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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Boomgate Contribution

Today around 8 o'clock, our chairman, Mrs Alice Choo, had visited most houses at Puteri 11 to seek your kind contribution for the boomgate at our guardhouse.

A new boomgate is very important for our guardhouse. The current method of placing a cone in the middle lane is slow and dangerous and ineffective.

Depending on the final amount collected, the RA may either install a manual boomgate or an automatic boomgate (preferred, but more expensive).

If you wish to contribute, please contact Mrs Alice Choo (017 320 4619). All contributions will be issued an official receipt.

The RA would like to thank the residents who have contributed to the boomgate fund.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Change of Secretary name and Contact Number

We regret to inform you that with effect from 18th April, 2011, our Ms. Vimala Devi has resigned her position as Hon. Secretary from our Association.

The newly appointed Hon Secretary is Ms. Venice Ang, effectively 19th April, 2011.

Her number is 017 401 1777.

Thank you
Alice Choo

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Dear Residents,

I am taking this opportunity to thank you all for the supports you have showered us for the Bomba Event on 23rd April, 2011 (Sat). Without you the RA Committee Members including myself, cannot achieve what we wanted to strive for. I was so glad to see that our residents do and have established a sense of community, that will help in creating a multiplying effect and increase the number of eyes and ears be on the lookout for each other and for a common purpose of achieving a safe neighborhood.

Ultimately, we want to create a safe environment to protect our loved ones, and we can do that by working closely together and playing our part!

We must thank our MP YB Gobind Singh, YB Theresa Kok, Mr Kuan, Chairman of Community Policing Selangor, Dep. OCPD Tuan Lam, Datuk Samson and MPSJ Councillor Mr. Tan Jo Hann, who have embraced us with their phenomenal advices helping Puteri 11 in encouraging the build of stronger ties of neighborhood and which absolutely will help in enhancing the Betterment of our Taman, both development and security wise.

Nonetheless, we shall not forget to thank Bomba Chief Operation Officers, Mr. Esa Muharam, for his time and effort to deliver to us the Fire and Safety Awareness and Precautionary steps to take when anyone of us is in that situation. (Bomba Khas 03 - 8070 7879)

The impact of Bomba Demo in Puteri 11 was more than just about fire and safety awareness. It brought neighbors together for a common cause.

We have to also thank OCPD Tuan Razak his kindness assigning Police on Horse to patrol our area. No doubt Sarjan Mat Sood has been there to ensure all arrangements went well. JUTAAN TERIMA KASIH, ALHAMDULLILAH!

We are grateful to the Community Policing of Selangor’s squads who have rendered their assistance to us too.

Without forgetting to thank all Bandar Puteri RA(s) and Wawasan Chairman and Committee members for their invaluable supports that we needed most.

To end my speech, I truly want to convey my BIG THANK YOU to my entire RA TEAM who has been working very hard and without them; this event would not have been so SUCCESSFUL.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fire Safety Awareness Day - A success

Thank you to everybody who made the Fire Safety Awareness Day event a wonderful success.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2011 - 1st Quarter Report of RA Movement

Dear Residents,


Until this far we have had 2 RA meetings. issues discussed were

i) Security enforcement during Chinese New Year where we have recruited 2 extra temporary guards for each shift day and night from 3rd - 5th February, 2011.

ii) Recruitment of 1 additional security guard for both shifts

Effective on 1st February, 2011, we have recruited additional 1 security guard on each shift and the total for each shift is 6 instead of 5 security guards.

This is to provide a proper supervision of all our areas since the security fee is meant to grant a full and appropriate safe environment, RA took this decision to fulfill its commitment to grant security.

iii) Car sticker

We have printed new colored car sticker with Puteri 11 logo, serial number and car number. This sticker is replacing the existing one and has been distributed upon the collection of the 2nd quarter Security fees. This sticker is sold at RM 5 each for controlling purposes. The old sticker will be deemed invalid and will not be acknowledged by the security guard with effect from 16 April, 2011.

We would like to thanks Mr. Alex Looi of No. 24, Jln Puteri 11/10 for sponsoring this new printed car stickers.

iv) Cones

We have purchased sixteen 30 inches security cones to place along Jalan 11/1 (Puteri Bayu), this is to prevent illegal parking's and poor visibility to avoid any unnecessary accident.

v) Other Sponsorships

We would like to thank the following residents for sponsoring the spotlights. They are

Mrs. Alice Choo Pagnelli - No 1, Jalan Puteri 11/10
Mr. Eric Lim - No. 2, Jalan Puteri 11/10
Mr Peter Chan - No. 1, Jalan Puteri 11/8
Mrs. Anne Chan - No . 2, Jalan Puteri 11/8
Mrs. Coryn - No. 2, Jalan Puteri 11/6
Mr. Govindaraju - No.2, Jalan Puteri 11/2
Mr. Loh - N0. 1, Jalan Puteri 11/12
Mrs. Christine Chong - No. 85, Jalan Puteri 11/13

Also, we would like to thank Mr. Yap of No. 17, Jalan Puteri 11/10 for the installation works.


On 1st March, 2011, Security Company has started to provide us a motorbike and the maintenance cost will be paid by the RA. Also RA has started to provide a prepaid phone card for the guardhouse.

Our Security Sub-Committee has been actively carried out their duties in enforcing the SOP, checking the Security Incident Log Book every weekly to ensure no major happenings during these 3 months. They also have implemented
three lanes concept to minimize congestion and to allow paid members to have a faster access.

Meetings have been carried out twice monthly among themselves and once every month with our Security Company (Z Force) to review on the security system and performances of our guards.

Tighter SOP has been enforced since the burglaries incident at Puteri 12.


All cones were glued with Police & MPSJ approved Joint Forces stickers to prevent illegal parkings at Puteri Bayu (Jln Puteri 11/1).

MPSJ is going to make extra parking lots for Puteri Bayu residents as soon as they have confirmed their contractor.

MPSJ has also approved our request for the usage of electricity supply for the 8 spotlights along Jalan Puteri 11/1A, but we will have to be responsible for the provision of spotlights and the installation cost and all future maintenance.


Our requests made for futsal, basketball court, woodball, reflexology stones, new plants, trash bins and lighting for 5 pagolas.

Mr. Tan Jo Hann said JKP would fund for the pagolas lighting if our request were rejected by MPSJ.


Several requests of sponsorship from other organizations have no reply as yet.

Closure of boom gate at P11 – P12 access road has not been finalized with Puteri 12 RA.

  1. Installing electric meter and awning at the guard house
  2. Installing a boom gate for the P11 - P12 access road (for double security purposes)
  3. To purchase an Electric Manual boom gate for the main guardhouse. lf contributions received are enough at the same time CCTV will be considered.

Bomba Demo

Puteri 11 RA will co-organize with Fire & Rescue Department of Puchong on Fire & Safety Awareness talks on 23rd April, 2011 (Saturday), 4.00 pm - 6.30 pm at Jalan Puteri 11/13.

Please extend invitation to your family members, relatives and friends. Your support is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Power supply to guard house

TNB contractors are pulling the cable for power supply to the guard house.

Fire Safety Awareness Day

  1. Fire Safety Talk
  2. Live Fire Demo
  3. Fire Truck Viewing
Brought to you by Fire & Rescue Department of Puchong

Know fire safety, No pain
No fire safety, Know pain

Date: 23-April-2011 (Sartuday)
Time: 4:00pm - 6:30pm
Venue: Jalan Puteri 11/13, Bandar Puteri

Please extend invitation to your family members, relatives and friends
Your support is highly appreciated

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TNB Cabling Works at Puteri 11

We wish to inform that the TNB power supply cabling work will be carried out along Jalan Puteri 11/17, 11/16 and 11/15A for the 8 Units Semi-D Project. The works will commence on 1st April 2011 and is expected to be completed in approximately 10 days from the date of commencement.

We thank you for your kind understanding and patience. For further details, please refer to the map.

Should you require further clarification, please contact Customer Relations Unit at 03-80648833 or email us at

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New official Puteri 11 RA website

The new official Puteri 11 RA website is :

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