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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vertical Policing - Launched By Cpo Selangor Dato Tun Hisan

Today at 10.00pm, I was at Pangsapuri Enggang, Kinrara to support the launch of Vertical Policing by our Chief Police Selangor (CPO) Dato Tun Hisan.

This policing purported a strong strategy in the Safety and Security of the masyarakat.

He stressed the importance of a good and strong neighborhood ties that can help prevent crimes from happening.

In this launch, he delivered a strong message of "Making a Caring Society" (Masyarakat yang penyayang) with "The Broken Window Theory" by George Kelling and James Wilson.

By having said so, it is a need to transform one’s attitude to be more caring and loving thy neighbours, which is an act of "deterrent".

It goes without saying that we are part of the contributor to crime when we do not do our part to help prevent crimes.

The responsibility to ensure a good and high quality of life is NOT only of the Police but Ours to help secure and to sustain a crime free living.

RA Puteri 11 Puchong

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Survey - New Location Proposed For The Comm-tower

Dear All, this is the design of the tower, for your information please.

Thank you


Cadangan Mendirikan Struktur Pemancar Telekomunikasi seperti gambar di bawah setinggi 150 kaki (45 Meter Monopole Tree) di atas Kawasan Lapang di Bandar Puteri 11, Puchong, Mukim Petaling, Daerah Petaling, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last Call For The Comm-tower Survey

Dear residents,

I wish to inform you that YB Teresa has instructed Asiaspace to request the State Secretary of Selangor in speeding up the process to approve the land next to the tangki as the new location for the Comm-Tower.

Please send me your vote quickly.

66 replies were received and majority voted “YES”.

If do care please response, otherwise final decision will be taken based on these votes.

If we don’t hear from you on/before the end of March, silence will be considered a “YES”

Appreciate your expedition in this matter.

Thank you.

Alice Choo

Monday, March 26, 2012

Perbincangan Isu Bandar Puteri 11 - WITH IOI THIS WEDNESDAY (28TH MARCH)

Dear residents,

Previously we have had 70 residents attended the 1st meeting on the 17th February, 2012.

I look forward for maximum attendance as this is of every resident concern not the RA.

Please attend for the sake of your property, yourself!

The most Important reason is that we all have to stand up together to fight to restore the value of our property, road safety and environment, or otherwise our Taman be tarnished.


Thank you

Dirty Streets In Puteri 11 Puchong

Dear Sirs,

This is the documentation (part 2) that you will find attached regarding the dirty streets in Puteri 11.

For your information, as far as we know the new contractor did not yet handle the maintenance of the streets even after my meeting with En. Zairul in the presence of our Councillor Mr. Chang and Cik Rodhiah at Jabatan Perkhimatan on Wednesday 22nd March, 2.PM.

Furthermore, we have tried to reach En. Zairul but were to no avail.

Your action for corrective measures is highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Alice choo
Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Puteri 11

c.c. Mr. Chang Kim Loong - MPSJ Councillor
Cik Azura - Pengarah Jab. Perkhimatan MPSJ
Cik Rodhiah - Jab. Perkhidmatan MPSJ

Unclear Trash At Bp11 Playground

Dear Sirs,

This is the documentation that you will find attached regarding the trash that has been lying around the playground area for not less than 1 month and was left unattended.

For your information, as far as we know the new contractor did not yet handle the maintenance of grass.

Your action for corrective measures is highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Alice choo
Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Puteri 11

c.c. Mr. Chang Kim Loong - MPSJ Councillor
Cik Azura - Pengarah Jabatan Perkhidmatan
cik Rodhiah - Jab, Perkhidmatan

Untrimmed Hedge - Bandar Puteri 11 Puchong

Dear Sirs,

This is the documentation that you will find attached regarding the hedge inside our compound.

For your information, as far as we know the new contractor did not yet handle the maintenance of hedge.

Your action for corrective measures is highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Alice choo
Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Puteri 11

c.c. Mr. Chang Kim Loong - MPSJ Councillor
Cik Azura - Jabatan Perkhidmatan MPSJ
Cik Rodhiah - Jabatan Perkhidmatan MPSJ

Sunday, March 25, 2012

RE: Survey – Comm Tower New Location

Dear members and residents,

I have only received response from 42 residents out of 438, regarding this issue.

For those who have not responded and are very concerned on this matter, please do expedite in forwarding me your vote before the due date to allow me to advise Asiaspace accordingly.


Alice Choo

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Urgent - Comm Tower Survey

Hi members, please complete the survey and email back to me for the count and filing. TQVM

Dear residents,

Can you complete and return the voting slip to us no later than 30th of March, if possible, please?

I have tried to defer the build of the base for the tower at the suggested location (see my reply below), therefore I shall be most glad if you can treat matter with utmost urgency.

Thanking you for your kind attention.

Alice Choo


Dear Saifulsani,

In reply to your email, may I inform you not to build anything as yet as you cannot build the base without the final count of our residents’ votes, please.

I am still in the midst of getting reply from my residents of this new location.

You will face another hassle just like you have had with Puteri 12, if my residents’ votes are negative

Furthermore, this can give a negative impact on YB Teresa which is rather unfair to her because our residents will then blame her for abusing their rights and accusing her for turning a deaf ear.

Apparently if I could not furnish you our final counts before the 2nd April, I think you can
go ahead with your legal hearing on the 2th April, 2012 first, isn't it?

However, I am already trying to push them to reply but you must understand that I have other important issues to attend to too.

I will definitely revert you our residents’ decision as soon as I have the result, so let me do my job, please.

Thank you for your understandings and attention.

Yours sincerely,
Alice Choo

Friday, March 23, 2012

Map Of The New Location Proposed For The Comm-tower

Dear Alice,

I am writing to you on behalf of Datuk Ghani.

Please be informed that we have measured the distance between the spot (where we are going to construct the structure) and the nearest house and it reveals that the distance is 50 metres (not 50 feet).

It works out to about 150 feet. Please find attached site map for your reference.

In accordance with the KPKT (Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan) guideline, the distance required is only 20 metres (60 feet) between the structure and the nearest house.

We hope the above explanation puts to rest the issue.

Thank you,



MPSJ - Complaints References

Dear residents,

The following message from Mr. Ronald, IOI Customer Services is for your information, please.

Today I have filed in our complaints with MPSJ Aduan on the malfunctioning streets lamps in our Taman and the unclear plants along Jalan Puteri 11/1 and 11/1A.

If problems persist, I suggest you to submit your complaint quoting reference as follows;
  1. Street Lamps - No. Aduan 2437/03/2012 (1)
  2. Chopped Plants in the Compound - No Aduan 2440/03/2012 (1)

Thank you for your attention and collaboration,

Alice Choo


Ronald Tan Kin Sia
5:49 PM (5 hours ago)
to me, Jessica, Belinda

Dear Ms. Alice,

We refer to your letter via e-mail to us dated 18 March 2012, we noted on your feedback pertaining to the malfunctioned streetlights at the said location.

As per our tele-conversation this morning, we would like to inform that the maintenance of the streetlights at Jalan Puteri 11/1 had been handed over to the local authority, MPSJ. Therefore, we suggest that you may highlight to MPSJ for their attention and action.

We hope the above clarifies. Should you require further clarifications on the above, please do not hesitate to contact me of Customer Relations Unit at 03-8064 8833.

Thank you. "Happy to Serve!"

Warmest regards,
Ronald Tan
Customer Relations ExecutiveCustomer Relations Unit
IOI Properties Berhad


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gated And Guarded For Our Taman

Dear Residents,

It goes without saying that it was Mr. Chang who helped us to have our rejected application brought up to the Authority on Monday right after our discussion and managed to re-open the file.

Today, I have resubmitted an up-to-date consensus list duly signed by more than 85% of residents, for MPSJ Perancang to review our application for the G & G scheme, hence will be support by our Councillor.

We have 471 units of houses, where 438 units were occupied and 33 units still remained vacant until todate.

Thus far, we have obtained consensus from 427 premises and only remaining 11 have not sign up as yet.

Listed below is the summary for your easy viewing.

Mr. Chang will do his utmost best to help us obtaining the appropriate acknowledgement from MPSJ which will help us enhancing the Security in and within our Taman.

Let’s keep our finger crossed that we will succeed this time.

Thank you Mr. Chang Kim Loong!

Alice Choo

Streets Number of Houses Signed Not Signed Vacant
Jalan Puteri 11/1A 22 21 1 0
Jalan Puteri 11/2 16 14 1 1
Jalan Puteri 11/3 28 23 1 4
Jalan Puteri 11/5 28 27 - 1
Jalan Puteri 11/6 21 20 - 1
Jalan Puteri 11/7 32 29 - 3
Jalan Puteri 11/8 30 27 - 3
Jalan Puteri 11/9 38 35 2 1
Jalan Puteri 11/10 33 32 1 0
Jalan Puteri 11/11 46 43 3 3
Jalan Puteri 11/12 35 33 1 1
Jalan Puteri 11/13 43 39 1 2
Jalan Puteri 11/16 11 10 0 1
Jalan Puteri 11/17 36 29 2 7
Jalan Puteri 11/18 52 43 - 9
Total 471 427 11 33

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2nd Meeting With IOI - Puteri Hills Project

Dear residents,

Please be advised that the 2nd meeting with IOI is scheduled on Wednesday 28th March, 2012, 9.30 AM at MPSJ Head Office, Subang Jaya.

This meeting is crucial and your attendance is very important.

Please make yourself available for the betterment of our Taman and for your own SAKE too!

We have to be united to win! “UNITY IS STRENGTH

Cheers to Puteri 11!

Alice Choo

New Proposed Location For Installing The Comm-tower

Dear Residents,

AsiaSpace and Telco have found an alternate location to build the Comm-Tower.

The new location is at the access road between Puteri 11 and Puteri 12 next to the water tank.

According to Asiaspace and Telco, this is the only one available space and it is far from houses, hence fit to serve both Taman (Puteri 11 and Puteri 12).

It is very important that everybody speaks out his/her opinion regarding this possibility.

The majority of the residents’ opinion will be considered as the official opinion of the RA.

Please give your vote YES or NO on/before the 28 March, 2012.

It is important to know that we are not sure that the Puteri 11 residents’ opinions on this issue will be fully taken in consideration.

Thank you for your prompt response.

Yours faithfully,
Alice Choo

Please type your Vote below and return form to us by email ON or BEFORE 28TH March, 2012.
------------------------------------ ------------------------------------
------------------------------------ ------------------------------------

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meeting With Mr. Chang Kim Loong, The Newly Appointed Mpsj Councilor - 20th March 2012

Dear Residents,

First let us congratulate and to welcome our new Councilor, Mr. Chang Kim Loong and a big Thank You to Mr. Tan Jo Hann (predecessor) for all his efforts in assisting us to enhance the betterment of our Taman.

We wish him all the best in his new undertakings.

The meeting with our new councilor Mr. Chang is considerably fruitful.

Today, he has helped us sorted out various issues of our Taman listed below effectively;
  1. G & G application
  2. Residents dissatisfaction on the New Contractor assigned for our Taman on cleaning and garbage clearance
  3. Puteri Hills issue

RA submitted the application in April 2011 but was not accepted due to the change of Mentri Besar decision of not acknowledging anymore the G & G. This is the reason why TOL is applied.

Whilst in the meeting Mr. Chang brought this issue up and the purport of G & G to the authority and succeed to have our application reviewed. We therefore, are going to resubmit our application along-with his letter supporting it.


Encik Mohd. Zairin, the main contractor for Bandar Puteri Puchong was called in by Mr. Chang, to meet with Cik Rodhiah, Jabatan Perkhidmatan and I to iron out the problems and dissatisfactions of our residents on the inconsistent garbage clearance and dirty streets occurred since the handover to them.

I proposed to En. Mohd Zairin to provide us 1 sweeper permanently and he promised he will consider my proposal and to revert his decision later.


Mr. Chang is going to liaise with En. Hazman, T.Pengarah Perancang for an early date to have this 2nd meeting with IOI.

Best regards,
Alice Choo

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reoccurence - Fused Lighting Along Jalan Puteri 11/1

Our Ref: SL/11-1/03/12
Customer Services
IOI Properties Group

18th March, 2012

Dear Belinda,


Regret to advise you that the entire street lights fused again along Jalan Puteri 11/1 (after our guardhouse), although your technician has attended to the same problem some time ago.

We really would like to know what is the actual problem and cause of this frequent fuse, please.

I also hope that you can inform the department concerned and I hope problem can be attended promptly as this road is in a complete darkness to avoid any undesirable accident.

Thanking you for your kind attention,

Yours sincerely,
Alice Choo

Encik Arifudin - Timbalan Pengarah Jabatan Kejuruteraan
YB Gobind Singh
YB Teresa Kok
MPSJ Councillor (Puchong)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Security Access Card - Touch N Go Card

Dear residents,

I know that many of you asked to upgrade your Touch n Go to Smart Tag.

In this particular moment because of the extremely high load of work involving the startup of the barrier gate system, this will not be possible.

It may be possible in the future once the situation will be completely stable, that we would consider the possibility of upgrading your card paying an amount of money.

The Road Rep. has been updated accordingly.

Thank you for your attention.


Alice Choo

Patrol In Puteri 11 - Police Puchong And Community Policing Selangor Joint Forces

Dear Residents,

We would like to convey our heartfelt thanks to KP Puchong Tuan Hailimi, Community Policing Selangor Chairman Mr Kuan and his team who have been so concerned on the security in our Taman.

With effect from today, they will patrol our Taman on every Wednesday from 9pm to to ensure the security enhancement, which in fact upgraded the quality of lives for each of us.

I no doubt, am participating in this goodwill event.

Please do let me know if any of our RA Member or resident who is interested to join in, is very welcome to do so.


Security Access System

Dear residents,

We would like to apologize for all the inconveniences caused on the 1st day commissioning of our barrier gate system.

There were numbers of tags/cards were inactive as due to the shutdown of the PC while activating them. Hence we are unable to identify which weren’t activated until we started the commissioning of the system.

Somehow we have solved the problems by activating all the 1,131 inactive cards today and the flow has been considerably smooth and efficient.

For those who encountered the failure, you are kindly requested to
  1. remove the card and slot it back to the device before using it.
  2. Place the smart tag on the right of the dashboard and face towards the big square reader. The reader below it is the TnGo reader instead.
  3. Should the reader failed to capture the signal, please remove the card and use as TnGo to have the access before approaching us for changing the device.
For those who still do not possess the Access Card, please kindly access through the VISITOR/ NO TAG LANE to avoid blocking.

Resident who wish to purchase the Access Card, please feel free to either contact me or any of the RA member and we shall attend to you as soon as we can or you are welcome to approach us too.

Thank you

Monday, March 12, 2012

Kekotoran Di Seluruh Taman - Bandar Puteri 11 Puchong

Our Ref: Complaint 1/03/2012
Salam Sejahtera

Dear Sirs,

We are sorry to inform you that ever since you have reappointed a new contractor, the condition and the cleanliness of our Taman has been so much worsen as compared to the time of Alam Flora.

I am hereby enclosing you photographs that were taken this morning, for your reference, please. It will be sent to you in 2 parts.

Alam Flora has a tighter, clearer and affixed schedule to all tasks which is
  1. 3 times weekly garbage clearance - on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If the truck is full, they will do the second round or third rounding to ensure all garbage were cleared. But now nobody knows when or what time are schedules for the garbage truck.
  2. They assigned 2 sweepers to our Taman on a daily basis, because they understood that 20 streets cannot be clean up in a day or two, although the deal is meant for 2 times monthly. But now only 1 Indian man is doing the job in a day or two.
  3. Once weekly they will come to clear the bags of dried leaves and cut plants along the street around our Taman. (Now completely no one came)
Unfortunately, this new contractor (we don’t even know who they are) has never been prompt with their services nor answering to our complaints though we have tried many times but was to no avail.

They have come only once at the end of February to clear up the trash along the road and nobody ever came till today.

On 2nd and 3rd March, they assigned only 1 sweeper to sweep our Taman and only half Taman was cleared up.

We have never ever complaint to you regarding the street sweeper so far, hence this is the first time because we are so disappointed and dissatisfied with the service of your new contractor.

For two weeks now, nobody has come to sweep the road that has caused the untidiness in our Taman which never has happened during the time of Alam Flora.

I really wonder how they can expect 1 man to clean up our Taman in a day or two. Not only, they assigned the same group of people for the grass cutting, hedges trimming and sweeping the streets on the same day. Furthermore the way they cut the grass was done randomly.

With Alam Flora, they assigned different group of people for different tasks. What a big difference? Is it true that you are paying the new contractor a very low budget as En. Arif claimed? Is it because of this reason, we tax payer has to suffer?

Do you really think this is efficient and effective? Do you think you have appointed the right contractor or sub-contractor who is worse than Alam Flora?

We hope you can assist us and we hope to have the same treatment that Alam Flora has rendered us.

I rather complaint to you first before you receive mass complaints from our residents, which can unfairly cause damage to MPSJ image since you have all along been doing fine before the change of the contractor.

Thanking you for your prompt investigation into this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

cc. YB Gobind Singh
YB Teresa Kok
YDP Dato’ Asmawi