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Monday, January 31, 2011

Error Of Security Guard House Tel No

Dear Resident,

Please Note That There Is An Error On The Telephone Number Of The Guard House.

The Number Is 016 377 4572 And Not 016 337 4572.

We Apologise For The Mistake.


Ra Chairman

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Puteri 12 Security Guard House Contact

Puteri 12 Security Guard House Phone Number;

014 226 4536

014 226 4361

Security Meeting With Puteri12

Attended by : Mrs. Alice (Chairman), Mr. Khoo (Vice Chairman), Ms. Devi (Secretary), Mr. Rajen, Mr. Mahendra, Mr. Yong and Mr. Pua

Venue: P12 Basketball Court

Time : 7.30 am – 10.00 am

Chairman of Puteri 6 and Puteri 9 attended too. We have met and introduced ourselves to Sarjan Mejar/D Mr. Hor Tuck Chong from Polis H/Q Serdang and Mr. Kuan, Chief Co-ordinator of Community Policy of Selangor .

P12 has also invited the Deputy OSPD Mr. Lam as a speaker and followed by Lion Dance performance.

Celebration ended at around 10.00am

Security Meeting With P12 After Their Tent Opening Ceremony On 29 Jan 2011 at 10.30am

P11 Attendance : Alice (Chairman) , Mr. Khoo (Vice Chairman) and Mr. Mahendra (Security Sub-Committee)

P12 Attendance : Mrs. Betty Yap (Chairman), Mr. Edward (Secretary), Mr. William (Security Officer In Charge) and were accompanied by 4 others Committee members

Matters raised and discussed:

  1. Before proceeding the meeting Alice advised P12 RA that P11 work based on “TEAM” spirit and is with clear and transparent communication between her to RA committee members and the RA committee members to residents.
  2. P11 also work based on feedback and suggestions from RA Committee members and residents, before any action is taken.
  3. P11 will not provide any concrete answer to P12 regarding the closure of their boom gate commencing from 12 midnight to 6 am, until a survey with residents is completed.
  4. Confirmation to the closure will be based on P11 majority votes.
  5. Also suggested to P12 that they can close their boom gate from the proposed timing but not locking it with pad and they must have a guard on place, to avoid any future dispute or misunderstandings.
  6. Within this time of 12midnite – 6am, P12 will reject any residents who are without P11 sticker and we agreed to that and vice versa.
  7. We also brought up the issue of the tadika selling P12 stickers, Mrs. Betty Yap and Mr. Edward will carry out their investigation. As Mrs. Betty claimed that no P12 sticker were ever sold to any tadika so far. Also P11 do not acknowledge P12 Tadika sticker, so this group of people is then required to register themselves upon entering P11 main gate.
  8. Also suggested to Mrs. Betty to speak to the Tadika owners to brief the parents to use P12 main entrance in order to lessen the influx of P12 visitors through P11 Main gate.
  9. P12 is going to change their car sticker with color and logo.
  10. There will be sharing of information on certain cases like school van dispatching/sending children to school and home by allowing them a special tag. Before allowing them, the driver of this school van will have to furnish us a copy of his/her driving license and the car registration card. And if this particular car is driven by a different person, no entry is allowed, unless both RA were notified of the changes.
  11. Mr. Edward of P12 has forwarded a very constructive suggestion that if or when there is any burglary on either Taman, both P11 & P12 Main Gate guard will not allowed the burglars to exit. Mr. Khoo, Mr Mahendra and myself agreeing to it.
  12. We have exchange the guard main entrance phone number for both P11 and P12.
  13. P12 Guard House Tel No: 014 226 4536, 014 226 4361
  14. P12 still acknowledge the IOI sticker until further notice.
  15. P11 and P12 will provide a copy of car sticker as sample for the guards to recognize.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Security company - memorandum January 2011

Dear Residents of Puteri 11,

As the Security Company, we will like to inform you that during the coming Chinese New Year holidays, you can inform us if you will be going outstation or balik kampung. This is an extra service to be able to monitor unwanted visitors to your property and also in case of house alarm goes off.

We would like to stress that this is an extra service by guards patrolling their usual ronda. They will keep an eye as they patrol. Visitors giving your address while you are away will not be allowed in.

This is not a compulsory action on your part, you can inform us if you desire, as your home will still be patrolled as usual.

This memo is endorsed by P11 Resident Association.

Should you have any enquiry, please contact Manager, Mr Mohan Singh at 016 600 6102 / 012 266 6844 or Security Supervisor Mr Vikram 016 267 3941.

Best Regards,

Force Security Services

Friday, January 28, 2011

Update of meeting with Security Chief

Update of meeting with Security Chief Mohan Singh on 24th Jan 2011@ 8.30pm at Mr Khoo house.

Meeting was headed by Alice and most of the committee was present, also Rajen and Yong as security sub-committee, except for Venice, PC Ng and Christopher.

The Chairlady commenced:

Requested Mr. Mohan Singh to obtain car / contact details from residents. Information’s are to be handed to RA committee on/before end of February, 2011.

Emergency numbers were distributed to all P11 residents yesterday. Please note that Ms. Alice number is 017 320 4619 and we apologies for the typing error.

A list of resident’s and their mobile numbers will be given to Mohan. A telephone line will be available for at the guardhouse to which we will contribute RM30 per month as from February 2011.

Number of guards is to be increased by 2 more at a cost of RM18, 000. It will be implemented in Feb. Also we are hiring 2 extra part time guards during the CNY holidays for around 4 days (commencing from Wednesday till Saturday) costing us at the same rate of $3.80 per hour.

Extension of the RM4 pay hike for each guard will be to May 2011. New rate will apply until Dec 2011 and will be reviewed only in Jan 2012.

A motorbike is needed for efficiency. Mohan will provide one in Feb and we will contribute RM150 towards it. The bike will be only for P11 use n not to be taken out of premise without Mr. Khoo approval.

Meeting is planned with P12 RA to discuss a number of matters arising but mainly security n blocking of access road between P11 N P12. This will take place as soon as they have their AGM sometime in March.

Another matter is the issue of parents and pickups that are driving thru P11 entrance to go to the tadika (s) in P12. This has to be stopped and we will issue letters informing such to all tadika concerned. As they fall under business category we are not obliged to go thru their RA but we will still cc a copy to the RA in goodwill.

It is also public knowledge that tadika(s) concerned are selling P12 stickers to these people and this matter be discussed when we are meeting P12 RA in March, after their AGM.

As Mohan had to leave, we closed security meeting at 10pm .

Mr Khoo is confirmed as Security head with Rajen, Pua , Yong n Mahendra as sub.

The RA committee members will attend to residents on Saturday, 29th January, 2011 from 6pm onwards, signing the 85% consent for filing to MPSJ, as it is very important to secure the approval (acknowledgement) from MPSJ to avoid further complaint from anybody.

Notice requesting residents to pay up security fees on or before 7th of the month of every quarter will be distributed to residents in February, 2011.

As CNY is just round the corner, RA Committee members including Mr. Kuang the appointed Auditor agreed that the “angpow” money will be contributed by the RA committee members and not from the RA account. It is agreed that each guard will receive $50 and $100 for Mr. Mohan, whereby each RA Committee Member is contributing $40 to meet the sum.

Also there is a plan to shift the existing guardpost further up towards Primrose and it is subject to approval from IOI and MPSJ. Therefore the installation of electric meter and the awning work will be on hold till situation is clearer for RA committee to come to decision. Alice and Mr. Khoo will liase with MPSJ and IOI regarding this matter.

Alice will also get MPSJ to allocate 2 more road cleaners for P11 as 2 are inadequate and moreover the current 2 cannot manage the entire area in one day and residents are complaining.

Kai Seng will be our official photographer for all functions and events.

A dinner is planned on Friday 28th at 8pm In order for the new committee to get to know one another more and be able to work as a team more efficiently and amicably, a dinner is planned on Friday 28th at *pm. Councillor Tan Jo Han will be joining us too. Datuk Samson of P8 and Sarjan Mat Sood have also agreed to attend. Not only, IOI journalist will be present to take photographs

As there was no more matters we adjourned at 11.15pm .


Update prepared by:



Chinese New Year Greeting

To All Residents,

May We Wish You A Joyous And Prosperous Rabbit Year.

Ra Committee Members

Names / Contact Numbers of RA Committee Members 2011

ChairmanAlice Choo 
Vice ChairmanKhoo Khay Hock 
Vice SecretaryChristopher 
TreasurerP C Ng 


1)Kuan Yin Sain 
2)Leo Swee Leong 
3)Fauziah Arshad 
4)John Keong 
7)Tang Weng Keong 
8)Venice Ang 
9)Anne Chan 



HANDYMAN (For all domestic repairing work

1)Ah Chan 


Mr Mohan (Manager) 
Mr Vikram (Supervisor) 
Mr Deep (Assistant Supervisor) 
Main Guard House (24 Hours) 

Puteri 11 Security Committee Members:

Mr Khoo (Chief of Security Officer in charge) 
Mr Rajan (Assistant Security Officer) 
Mr Yong 
Mr Pua 
Mr Mahendra 

Police Station Bandar Puteri -
03 8063 2222 (Tel)
03 8063 2340 (Fax)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Puteri 12 launching Community Policing

Puteri 12 is launching Community Policing with the police on 29-Jan-2011 7:30am. You and your committee are cordially invited.

Meeting With Puteri Bayu Chairman And Sarjan Mat Sood Re Illegal Parking

Dear All,

Refer to our meeting with Mr. Victor Chan, Chairman of Puteri Bayu RA and Sarjan Mat Sood this evening, pertaining to the illegal parking on Jln Puteri 11/1.

However, the car park slot is full and they have nonstop putting forward their complaints and requests to MPSJ and IOI respectively.

Suggestions raised are as follows:

  1. Requested Puteri Bayu to allow residents without parking lots to park right behind another car inside their parking area freeing the handbrake
  2. Mr. Victor will do a percentage survey through his residents vote
  3. Two RA(s) will join force to protest against the illegal parking to MPSJ and also to IOI requesting them in sponsoring Puteri Bayu a parking space or to build a back door at the side of the wall facing the main road to Puchong Hartamas.
  4. Will issue a letter to MPSJ requesting for extra of 10 parking lots along the roads and it will be signed by both P11 and Puteri Bayu RA(s) or by widening the road by at least 2 meters wide
  5. P11 RA will still forward a complaint letter (with attachment of photos) to Sarjan Mat Sood requesting for the placement of cone around the curve leading to the main road, hoping this can be a temporary solution to this on-going problem.
Should anyone have a better suggestion in this particular issue is very welcome.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

IOI to set up own broadband services

IOI Properties Bhd plans to come up with its own broadband services for its townships in order to provide faster and better broadband connection to home owners.

By the second quarter of the year, the developer plans to come up with its own application called One IOI Net for some 150,000 households and 2,500 businesses in IOI townships in the Klang Valley and Johor.

"With this high-speed broadband, our townships will become one of the most connected places to live and work in.

"This presents a good opportunity for us and other businesses to provide value added mobile applications and services to our community."

"For example, residents will be able to get first hand information on the promotions available in IOI Mall and also get updated information on the estimated time of arrival of the IOI free shuttle service buses on their mobile phones," said IOI Properties Bhd senior general manager for marketing and business development Lee Yoke Har at a press conference in Putrajaya yesterday.

The first stage of this broadband services will be rolled out at the Bandar Puteri and Bandar Puchong Jaya commercial areas in Puchong.

The area includes Puchong Financial and Corporate Centre and the IOI Boulevard.

With this plan in mind, IOI Properties has entered into a partnership with Observation Sdn Bhd and Wi-Net Telecoms Sdn Bhd to collaborate and deliver the most advanced broadband network and related services to all IOI township developments within the next three to five years.

"The investment (to roll out the broadband services to all IOI townships) is RM20 million for the next three to five years," said Wi-Net Telecoms Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Lee Wai Tuck.

In recent months, there has been a surge in the number of developers offering similar broadband services in their townships such as Sunrise Bhd, which had entered into a partnership with Time dotCom Bhd to provide free and fast broadband services..

Besides Sunrise, UEM Land Holdings Bhd is also offering broadband services at its recently launched residential property in Symphony Hills, Cyberjaya.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2nd AGM: New committee elected

The Second AGM proceeded with large residents turnout. A team of new RA committee was elected.

We thank the previous committee members for their hardwork and dedication for the past year.

We look forward to the new team to further improve and resolve the many issues in Puteri 11.

Chairwoman: Mrs Alice
Vice Chairwoman: Mr Khoo
Hon. Secretary: Mrs Devi
Asst. Secretary: Mr Christopher
Treasurer: P C Ng

Committee Member:
Mr Low Swee Leong
Mr Mahendra
Mr Pua
Pn Fauziah
Tang Weng Keong
Anne Chan
John Keong

The large turnout inspite of the rain

Election in progress

New committee

Chairwoman and team

Thank you Mr Anselem for sponsoring the PA system

Thank you IOI for sponsoring the drinks and mandarin oranges

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Second Annual General Meeting

Notice of our Bandar Puteri 11 Residents Association Second Annual General Meeting together with the Agenda, Chairman's Report and Audited Accounts have been delivered to your houses. Please check your letter box and be sure that you have received and read it. We look forward to meeting you at our AGM on the 23 January 2011.

Note: Residents who have not yet joined our membership or contribute to the security fees can do so on the day of the AGM. Payment can be made either by cash or cheque payable to 'Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Puteri 11 Puchong'.

Wishing all our members and residents of Bandar Puteri 11 a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year.

Chiam Tun Cheng

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Notice of the Second Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Second Annual General Meeting of the Bandar Puteri 11, Puchong, Selangor Residents Association will be held on the 23 January 2011, (Sunday) at 4:30 p.m. at the Puteri 11 Playground, Nadia.

  1. Chairman’s Opening Address.
  2. To receive the Report of Management Committee and matters arising thereof.
  3. To receive and adopt the Audited Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2010.
  4. Proposal to waive the 2011 membership annual fee of RM10.00 for members who joined in 2010.
  5. To nominate and elect Management Committee for the year 2011.
    a. Chairman
    b. Vice Chairman
    c. Secretary
    d. Assistant Secretary
    e. Treasurer
    f. 9 Ordinary Committee Members
  6. To appoint 2 Honorary Auditors.
  7. To appoint 3 Trustees.
  8. Any other matters.
  9. Address by the New Chairman.
  10. Adjournment.

Your presence at the meeting is very much appreciated.

By order of the Management Committee

Mahendra A/L Ragupathy
Hon. Secretary

Saturday, January 1, 2011

KPD Security Survey Form

KPD Security Services Sdn Bhd
(A Commercial & Industrial Security Company)
No. 7M, Wisma Khay Goh, Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1,
Off Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50300 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 017-9847218 012-3456174 03-26928303, Fax: 03-26989303

To all Valuable Residents Puteri 11,
We KPD Security Services S/B wishing all a Merry Christmas

Please rate our Security Services provided at your Garden for our improvement. (From 5,4,3,2,1)
  1. How do you rate the main entrance barrier management?
    • V-Good (5)
    • F-Good (4)
    • Medium (3)
    • Poor (2)
    • Bad (1)
  2. Do the guards conduct patrolling every hourly basis?
    • V-Good (5)
    • F-Good (4)
    • Medium (3)
    • Poor (2)
    • Bad (1)
  3. Did your house had any break-in?
    • Yes
    • No
  4. Did the guards respond to your calls or any alarm triggered?
    • Yes
    • No
  5. Do the guards register the visitors coming in to your garden?
    • Yes
    • No
  6. We, KPD Security managed to keep the KPI at ZERO break-in from last Nov 2009.
  7. Do you agree for the present Security Company (KPD Security) to continue after 16th Jan 2011.
    • Yes
    • No
  8. Any other suggestion please write down or email to us
Contact No:

Please drop your reply at the box placed at the Main Guard House before the 04 Jan 2011.

Thank you