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Friday, March 18, 2011

2nd Annual General Meeting - Annual Report and Statement of Accounts

This posting is 2 months late. But better late than never. Sorry Chiam.

Date: 23rd January 2011, Sunday

Time: 4.30pm

Venue: Puteri 11 Playground (Nadia)

8 January 2011

Notice of the Second Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Second Annual General Meeting of the Bandar Puteri 11, Puchong, Selangor Residents Association will be held on the 23 January 2011, (Sunday) at 4:30 p.m. at the Puteri 11 Playground, Nadia.

  1. Chairman’s Opening Address.
  2. To receive the Report of Management Committee and matters arising thereof.
  3. To receive and adopt the Audited Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2010.
  4. Proposal to waive the 2011 membership annual fee of RMl0.00 for members who joined in 2010.
  5. To nominate and elect Management Committee for the year 2011.
    a. Chairman
    b. Vice Chairman
    c. Secretary
    d. Assistant Secretary
    e. Treasurer
    f. 9 Ordinary Committee Members
  6. To appoint 2 Honorary Auditors.
  7. To appoint 3 Trustees.
  8. Any other matters.
  9. Address by the New Chairman.
  10. Adjournment.
Your presence at the meeting is very much appreciated.

By order of the Management Committee

Mahendra A/L Ragupathy
Hon. Secretary

Second Annual General Meeting


A very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year to our members in Bandar Puteri 11, Puchong, Selangor.

Our Residents Association (RA) is a voluntary non-profit organisation set up by our Bandar Puteri 11 residents. The RA’s objectives are to protect the common interests of our residents, to provide security and safety to our residents and to foster good neighbourhood spirits among our residents.

Support and cooperation from our residents is necessary for our RA to succeed in attaining the above objectives. The willingness of our residents to come forward and volunteer their services to our community is essential to our success.

Our RA was registered on 6 November 2009 by the Registrar of Societies, Selangor. The initial objective of establishing our RA was to strengthen our representations to the authorities concerning our objections to the condominium project to be developed next to our homes.

The first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of our RA was held on 25 April 2010. At that time there were only 45 members registered with our RA. The current team of 17 RA Committee members, Auditors and Trustee were elected from among the 45 members at the AGM. Mr Khoo Khay Hock and Mr Ng Ping Chew had in December 2010 resigned as Auditor and Committee member respectively and we thank them for their services to the RA.

During the tenure of our RA Committee from the 25 April 2010, the following were the activities carried out.

1. Management Meetings and EGM

Our RA Committee conducted 4 management meetings during our tenure of office. The meetings were held on 23 May 2010, 15 August 2010, 30 October 2010 and 4 January 2011.

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) was held on 30 October 2010. At the EGM our members approved the engagement of a registered security company to provide security services in our Puteri 11 neighbourhood and the payment of the security fees.

2. IOI Condominium Development

While we are successful in stopping the massive condominium project from going ahead, we are uncertain on the future plan on this piece of land. According to IOl’s Marketing office, there are now plans to develop three storey town houses there. This revised development plan has not been submitted to MPSJ for approval. We are closely monitoring this development and will inform our members of any latest news.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Menteri Besar of Selangor, the Member of Parliament for Puchong, the Yang DiPertua of MPSJ and the MPSJ Councillor for Bandar Puteri for their understanding and assistance extended to us on the matter.

We thank the members of the print media for highlighting our concerns in the various newspapers. We thank many of our members who had supported and contributed in one way or another towards our objection exercise.

3. Illegal Roadside Parking Outside Puteri Bayu Apartment

This car parking issue is still being pursued with MPSJ by our RA. IOI is not helping to resolve the problem as the road had been handed over to MPSJ. While waiting for MPSJ to come up with a solution, we encourage our Puteri 11 residents to call up MPSJ Hotline 03-56376545 to make complaints of the dangerous parking situation there. This will help to put some urgency into the matter.

4. Membership

Our membership number as at 31 December 2010 is 319, lower than the number of houses contributing to the security fees. Effort will be made to get these households to sign up as members that will then entitle them to attend and vote at our second AGM.

At the forthcoming AGM we shall propose to our members to waive the RM 10.00 annual fee for 2011 for members who joined in 2010. A large majority of our residents took up memberships in the later half of 2010.

5. Security Guard Services

We shall start our security guard services with effect from 16 January 2011 after successfully getting a one and a half month extension from IOI. The original termination date notified by IOI was 30 November 2010. The security fees that we collected for three months covering December 2010 to February 2011 shall now be treated as payment for January to March 2011.

The security company we engaged is Z Force Security Services & Systems Sdn. Bhd. They are also engaged by two other RAs in Bandar Puteri. We signed a one month probation contract with them and the continuation of their services shall be reviewed thereafter.

There will be 5 guards working during the day from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and another 5 guards during the night from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. The fee is RM 3.80 per hour and including service tax the total fees comes to about RM 15,000.00 per month. Our members at the EGM on 30 October 2010 had approved this amount of payment.

6. Security Fees Collection

As at 31 December 2010, the number of houses contributing to the RM 50.00 monthly security fees is 344. We started the collections on 30 October 2010 immediately after the EGM. Collection is done on a quarterly advance payment basis as being commonly practice by many of the other RAs.

The combined total number of houses in Nadia, Olivia and Primrose is 471 units, excluding the 8 units semi-detached under construction at Primrose. The number of houses still unoccupied as at 31 December 2010 is around 70 units. The percentage of houses contributing to the security fees calculated on occupied houses is 86% (344 over 401).

7. Bank Account

Our RA maintains a bank account with Public Bank, Bandar Puteri, Puchong Branch. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer together are the authorised cheque signatories. As at 31 December 2010 our account has a balance of RM 51,703.00 as is shown in the audited financial statement of accounts.

Our funds are derived primarily from membership fees and security fees. Membership fees are used for paying printing, stationery and meeting expenses. Security fees are used for paying the security guards services. Other activities carried out are expected to be self funding.

8. Other Activities

MPSJ had installed one road hump along Jalan 11/ 1A next to the playground to slow down speeding vehicles. Additional road humps were requested to be installed along this road nearer to the Puteri 12 border. Vehicles are often seen speeding on this long stretch of road causing danger to our residents there.

We managed to get IOI to sponsor RM 500.00 cash for the Moon Cake Festival gathering organised by our members at the Puteri 11 Playground. Our RA and the other Bandar Puteri RAs together with the Serdang District Police jointly organised the IOI 5 Km Fun Walk in Bandar Puteri last month.

We have officially become a member of the Bandar Puteri Community Policing which was launched by the Chief Police Officer of Selangor on 5 December 2010.

The Officer in-Charge of Police Department Serdang District has agreed to our RA’s request to have police patrol cars conducting daily surveillance within our Puteri 11 neighbourhood.

RA Meet Residents sessions were held at the Puteri 11 playground on every weekend in the month of October and November 2010. Notices in English and Chinese concerning our RA news are posted on the back of the three MPSJ signboards located at the playgrounds next to Nadia, Olivia and Primrose houses.

Conclusion and Acknowledgement

Many of our current Committee, including the Chairman will not seek re-elections at our second AGM. We think it is a good practice to have new fresh faces elected into the Committee each year. This should encourage more of our members to be actively involved in our RA and help build a dynamic support group.

We strongly encourage our residents who are hesitating to join as members of our RA to do so now. We want your support and participation in building a united and harmonious community in our Puteri 11 neighbourhood.

Today our association is just 15 months old. We shall progress and improve with the experience and understanding that we gather each year. Much more can be achieved in the coming years as we continue to develop our community bonding and our resources.

We wish the incoming RA Committee for 2011 every success. We shall extend our full cooperation to ensure a smooth handover of duties to you. Your success is our community’s gain.

Our special thanks to our members Mr Chang Kai Seng for his kind sponsor in setting up and hosting of our website and Ms Alice Choo for her great effort in beefing up our membership numbers.

Lastly, we would like to express our utmost appreciation to our Road Representatives, our RA members and our residents in Bandar Puteri 11 for your sponsorships and contributions to our RA and for your support, cooperation and assistance extended to our Committee during our tenure of office.

With best wishes,

Chiam Tun Cheng
Date: 8 January 2011

Statement of Receipt and Payments
for the financial year ended 31 December 2010

Membership fees4,785.00
Security fees50,700.00
Contribution from IOI500.00
Contribution from Mooncake festival500.00
Rental for canopy, tables, chairs for meeting920.00
Refreshments for AGM10.90
Printing and stationery333.60
Bank charges7.50
Security tags and car stickers2,400.00
Surplus of Receipts over Payments51,688.00

Balance Sheet
as at 31 December 2010

Current Asset
Cash at bank51,703.00
Less: Current Liability
Overpayment by a member15.00
Financed by:
Reserve Fund51,688.00
Bank Reconciliation
Balance per bank statement at 31 December 201051,823.00
Less: Unpresented cheque (Cheque no. 240810)120.00
Cash at bank as per balance sheet51,703.00

Prepared by:Prepared by:Examined by:
Loke Queng TuckChiam Tun ChengNgiam Mia Teck
TreasurerChairmanPemeriksaan Kira-kira
Date: 7 Januay 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Security Fees Collection By Puteri 11 RA

Dear Resident,

This notice is hereby given to inform you that the Road Representative (RR) will be coming to your home as from Saturday 19 March onward to collect the Security Fees of RM 150.00 for 2nd Quarter (Apr - Jun).

There will be an increase of RM 10 per month as from July, and RM 180 will be collected from 3rd quarter (Jul - Sep) onwards. This was highlighted during the EGM held on 6 March.

As usual 2 stickers will be given free of charge, and you are allowed to purchase 2 more at RM 5 each. The 5th stickers or more is at the discretion of RR and approval of committee.

The committee also will appreciate any contributions from residents in the spirit of enhancing our neighbourhood. Any amount is welcome, and a receipt will be issued. This money will go towards a few projects that have already been informed during the EGM on the 6th March. Some of the projects are - installation of the spotlights at the hill slope according to MPSJ specification. Buying a new boom gate as the one at the guard post is old and broken. We intended to purchase an electrical manual boom gate.

In order for us to practise transparency, all contributors will be acknowledged and all collections will be posted in the website.

Our website will be ready for access effectively 1st of April 2011. From this date the existing blog will no longer in use officially.

Lastly, the entire RA Committee wish to thank all residents who believe in a safe and caring neighbourhood and to those have supported us in all our undertakings. We hope for your continued support and well wishes.

Thank you, for without your support and commitment, we cannot succeed.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Immediate Tighter S O P To Puteri 11 Guards

Mohan, Khoo and I had a meeting yesterday evening regarding this issue which we cannot underestimate the seriousness of it.

From this experience, I have asked Mohan to instruct all 12 guards to carry out the following SOP without fail with immediate effect. Tighter measures are definitely required as deterrent to future reoccurrence;

  1. All visitors and contractors must register at the main guard house at all time. Those contractors who supposed to work in P11 registered themselves at P12 guard house should either;
    i) they re registered at our P11 - P12 access road check point or
    ii) they have to use our main entrance instead
  2. Guard from the guard house must asked the guard of position to attend to the house that the visitor is going to, even if visitor can provide the address.
  3. Ensure that ronda guards must do their rounding every 1 hour without fail.
  4. Residents relatives ie. children, siblings, in-laws etc who are frequenting our taman on whatever grounds, have to (must be) registered.
  5. All P12 tadika stickers has to be registered at our main guard house. If they refused to do so, we will then have to redirect them to enter from p12 main guard post.

6) All private car as school van collecting & dispatching children have to be registered too. Unless owner furnish of both owner & driver details to allow access to them.

This is for precautionary as we still cannot afford a CCTV. I am afraid leniency and conveniency allows intruders to and might use this as one easy access as I believed "precaution is better than cure".

All security sub committee members and RA members, I will be most grateful if you all can give Mr Khoo a helping hand in ensuring the enforcement of the abovementioned S O P. Spot checking on the guards is necessary for at least 1 to 2 weeks period again is to ensure enforcement of this implementation.

I said this is because i spotted that our guards did not perform as per requirement agreed upon.

I noticed that no guard attended to the taxi carrying 2 passengers to Jalan 11/8 to ensure that these passengers were either resident or visitor.

Also, the guard who supposed to be stationed at Jalan 11/1A was with the guard at the access road guard post.

This incident happened at 10.00 am this morning. Khoo and Mohan were informed of the incident and it will be dealt with by Mohan.

This morning OCPD Supt. Abdul Razak came to P12, interrogated the guards and arrested some of them. Policemen will be stationed at their guard house on a temporary basis until investigation is over.

We are seeking residents co-operation to help thy neighbor in surveillance any suspicious happenings in the premise or visitor and to report immediately the guard, Mr Khoo and his security sub-committee members or myself asap.

Thank you to all of you for your kindest assistance to ensure safety and peace to our residents and our taman.


Friday, March 11, 2011

3 Burglaries Between 12.30 To 1.30pm At Puteri 12

3 houses in Puteri 12 were robbed by 3 young chinese man driving a silver Honda Crv nbr 2703 (can’t see the alphabet) today between 12.30 pm – 1.30pm while owners were out doing their chores.

These burglars are very smart indeed. They opened the electric gate with the remote and drove their car in as if they are the residents’ siblings or relatives said by one of the neighbor.

However from the CCTV of the 2nd victim showed that 1st these burglars rang the bell and when they confirmed no one at home, they then pressed open the gate and entered.

The houses were ransacked and most of the valuable items and monies were taken.

Burglaries usually happened on friday between 12.30 – 2.00pm as said by Puteri 12 RA committee members.

From this experience, tighter measures that needed to be taken are;
  1. all visitors and contractors must register at the main guard house at all time.
  2. guard from the guard house must asked the guard of position to attend to the house that the visitor is going t, even if visitor can provide the address
  3. ensure that ronda guards must do their rounding every 1 hour without fail
  4. residents relatives ie. children, siblings, in-laws etc who are frequenting our taman on whatever grounds, have to (must be) registered.
This is for precautionary as we still cannot afford a CCTV. i am afraid intruders might use this as one easy access.

With a tighter way of manning our security and applying stricted implementation may not allow these burglars to break in so easily.

As said by Betty (P12 chairman) and William (security in charge) that these 3 young mens might have observed and know that P12 security is so bad and loose, or otherwise how could they possibly broke into 3 houses in less than an hour.

I need to have another meeting on Friday 18 March 2011, with you all regarding the car stickers before we distribute and sell them to the residents as this can be crucial in term of security of our taman. Venue will be advised later.

I shall be most grateful if all of you can attend this meeting as your views and suggestion can help us to achieve and to construct a better security system.

Thank you

Sunday, March 6, 2011

EGM on 6th March 2011

The EGM has proceeded smoothly with many residents in attendance.

We will provide minutes update later.

New drainhole cover

We reported the missing drainhole cover at the park staircase near Jalan Puteri 11/11 last October 2010.

The missing drainhole cover is now replaced with new ones, thanks to RA who reported to MPSJ.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Visitors and Members Lane at Puteri 11 entrance

The RA has setup Visitors and Members lane at the Puteri 11 guard house entrance. Visitors can stop their car and register at the guardhouse and residents can drive home smoothly.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Police Cones placed along Jalan Puteri 11/1

Police security cones have been placed along Jalan Puteri 11/1 to prevent illegal parking on both sides of the road. This will ensure the road is wide enough for cars using the road.

Hopefully the residents are understanding that this is to prevent accident. In the longer term, we are checking with IOI to provide more parking spaces. Your kind understanding is appreciated.