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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Notifikasi e-Aduan

Dear all,

This is the reply from MCMC regarding to the poor signal and frequency in our area since the removal of the commission tower at Puteri 12.

Thank you

On Thursday, December 22, 2011, wrote:
> Complaint No: 0516/12/11
> 1, Jalan Puteri 11/10, Bandar Puteri Puchong
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> We refer to the above matter.
> We take note of your complaint. Please be informed that we have forwarded your complaint no. 0516/12/11 to Maxis on 22nd December 2011 for their action on the issue raised.
> The service provider has been notified to respond directly to the complainant on the finding and action taken to address the complaint.
> Should you have any other enquiry, please do not hesitate to email us at or contact our complaint hotline at 1800 888 030 (Mon-Fri 8.30am to 5.30pm).
> Thank you.
> Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission
> ________________________________
> * This is an autogenerated email. Please do not reply.
> * Please quote the Complaint No. for reference.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Greeting

Dear Resident,

We wish you Merry Xmas and Happy 2012.

May all your wishes comes true

RA Committee Members

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

IOI launching Puteri Hills soon

IOI Properties Future Launches
IOI Properties is going to launch Puteri Hills at the empty land near Puteri 11.

If you are interested, you can register here:

  • 28' x 60' & 28' x 80' - Duplex Lifestyle Town Villas
  • Spacious Built-Up From 3,200 sq ft
  • Low Density
  • Individual Private Lifts
  • 3 Individual Parking Bays
  • Green Oasis With Water Features
  • Private Dip Pool With Extra Garden
  • 24-Hour Security With CCTV & Card Access System
  • Panaromic Views
  • Close to IOI Mall & IOI Boulevard
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wading Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Driver's Lounge Area
  • Private Function Room
  • Entrance Foyer
  • Barbecue Corner
  • Lush Landscaped Garden

Aduan SKMM - Aduan 0516/12/11 diterima / Complaint no. 0516/12/11 received

Dear All,

I have just submitted my complaint to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) regarding the poor signal and frequency of the cellular phone.

I request them to investigate if this is caused by the comm-tower at Puteri 12 that has been removed recently.

Please refer to my complaint reference no. 0516/12/11, should you wish to forward any complaint to MCMC pertaining to the same problem.


Alice Choo

cc. MPSJ Councillor - Mr. Tan Jo Hann
MP Puchong - YB Gobind Singh

Monday, December 19, 2011

Puteri 11 signage sponsored by Dato Dr Mohamad Satim Bin Diman

The Puteri 11 signage is sponsored by Dato Dr Mohamad Satim Bin Diman.

Thank you Dato.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bowling Friendly Match Organised By Tm Cyberjaya - 18 Dec 2011

TM Cyberjaya organized this friendly match between their staff and customers today at Ampang Bowling Centre, IOI Mall, Puchong.

TM hopes to enhance and to strengthen their relationship with their customers and is a way of appreciating their supports.

We supported this meaningful event and have enjoyed the game.

Alice Choo


Friday, December 16, 2011

Security Access Card System

Member's Full Name:
Member's Address:
Contact Number: (H) (H/P)
No. of cars per Household:
Car Registration Number / Made:

I hereby agree and consent to the implementation of the Security Access Card System by Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Puteri 11 Puchong, Selangor for the purpose of enhancing the security and easing the traffic congestion in our Bandar Puteri 11's premises and I shall abide by the Terms and Conditions as stipulated in Appendix A annexed hereto.

Member/Resident Signature/IC No.



This Agreement sets out the Terms and Conditions which are subject to review at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be notified in writing via Circular to the resident members.

  1. The Security Access Card (hereinafter referred to as "the Access Card") is only applicable for security paying resident members of Puteri 11 Residents' Association (hereinafter referred to as "Puteri 11"). The Security Paying Resident (hereinafter referred to as "Resident members")
  2. The Access Card is for the purpose of entry into and exit out of Puteri 11's premises through the electronically controlled barrier gates (long-range smart tag reader and the short range card reader (Touch N Go) and shall at all times remain the property of Puteri 11.
  3. Each paying resident member will be issued with 2 different options as follows:

    Option A: Contribution of $200.00 - 1 free smart tag inclusive of card will be given

    Option B: Contribution of $ 200 - 2 Free Touch N Go card be given

    The 1st Rm 100 is for the contribution of the barrier gate and the 2nd Rm100 is the cost of 1 free smart tag or 2 Touch N go card. The Tag and the card prices are inclusive of barrier gate maintenance fees. Please note that the provisional sum for maintenance is subject to change.
  4. Over and above the (1) smart tag or (2) Touch n Go cards as provided under clause 3 above, Each resident member is eligible to apply for (4) additional tags or card for other vehicles in his household (including motorcycle) in Puteri 11. However, any additional request for new access card (s) will be charged RM 100 per smart tag and RM 50 per Touch and Go Card. The tag and the card prices are inclusive of barrier gate maintenance fees.
  5. All vehicles must be registered before the Access Card is issued to paying resident member.
  6. You may use the Access Card immediately upon collection.
  7. You are strictly not allowed to use the Access Card for illegal purposes or suspicious activities.
  8. You are strictly not allowed to use the Access Card on any other vehicle other than the one already with the coding assigned to the designated registered vehicle by Puteri 11.
  9. You shall not transfer or assign your Access Card to any other person without the prior consent of Puteri 11, failing which the Access Card will be disable for usage.
  10. Card Holders are advised not to disclose any information pertaining to the Access Card to any parties not intended for its usage.
  11. All Access Card issued to the resident members are strictly for their own use in respect of the registered vehicle only. Any resident member who is in breach of such condition will be warned by the security guard and/or refused access to the electronically controlled barrier gates.
  12. No refund will be entertained for any Access Card issued.
  13. You may approach Puteri 11 Committee Member in-charge should you wish to transfer your Access Card to another vehicle; however, your application must be in writing.
  14. If your card is lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged, you may contact the committee members' in-charge immediately for a replacement card. Any replacement card will be charged at RM 100 for smart tag and RM 50 for Touch N go Card.
  15. In the case of a technically faulty card, a replacement card will be issued with no additional charge.
  16. For ease of communication, as stipulated under clauses 3, 4, 14, 15 and 16 above, you can contact any committee members:
  17. If your Access Card does not trigger the auto gate to open, please inform the security guards at the Guardhouse to manually open the barrier gate, provided there is a P11 car sticker (of the latest issue)or you may contact any of the committee members for assistance later.
  18. The security guards will not allow any resident members to use Smart Tag/Touch n Go lane entry without the Access Card. It is the responsibility of the resident members to have the Access Card in possession at all times.
  19. If your monthly security fee is overdue for more than 2 months, your Access Card will be temporarily disabled until all the arrears are settled.
  20. Please observe the procedures below when using the Access Card:

    a) The speed limit upon approaching the barrier gate for all vehicles shall be below 10 KM/Hr to ensure safety.

    b) Please at all times observe "Stop before the barrier gate opens".

    c) You are required to wind down your window for the Touch N go facility.

    d) Please do not tail through the barrier gate whilst the vehicle in front is making an exit through the barrier gate. Failure to comply with this instruction may result in damages to your vehicle and/or our barrier gate. Arising thereof, any damages caused to the barrier gate will be chargeable under your account.

  21. Please ensure the Access Card is in your possession at all times in order to trigger the auto gate. This is to avoid inconvenience cause to other road users and ensuring a smooth flow of traffic in - and out of our premises.
  22. Puteri 11 reserves the right to prohibit any resident member from using the electronically controlled barrier gates if he or she was found to be in breach of the rules and regulations as stipulated above or promulgated from time to time when deemed necessary. We reserve the right to impose upon you to disable the Access Card to Puteri 11 if you do not comply with the said rules and regulations.
  23. Resident members are reminded that the usage of the Access Card is entirely at their own risks. Hence, Puteri 11 and its office bearers shall not be responsible and be held harmless by the resident members against any misadventures, claims and damages suffered by other party arising from any breach by the resident members of the said Rules and Regulations.

    Resident members should take every reasonable precaution to ensure that all traffic rules are observed to pre-empt any untoward incidents.
  24. Resident members shall indemnify and keep indemnified Puteri 11 from any claims and/or damages arising from the negligence or wilful default of the resident members or designated users.
  25. Resident members shall endeavour at all times to protect the interest of the Puteri 11 and the Puteri 11 community at large.
DEC 2011
附录 A
保安通行卡 条款与条件


1.       此保安通行卡 (以下称为‘通行卡’) 仅适用于有缴交保安费的公主城第11区居民协会(以下称‘公主城第11区’) 会员。有缴交保安费的居民以下称为‘居民会员’

2.       此通行卡的目的是用作为通过电子控制的关闸 (远距精明装置[Smart Tag]阅读器及短距卡阅读器 [一触即通 Touch N Go] )进入及离开公主城第11区的住宅范围 。此卡拥有权在任何时候都归为公主城第11所有

3.       每一位有缴费的居民会员将拥有以下两个不同的选项

选项 A:  捐献 RM200 – 将会获得一个免费精明装置 (smart tag),包含通行卡
选项 B:  捐献 RM200 – 将会获得两张免费一触即通 (Touch N Go) 通行卡
RM100 是作为关闸的捐献,而次RM100 是一个精明装置或两张一触即通通行卡的费用。精明装置及通行卡的费用已经包含了关闸的保养费用,惟须说明这项临时的保养费用可能会更改。
4.       除了以上第3 条款所说明的一(1) 个精明装置或两(2) 张一触即通通行卡之外,每一位居民会员可以为他本身在公主城第11区住宅的其他交通工具(包括电单车)申请四 (4) 个额外的精明装置或通行卡。 

不过,任何额外申请的新通行设备当中,精明装置将会每个收费 RM100,而通行卡将会每张收费RM50。精明装置及通行卡的费用已经包含了保养费用。 

5.       在发出通行卡给居民会员之前,所有的交通工具必须先进行登记。

6.       在领取了通行卡之后,您就可以马上使用。
7.       您被严厉禁止使用通行卡达到非法的目的或进行可疑的活动。
8.       除了该辆已经向公主城第11区所登记并且被赋予特定编码的交通工具以外,您被严厉禁止把通行卡使用于其他的交通工具上。
9.       在未经公主城第11 区的事先许可,您不可以把通行卡转让或交付于其他人,否则该通行卡将会被冻结使用。
10.   通行卡持有人受促不要把有关通行卡的资料透露给任何其他不相关的人士知晓。
11.   所有发配给居民会员的通行卡只限于会员使用在他们本身登记的交通工具上。触犯这项条件的居民会员将会受到守卫的警告及/或被禁止在电子控管的关闸通行。
12.   所有已发出的通行卡将不给予退款。
13.   如果要把通行卡转让给另一辆交通工具,您可以联络公主城11区委员会的相关负责人;惟您必须以书面作出申请
14.   如果您的通行卡遗失、被偷、毁坏或破损,您可以马上联络委员会的相关负责人以便获取补发的通行卡。所有补发的精明装置将会收费RM100;一触即通卡则收费RM50
15.   如果通行卡发生技术性故障,则可在无需征收费用之下获得补发。
16.   为了沟通上的方便,有关第34141516条款的事宜,您可以联络任何一位委员会成员。
17.   如果您的通行卡不能开启自动门,请告知守卫亭的守卫来为您人工开启关闸,先决条件为您能够展示最新发配的P11 汽车贴纸。此外,您也可以在事后联络任何委员会成员以获取协助。

18.   守卫们将不会允许任何没有通行卡的居民会员使用精明装置/一触即通的通道。随时携带通行卡是居民会员的责任。
19.   如果您超过两个月没有缴交保安月费,您的通行卡将会被暂时冻结使用,直至所有欠款被还清为止。
20.   请在使用您的通行卡时遵守以下的程序:
a)      所有驶近关闸的交通工具的时速必须在10公里以下,以确保安全。
b)      请在任何时候都遵守“在关闸打开前停车”的程序。
c)       如使用一触即通卡,您需要打开车窗。
d)      请不要在前方车子在通过关闸时尝试随尾通过。未能遵从这项指示将可能导致关闸受到破坏,而您必须负责赔偿。
21.   请确保随时携带通行卡,以便能够顺利开启自动关闸。这可以减少对其他使用者带来不便, 并且确保进出我们住宅区的交通能够顺畅无阻。
22.   如有任何居民被发现触犯以上所述或之后在有需要的情况下所不时颁布的条款与条件,公主城第11保留权利禁止任何居民使用此电子控制的通行卡。如果您没有遵守以上所述的条款与条件,我们保留权利强制您冻结使用进入公主城第11区的通行卡
23.   居民会员须紧记自己必须为使用通行卡负上所有责任。有鉴于此,公主城第11区以及它的委员会任职者将不会为任何事故负责,包括居民会员因没有遵守上述条款与条件而引起任何人的意外事故、损失及破坏。

24.   居民会员必须赔偿及弥偿公主城第11有关会员本身或其指定用户在使用通行卡时因疏忽或故意触犯条款而以引起的索偿及/或破坏。
25.   居民会员必须时刻尽力保护公主城第11区及公主城第11区社区的利益。


Monday, December 5, 2011

Traffic Diversion On 6-7 Dec 2011

Dear Resident,

Our road is open for use (exit/entry) during the day time but the 2 lanes will then be closed from 6 pm onwards for the contractor to carry out the installation of the barrier gates. This is only for tomorrow 6th Dec.

However, on the 7th (Wednesday) the work resume from 9am. Therefore all exit is through Puteri 12 and entry from p11 for the rest of the week.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.


cc Allan, Mr Ho,

Pls advise your guards of the situation and also your residents of the temporary closure to avoid unnecessary misunderstands and complaints.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Traffic Diversion On Monday 5 Dec 2011

Dear Resident,

The barrier gate & CCTV installation will be commencing on Monday, 2 of our lanes will be closed for the cabling work.

Therefore, you are kindly requested to exit from Puteri 12 and entry from P11.

The installation work is expected to complete on the 8th December, 2011, Thursday depending on the weather condition.

We seek your co-operation and we regret for all the inconvenience caused.

Thanking you for your usual support.

Alice Choo