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Monday, December 16, 2013

Get Rid Of Aedes Mosquitoes In Taman

Dear resident,

I wish to inform you that we have had 3 cases of dengue in our Taman in a period of 4 months.
MPSJ has carried out fogging twice and MPSJ do not reckon to have too much of fogging done as there is a tendency in mutating the mosquitoes if they weren’t killed.

In view of this, we suggest all residents to help check and clean up all flower pots, drains or any areas that can possibly breed Aedes mosquitoes.

Let us all help each other to stop our Taman to be a breeding ground especially in this rainy period.

It is every one’s duty to do so!

Save your children, your family and neighbors to be a Dengue Victim.

Thanking you for your cooperation and attention.

Yours Truly,
Alice Choo

Improving Outgoing Access

Dear resident,

We are aware that many of our residents just waved hand instead of using their Smart Tag or Touch N Go Card when going out and this is not good in term of Security.

We therefore are asking you to please utilize your smart tag and for those who are using TnGo Card to wind down and touch the screen when going out as this will allow both RA and Guards to have a better Security Control.

Many residents have been complaining about our guards’ negligence but we must say it was not justified to blame on them if we did not do our part.

We seek your kind attention and cooperation.

Thanking you and best regards,

Alice Choo