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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mesra Rakyat And Family Day Event Organised By Jkp Zone 16 Puchong – 26 August 2012

This is the first ever Mesra Rakyat in conjunction with Family Day Event held at Wawasan Lake Park organized by Jawatankuasa Penduduk (JKP) Zone 16 since the takeover of Cr. Chang Kim Loong Amn.

This event cannot be merrier or successful without the platinum sponsorship from the followings;
  1. YB Gobind Singh – MP of Puchong
  2. YB Teresa Kok – ADUN of Kinrara/MP of Seputeh
  3. YB Dato’ Satim – ADUN Sri Serdang
  4. IOI Properties group
  5. SP Setia Properties group
We thanked them for their great support with the generosity!

Of course not forgetting to thank those participants who contributed for the tent and have their products displayed for promotion.  This definitely has helped us in drawing in more crowds too.

Nonetheless, the ambiance of the day is incredibly pleasant seeing a huge number of active children participating in the sand art, learning the skill for handicraft work with recycle materials whereas the younger ones were giggling away with our Uncle Bunny.

It is so delightful to see the togetherness of the people working towards one simple goal i.e. Community Bonding!  There were 20 volunteers from different Taman helping out the set up for this event from 6.30am until the ending at 1pm.  Thank you is the only word we could expressed our gratitude.

Simultaneously, the Open Dialogue session (Mesra Rakyat) was carried out.

Our Cr. Chang Kim Loong AMN conveyed his heartfelt thanks to his JKP members namely Mr. CC Chik (Vice Chairman/Chairman of RA BP9), Ms. Alice Choo (Secretary/Chairman of RA BP 11), KC Ng (Treasurer/Waw 3), SO Mok (AJK/ BP 10 Melia), Jordan Kum (AJK/BP 10 Melia), Jacky The (AJK/Secretary of RA BP 7), Peter Ng (AJK/BP 10 Banyan), Yeak (AJK/Hartamas), Mohd. Ali (AJK), FT Yan (AJK) and his PA Pn. Sharifah, they have been actively involved in the organizing of this event and making it a success.

Also he thanked his fellow colleagues Yg. Berusaha Cr. Ng Sze Han the Chairman of JKP Taman Serdang Raya@ Serdang Perdana and Yang Berusaha Cr. Michael Tamil (JKP Pusat Bandar Puchong/Bandar Puteri) for their presence.

Cr. Chang Kim Loong served as Town Councilor in the capacity of Hon.Sec-General of an NGO namely HBA (National House Buyers Association).

Cr. Chang expressed his concern that JKP acts as the “eyes and ears” of the Rakyat resides within and assist them and their well-beings or welfare within our capabilities and limitations.

He also emphasized the key tools to fight ignorance and prejudices solely based on the importance of “Honesty”, “Passionate” and “Heartfelt Sincerity” in serving the communities.
He further elaborated that to instill a real good leadership is very much based on good principles and values (in both family and society) and our JKP role to cultivate honest and caring community to become civil and responsible citizens.

Subsequently our YB Gobind Singh viewed this event a positive channel in seeking public feedback and a holistic way of fostering ties between fellow residents with all parties concerned.

He also congratulated JKP Team efforts in coordinating this event and was very glad in seeing a huge and supportive residents from all Tamans attended wanting equally to make this event a success.

He truly encouraged to have such event to be carried out to embetter the bonding with the community and wishing all the very best in all undertakings.

Unfortunately our YB Dato’ Satim (ADUN Sri Serdang) cannot make it for this day as he has other bigger commitment to attend to.  This does not mean Dato is unsupportive.

He however has allocated Rm 2K in sponsoring our event hoping all can be benefited from it and Mr. Kuan Chee Heng was assigned to represent him to officiate the opening of this event.

Mr. Kuan brought up the awareness and importance of creating an interim Programme on the security aspect.

He stressed various fatal incidences that were caused by lack of safety and negligence.  He suggested people to join MyDistress Programme, which you can download from

Victim is just required to press “ALERT” Button on the phone and this will alert PDRM and time of responding is literally immediately and the police detect the crime location easily and quickly with the aid of GPS.

YB Teresa was actively involved in the open dialogue between the community and MPSJ.  She too agreed that this Mesra Rakyat was in fact a very healthy way to attend to problems and have them solved efficiently and effectively.

She complimented that it has been genius to have two events celebrated as one which has given the 1 great opportunity for the parents to raise their requests or discontentment directly to MPSJ and to attain their commitment at the same time whilst their children were well taken care of with the present of Clown, Barney, Sandust Artwork and were monitored by JKP’s members and volunteers.

JKP Zone 16 would like to convey a big Thank you to En. Ariffuddin (Tim.Pengarah Kejuruteraan) for making himself available for the dialogue session with our community, hence he has brilliantly attended to all queries on that very day.

Event ended with lucky draw of 20 hampers sponsored by RAs : BP 6, BP 7, BP 8, BP 9, BP 10 Banyan, BP 10 Melia, BP 11, and BP 12, whereas the cash price totaling $1000 was sponsored by JKP Zone 16.

Worth the hard work by seeing this event sailed through with lots of joy, satisfaction and compliments from the Community.

Voice of

Alice Choo
Chairman of RA BP 11
Secretary of JKP Zone 16 Puchong
28 Aug 2012


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