ OSC meeting on the 19th June, 2012.

At the same time RA is going to apply for the TOL for the access road.

We look forward for a positive reply.

Do not stop supporting the RA.


Alice Choo