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Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Marble Tables at the park

New marble tables are installed at the park for the residents to use.

Let's together keep the park clean and nice.

Update: The tables are installed by MPSJ after requests/complaints from our resident, Mr Khoo.

Thank you MPSJ and Mr Khoo for your kind contribution.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Star People's Voice: Karnival Bandar Puteri Puchong

See you all there.

Tempat: Bandar Puteri 8 Padang
Tarikh: 17 July 2010
Waktu: 9am - 2pm

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Neighbours Day: Set aside a day for our community

NST: Neighbours Day: Set aside a day for our community

THE proposal by Ravindran Raman Kutty, "Why not Neighbours Day" (NST, June 28), should be given due consideration by the authorities.

Without being nostalgic, I am sure many of us could say with confidence that in the past, there was a great deal of good neighbourliness. We talked, studied, played, enjoyed and interacted much more closely than neighbours do today. Neighbourhoods and communities were so well-knit through common values and pursuits that they relished the spirit of sharing and caring for one another.

Changing life patterns, work and study demands, modern technology, different approaches to pastimes and social contacts, and perhaps house and residential area designs, among others, have indeed distanced us from our neighbours. Many do not even know or have had no contact with their neighbours and, sadly, do not even feel it necessary.

It is a pity that sometimes it has to be an emergency, calamity or tragedy that brings neighbours together. At times, we even find out too late that our neighbours could have been of vital help to us had we only known them. There is a need for us to recognise and reassert in a tangible way the strength of neighbourhoods and communities as coherent, helpful entities where everyone feels responsible for each other and no one needs to be left alone or uncared for.

Interestingly, research carried out by Imperial College, London, and published in 2007, covering a sizeable sample of families over an extended period of time, showed a clear positive relationship between the frequency of contacts among neighbours and their being able to meet most of their needs and live a satisfying life.

Being good neighbours holds the key not only to more mutually satisfying and rewarding lives but also, on a wider basis, to fraternal peace and communal harmony among our fellow Malaysians of different racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds, and even among neighbouring nations.

Neighbours Day in many European communities this year was held on May 28.

An initiative of the European Federation of Local Solidarity (EFLS), a non-profit organisation based in Paris, this observance over the past 10 years has proved to be such a success that it has spread to communities in Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and the United States -- though in some countries there has been a longer history of Neighbours Day, which is marked on a different date. EFLS today claims a network of about 1,100 cities and communities in nearly 40 countries.

Neighbours Day should be about bringing neighbours and communities together to have fun, learn about each other, share experiences, exchange neighbourhood best practices and help foster a more cohesive society.

Being good neighbours should be an important part of our national fabric and can certainly help us all to be more caring and responsible towards our neighbours and fellow Malaysians. Therefore, it seems only fitting that one day a year be set apart to honour neighbours and develop a real sense of mutual community and social well-being and togetherness.

Petaling Jaya,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Star's People's Voice will take place in Bandar Puteri Puchong, on July 17

theStar: Hoping for better security in Bandar Puteri Puchong

If you are a Bandar Puteri Puchong resident and would like to raise your views and concerns, you can reach us via People’s Voice Twitter and Facebook accounts.
The compilation of issues gathered as of the present time:

Common issues raised at the meeting (24/6/10) by Dato Samson and add-on:
  1. There are no pedestrain facilities linking the residential zone and commercial zone, all pedestrians have to use the main road. No road safety.
  2. More bus stops with proper shelter.
  3. Building of road humps along roads with junction.
  4. Lack of Community Hall and football field for Community activities in a modern Bandar. (Hopefully MPSJ will temporarily grant such facilities to the RA’s of Bandar Puteri in their new Puteri library complex)
  5. No Schools at Bandar Puteri Puchong (especially Secondary)
  6. Giant Shopping should repaint their internal traffic flow to guide cars to correct external exit with the change in outer traffic flow. It is accidents waiting to happen at present.

Crime Control Issues raised by Dato Samson:
  1. As RA’s we want to have our own community policing Committee for Puteri and wawasan areas under our Balai. The current Committee is too big for all of Puchong and their charter says every Balai should have its own. Look at for details.
  2. Residents would like to work out closer cooperation with the Balai and its officers and not just see them when there is a crime
  3. Status of Commercial crimes Investigation in covering Bukit puchong and Bandar Puteri.
  4. Status of cases covering photographic evidence given by RA on Car thieves and no action or news to date. 14 Months.
  5. Proliferation of gambling arcades within range of Police Stations. MPSJ only covers licensing issues (fines RM 1k max – seizure is not legal as per bylaws) but police covers gambling as offences (seizure and jail or fine). Why this is not enforced ?. Grey areas does not allow one to encroach into the other leaving such establishments to thumb their noses on both parties. Residents and RA’s are concerned as children gamble away their allowances.
  6. Procedures in making reports. What then on feedback?
  7. Formation of RT and Rela Centres in Bandar Puteri.

Issues raised of Puteri 11 RA:
  1. The surprise development of a massive 422 units condominium complex in between two steep slopes next to Puteri 11 by IOI.
  2. Illegal and dangerous car parkings on both roadsides of Jalan Puteri 11/1 by Bayu Apartment residents.
  3. Need to install road humps on Jalan Puteri 11/1, 11/1A and 11/13 to prevent speeding vehicles.
  4. Remove unsightly and Ah Long advertisements on trees, lamp posts and parameter fencing.
  5. Need a football field and community hall facilities.
  6. Request for more frequent and faster response to infrastructure maintenance service.
Issues raised by Banyan RA (Puteri10):
  1. The existence/approval of 6 kindergardens for an enclave with 361 households has added to the massive traffic flow. What is MPSJ criteria of approving Kindergarden?
  2. Installing road humps along Laman Puteri 2, near the entrance/exit of Banyan Guard house.
  3. Slow respond from MPSJ on complaint of potholes, cracked road surface and maintenance of playground.
  4. Inner roads at Banyan, Jln Puteri 10/2-10/12 need resurfacing, potholes aplenty.
Issues raised by Puteri 8 RA:
  1. Long awaited U Turn sign for Puteri 8 Residents at traffic lights.
  2. Bad conditions of roads and drainage issues with frequent potholes.
  3. Urgent Request for Road widening at entrance and relocation of RA Cabin to Puteri 8/10 small padang, with electricity connection
  4. Overgrown trees and incessant shedding of leaves that clog drains etc – Wrong type of tress planted.
  5. Internal Road humps for safety of residents.
  6. Sewage line overflows and dumps sewage on the roads at entrance of Puteri 8/1 as well as traffic light junction from manhole everytime there is a heavy shower.
  7. Resurface our roads which is full of pot holes.
Issues raised by Puteri 9 RA:
  1. Current children's playground is tucked behind the back lane of Jalan 9/1C and too far for parents with young toddlers on pram;
  2. Traffic coming into Aseana condo pose accident risk as condo residents turn right before turning left into the condo.
  3. Very sharp and narrow junction at 9/1 and 9/1B bearing in mind there is no through road and the road 9/1B serve 54 houses
Residents would appreciate if MPSJ and/or IOI could:
  1. Redesignate the current Aseana showhouse area as new playground or basketball court;
  2. Re-align or move the entry lane of Asean Puteri further in so that cars do not have to veer right before driving in.
  3. Look into widening the junction.
Issues raised by Puteri 12 RA:
  1. Traffic Light or mini roundabout at our foot hill out to the main road Since Puchong Hartamas access road is operated, the traffic flow was very heavy. Residents in Puteri 12 are unable to use the main road, very dangerous to drive across and have various accidents.
  2. Hawkers are now operating at the main road along the road going up to Puteri 12 causing a lot of inconvenience to us especially when traffic from wawasan out to Puteri 12 are blocked by cars parking along the road for hawkers food. Why MPSJ allow hawkers to operate business along the main road blocking the traffice?
  3. Public have been driving up to Puteri 12 hilltop everynight and park their vehicles along the road causing a lot of inconvenience for residents and have caused a lot of accidents esp. they u-turn to park their vehicles along the whole stretch of the road which is already very narrow. Illegal and dangerous car parkings ,drinking, throwing rubbish ,operating loud music, creating very unhealthy activities and causing inconvenience and fear robbery and stop residents cars especially during wee hours on sat & sun. Residents of Puteri 12 are very concern of our safety since this is the only access road to our houses and having nightmare and eye sore to see the unconsiderate public causing nuisance to our beautiful place.
  4. Need to install road humps on Jalan Puteri 12/2 and along roads with junction to prevent speeding vehicles.
  5. Need a community hall facilities and football field.
  6. Electricity and Indah Water problems, few houses of Puteri 12 have switchboard on fire recently due to lopping system of 6 houses as inform by workers of TNB who come to repair the damage swithchboard. Very dangerous and houses might be on fire esp daytime residents not at home. Overflow of water from indah water piping along the main road to the hilltop whenever heavy rain occur. Indah Water staff will come and suck away the water but the root of the problem ie blockage in the piping system which need to rectifly. Residents worried they might be erosion and finally landslides might occurred.
  7. Propose MPSJ to have a project every month to take away all rare dogs and cats.
  8. Illegal houses built along Jalan 12/12, near the back guardhse between Puteri 11 & 12 .
  9. Slow respond from MPSJ on complaint of potholes, cracked road surface and maintaince of playground of Puteri 12.
  10. Need free shutter buses like Sunway and Bandar Utama residents provideng for them , all residents of Bandar Puteri have problems for public transport.
  11. Lack of sweepers swiping the streets, not sweep daily esp backlane and drains.
Issues raised by IXORA RA (Puteri 6):
  1. Security
    • police to patrol into each housing area even though those guarded, more frequently during day time, have log book at designated locations inside
    • build brick wall fencing for those housing area along the main road (ie Lebuh Puteri) - IXORA is the only taman without one now
  2. Public Transport
    • Ampang line LRT extension to cover Bandar Puteri in phase 1 of the whole project while the traffic volume along LDP still manageable
  3. Landscape
    • more appropriate types of trees to be planted in Bandar Puteri, and must be well taken care - it feels refreshing moving out from Bandar Puteri into Taman Wawasan
  4. Community
    • public swimming pool should be built
    • hypermedia library process book loan manually - inefficient, and prone to "book theft"
    • seating capacity and book collection of hypermedia needs to improve
Issues raised by Acacia RA (Puteri 7):
  1. Requests for another speed table in front of the existing speed table fronting Columbia Hospital as the present one is not effective in reducing speeding of oncoming cars. A lot of problems to cross the road for cars coming out of Puteri 7 area.
  2. Another suggestion is for the road kerb at Lebuh Puteri fronting Puteri 7 to redesign the road junction similar to the existing junction in Puteri 6.
  3. Jalan Puteri 7/1 and the whole of Puteri 7 needs road resurfacing as it has been 10 years since the road was resurfaced. Further there also exists many potholes due to heavy traffic usage especially at Jalan Puteri 7/1 and Jalan Puteri 7/2.
  4. Alam Flora personnel were supposed to sweep our backlanes and drains twice monthly, unfortunately this have been been adhered to and hope MPSJ can assist us on this issue to ensure strict compliance to cleaning schedules by them. Further the playground in our area is also full of leafs. If left unattended it will create health issues. Please to ensure that the personnel doing the job clear the debris such as rubbish,leaves,etc within the same day.
  5. The "No U-turn" sign fronting Columbia Asia is not effective as a lot of cars are still making U-turns at the junction. This is very dangerous as it hampers cars coming out from Puteri 7 and cars trying to enter Puteri 7 from the other side of the road. Accidents have already happened many times, luckily no DEATHS yet.

Issues raised by Melia RA (Puteri 10):
  1. Need to have a hump at the main road (both sides) just before our guardhouse to slow down oncoming cars from Puteri 11, Sri Bayu apartments and Puchong Hartamas. We have found that some cars are speeding and certain times dangerous for our residents to exit our area.
  2. The playground condition at our area is badly maintained and urgently need upgrading e.g. the equipments, garden chairs, jogging path, ground condition etc.
  3. The condition of roads at our area is very patchy resulting in uneven driving. We even have some residents doing their own patching work using cement after it has become unbearable.
  4. Melia has too many entry/exit points (4) and we propose to close 2 of them.This will render our effort to safeguard this area easier.
  5. We seldom see police patrolling our area. We would like to see an increase in this aspect.
  6. There are hawkers setting up their stalls on the main road which makes the whole Bandar Puteri look messy and disorganise, esp for Puteri 9, 10 11 & 12. Also the image has been affected.

Issues raised Puteri 6 RA:
  1.  Need police patrol more in Bandar Puteri residential area. Why robbery cases reported to the Bandar Puteri station are not at all investigated.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Invitation to the presentation ceremony of Balai Polis Bergerak to PDRM

IOI Properties is contributing a Police Mobile Unit (Balai Polis Bergerak) to Polis Diraja Malaysia for the purpose of enhancing police presence and overall safety & security within the commercial areas of Bandar Puteri Puchong and Bandar Puchong Jaya.

Therefore, it is our pleasure to extend an invitation to your Residents' Committee Representatives (5 persons) to join us and witness the presentation ceremony of the Balai Polis Bergerak by IOI Group Executive Director, Dato' Lee Yeow Chor to Chief Police of Selangor, Datuk Khalid bin Abu Bakar.

Date: 3 July 2010, Saturday
Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Venue: The Atrium, IOI Mall, Old Wing, Puchong

Kindly RSVP for ease of regisration and issuance of F & B vouchers as well as redemption of door gifts. Please contact our Puteri 11 RA, Mr Chiam Tun Cheng.