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Friday, August 28, 2009

New security guard house in operation

The new Puteri 11 security guard house is now in operation. It looks much more comfortable than the previous temporary guard house. Thank you IOI.

Building the guard booth is the easy part. The hard part is empowering the guards and support them to enforce strict entry for all vehicles. How can we as owners do that?

Currently guards identify owners' cars from the Puteri 11 car stickers. Each owner is given 3 stickers by IOI (Please request from IOI if you need more).

As construction and renovation is on-going, many contractors also need to enter Puteri 11 often. Maybe we can create a "contractor" stickers for them.

All other cars without sticker will need to register at the guard house before allowed to enter Puteri 11.

In the future, when Primrose owners have moved in, we can setup even more strict checking, like touchngo access cards, etc.

We will encounter some toothing problems and hopefully all owners can be patient and supportive. A good security will mean a safer living environment for all of us.

Blog objectives

This blog is created to highlight issues and happenings at Puteri 11 that affect all of us owners. All owners are welcome to voice out and contribute to make Puteri 11 a better place for all of us to live in.

It just so happens that irresponsible dog-ownership is one issue that affects all of us and it can be easily resolved by proper owner-education. We can't force anybody to do anything if he/she persists on doing it.

There are also other issues that we need to tackle together like security, speeding, parking, the proposed high-rise condo, etc. These issues are not easy to resolve and will take time and may even require sacrifices from all of us, like more strict security checking when entering Puteri 11.

It is never the intention of this blog to create any ill-feelings between owners. If it does, I apologise and will cease from any future updates.

Right or wrong, everybody is welcome to voice out in this blog and also during our weekly committee meeting. We encourage lively chats and debates. That's why this blog allow anonymous postings.

Hopefully from our contributions, Puteri 11 will indeed one day become a better place for us and our families.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Dog Incident

I am a dog owner and I walks my dog at the park every evening (when nobody is around at the park). My dog is always leashed and I always carry newspaper to wrap the dog-shit away. I take pride in that we have a beautiful and safe green park.

There was an incident just now that exasperated me.

I saw another dog owner walking her dog. She had allowed her dog to shit on the grass near the TNB station:

Me: Did you bring newspaper to wrap the dog-shit away? People might step on the shit.

She: The shit is on the grass. Nobody walks here anyway.

Me: But the shit will smell and stink and people do walk there. There is a house just across the road.

She: Why you let your dog at the park? The sign says no dog allowed.

Me: But I always carry newspaper and wrap the dog-shit away. I always leave the park clean.

She: (Walks away)

I did not mean to pick up quarrel with anybody and I have no control over anybody's actions.

In the eye of the law, she is right. She followed exactly as stated in the MPSJ signboard, which is no dog at the park.

In the spirit of the law, she is wrong. The objective of the no-dog rule is to ensure the park remains clean and safe. But by letting her dog to shit at the grass (albeit outside the park), she had dirtied the place and made everybody suffer from her irresponsible actions.

It is our collective responsibility to keep Puteri 11 clean and safe for everybody, not just at the park but the whole of Puteri 11.

In another incidence, the other day I saw a lady walked with 4 dogs from Puteri 12 to Puteri 11 and she did not carry newspaper. Puteri 12 dog-owners please be considerate too.

Frequent Blockage of Manhole (Part 2)

Dear Sai Kit, Ng,

Your are definitely right. I personally confirmed a defect in the design because right now, my house is experiencing the same problem after 1.5 months since the first blockage happened. After the hard effort to clear the bad clog, it seemed like the problem is re-occurred with which I still have these stinks sewarage/drainage waste water smell coming back at my house right now at the back of the house or perhaps is now my kitchen.

The first blockage was first discovered 2.5 months after move in since March 15th and the sewarage water from wash basins back-flow, reach and flood the floor surface due to clogs at the pipes mentioned at your drawing. As a results, the trouble trigger my doubt about the design and construction quality of the pipe system after being detail investigation and observation done with my contractor on the trouble spot for almost 10 hours.

My house case happening maybe the worst case scenario because I installed a food waste processor to crush all perishable food waste which should some how drain away from the existing drainage system but it just never initial the flow as being anticipated. I personally have never seen such bad sewarage pipes construction so far especially with such house price which we paid for.

Thus, it is definitely a good idea to initial a motion to complain the problem and have Mr Cham got inform and let every house owners get together and endorse the issue accordingly. We all need information on the issue of how many household got affected in order to map out the trouble accordingly.

By the way, thanks for bringing up the matter and please circulate the issue as fast as possible because the house warranty might be over soon.

Mr Teng Yaw Yeong

Dear Ng Sai Kit,

I advise you to complain via their website I have used this avenue many times and always works . Or call Mr Naidu directly at 03-80648899. Looks like a serious problem which you should address before your warranty expire.

Good Luck
Best Regards
Mahendra Ragupathy

Alarm triggered but guards/owners no reaction

An owner's observation:

This morning I had a disturbing experience. At 11.00am the alarm at no.3, 11/11 sounded (now I can still hear it wailing). I rushed out of the house to look. The next door auntie looked at me through the fence and said something in Cantonese. By the time I went onto the road, the alarm had stopped. I was not sure whether it was the corner, no. 1 or no. 3’s alarm which had sounded.

So, I waited a while. Nobody turned up. Two corners were having a lot of workers all staring at me. By this time I had called security which sent a personnel slowly walking up the road. At the same time I called Michael Lian (owner of no.1) and he told me that he had not turned the alarm on.

The security guard and I rounded the houses mentioned several times but could not see anything! I commented to the guard that they should have reacted when they heard the alarm going off. Do you know what he said? That he was so far away!!

When the alarm went off again I knew that it was No. 3 making all the noise. So I called Mr. Chiam to contact the owner, I think it was a Mr. Tan who did the Taman’s Bantahan brochure for us. The security then made it a point to walk more frequently past the house mentioned.

Now the lesson learned here is:-
  1. There was no immediate response to the alarm.
  2. When I looked down the road there were quite a number of cars parked in and outside of houses and yet not one person except for myself and the grandma next door took any notice.
  3. The guard would not have come if I hadn’t called him on the handphone.
  4. The guard does not know how to react to the situation.
Ladies and gentlemen, I fear that with this attitude all the alarm systems in this taman will be going to waste. In fact yesterday I had the alarm fellow come and propose more sensors but I think nothing will help us if we do not wake up and defend our homes and ourselves!

Another observation:

Not sounding too over cautious in our quest to ensure safety, many homes have secured galvanised zinc sheets under the roof/ some extra beams in between the originals. However these cost and the galvanised zinc sheets stymied air circulation. Any other method to secure our homes?

20% discount for Touch'nGo/SmartTag users (80 transactions and above)

Living in Puchong means high toll usage as Puchong is surrounded by tolled roads everywhere (except if you use the toll-free BukitJalil-Puchong highway). Beginning 1 Sep 2009, you will get 20% discount if you use more than 80 times per month (with counditions). Read the FAQ from touchngo.

Frequent Blockage of ManHole

I wish to seek collaboration of all residents of Puteri 11 to find out if anyone has experienced blockage of manhole at the back of their unit.

I personally had faced with 2 occasions – (i) in January 2009; and (ii) in August 2009. The plumber that I have engaged told me he suspected defect in sewerage pipes connecting to Indah Water’s sewerage pipe. The latter runs along the back lane of my unit. As usual, in January 09 Flora Development sent someone over to snap some photos and later conveniently blamed it all to the extension work of my kitchen area and practically ‘washed their hands’. This to me is baseless accusation and irresponsible. I left it there with the hope that the plumber was wrong.

On the second incident, after unclogging the pipe it is still apparent with my bare eyes that there is a some water contained at the level of the start of the bend of the pipe (of which I was told, it is designed to avoid direct impact of our waste water to Indah Water’s pipes). My plumber told me it may be caused by sub-standard works during the laying of the sewerage pipes connecting to Indah Water’s. This supports an explanation that the drop of the pipe is level or even slanted backwards and thus creating a water catchment area in the pipes and hence the visible water containment (See diagram below)

As far as I know Unit No. 28 of Puteri 11/9 already had an experience sometime in July/August 2009, the story was the blockage was cause by other units that are doing renovation. To be that’s really bizarre – what really caused the blockage? Your renovation or others?

For your information, my second letter to them complaining the matter again has been completely ignored thus far. No one from Flora Development bordered to contact me. I have not called them as I wanted to gather sufficient information on the best way to deal with this case.

Sai Kit, Ng

Monday, August 24, 2009

Received this from Subang Jaya Alert

Dear all, received this from Subang Jaya Alert. Thought that it might be useful to inform you all. To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed.

Please be aware that even though your house is secured and protected by alarm system the house is still not safe. The robbers came in from the roof and access thru the manhole at the master bedroom. Even though the alarm have been triggered, one or two robbers went inside the house to locate the alarm control panel. Unfortunately, they could not locate it, but they manage to disable the siren unit inside the house. They also did not locate the main door and back door keys, so they have to leave abruptly from the roof.

What we see here are desperate robbers taking high risk of being caught. I was told by the police that this is now the modus operandi of robbers by accessing your house from the roof. The time of this incident was approximately 11.30am in the morning when most people has gone to work.

So please careful if your alarm system goes off, do not enter your house immediately otherwise you may find the robbers still inside.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wood design for middle door glass panel

A simple way to prevent an intruder from moving the middle glass door panel is to place a wood design on the panel railings. This will ensure all the 3 glass panels are immovable. What do you think?

Some owners have changed the glass door panel to fixed-windows panel.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is my shoe

This is my shoe.

This is my shoe after stepping on dog-shit at the park.

This is my shoe after stepping on dog-shit at the park because some dog owners still do not pick up after their dog.

This is my shoe but next time it could be your shoe.

Please bring newspaper / plastic bag when you let your dog shit outside your house. Nobody likes to step on dog-shit.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Update on queries regarding Resident Association

  1. Is the RA for puteri 11 already set up?
    Submission of application document was done on 2 July 2009. ROS acknowledged receipts and advised that processing takes at least 4 months..
  2. Who's who in the RA please update
    Pls see attached file Senarai AJK
  3. When do we need to pay for the maintanence, and how much?
    Advice from ROS not to organise any activities under RA's name before formation approved. The monthly security guard services for each unit is RM50.00.
  4. Do the RA have a place for resident to meet or make suggestion to?
    RA normally meets at the playground. The proposed correspondance address of RA is No. 2 Jln Puteri 11/7. Residents can drop thier suggestions/comments into the mail box of this address or via email to the AJKs or perhaps on the blog.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

More updates on robbery

Managed to talk to the house owner just now and she confirmed the robbery happened on Thursday afternoon when nobody was around in the house.

The house do keep a dog but the barking did not deter the robbers.

The robbers went in through the main door middle glass panel. See picture below (red-highlighted).

The middle panel do not trigger the alarm.

The house was ransacked and some cash was taken.

The alarm system was not working at the time.

Police report was made and was informed the same robbers/operandi happened to Puteri 12 too during the last few days.

Hopefully this will be an impetus for all Puteri 11 owners to seriously look into the current security which is really below par.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Puteri 11 first confirmed robbery

Just got news that a robbery took place yesterday (13/Aug/09) at around 2:30pm. 2 men robbed a house at Jalan Puteri 11/7. Understand that money was stolen but no injuries.

Will try to find out more tomorrow.

It is time we improve our security before another robbery happens again. Your family could be the next victim.

theStar: Police make their presence felt

THE Bandar Bukit Puchong police has taken proactive measures to combat crime in Bandar Puteri.

Since Aug 5, two makeshift police booths have been erected at the junction of Jalan Puteri 1/1 and Jalan Puteri1/6 (next to Giant Hypermarket), and Jalan Puteri 5/2.

theStar: Police make their presence felt

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Potholes at Jalan Persiaran Puteri resurfaced

This morning the potholes along Jalan Persiaran Puteri was patched and resurfaced. The road condition is now improved, but still uneven on certain stretches. Please do not speed.

Thank you MPSJ.

Previous : 2/Jul/09 Potholes at Jalan Persiaran Puteri

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Street stalls at Persiaran Puteri stopped operations

Today the street stalls at Persiaran Puteri have stopped operations. Cars stopped to buy from the stalls and caused danger to other road users.

Hopefully the stalls will not return after a few days.

Thank you MPSJ.

13/Jul/09 : Previous dangerous street stalls

Update: The stalls are back after 1 day.

Monday, August 10, 2009

No more available rental parking lot at Bayu Puteri Apartment

Thank you to Malcom (of Bayu Puteri resident) for highlighting the parking problems currently faced by tenants at Bayu Puteri Apartment. Apparently the problem is due to IOI for not having enough parking lots to rent out, forcing the owners to illegally park outside.

The problem is very frustrating to everybody and we should work together to resolve the problems instead of letting the frustration to get the better of us.

Puteri 11 and Bayu Puteri have always been good neighbors and we share many common issues.

Hopefully the action committee of both Puteri 11 and Bayu Puteri can arrange a get-together meeting similar to the recent meeting with Puteri 12.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Minutes of Meeting - Puteri 11 Residents Association Pro Tem Committee Held on Sunday 9th August 2009 at 9:00 am at the Playground

Present at the meeting were Mr Chiam, Mr Mahendran, Mr Lian, Ms Devi, Mr Kavljeet and Mr Kenny (by invitation).
  1. MPSJ OSC had its meeting this week and the application by IOI for the proposed high rise development was deferred pending submission by IOI of the various studies and reports previously requested by MPSJ.
  2. Mr Mahendran to obtain from MPSJ, a copy of the minutes of the last Bantahan meeting and to follow up with them and MPSJ Councillor Mr Arumugam on any further development. Mr Mahendran is to check with Mr Naidu of IOI as well.
  3. Mr Chiam will liaise with MPSJ Councillor Mr Tan Jo Hann on further development with the OSC meeting. The list of Puteri 11 RA Pro tem Committee were given to Councillor Mr Tan.
  4. Mr Kavljeet contributed RM 50 towards the costs of creating a banner at the guardhouse and a notice board at the playground. Request that Mr Loke and Mr Kenny to assist with these two exercises.
  5. Residents of 11/1A will be writing to request IOI and MPSJ to build humps on the road to deter motorists from speeding.
  6. Ms Ling Ling is to appoint RA Coordinators for each of the Puteri 11 roads.
  7. A few pondok polis were set up this week in Bandar Puteri near Giant and Puteri Mart due to the crime cases happening in our township. Residents of Bandar Puteri are advise to take extra precaution when moving around.
Best regards,

Chiam Tun Cheng

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Illegally parked cars at Bayu Puteri summoned by MPSJ

Today MPSJ authorities had summoned the many cars parked illegally along Jalan Puteri 11 in front of Bayu Puteri condo. If the situation remains, the MPSJ will have to tow the cars in future.

The car owners should rent a proper parking space within the Bayu Puteri compound. Doing so will be helpful for everybody living in Puteri 11.

I foresee the traffic will worsen when the Puteri 11 security guard house is ready.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Jalan Puteri 11 Road Re-Tar

Today IOI had re-tar the road Jalan Puteri 11. The road is now smooth and comfortable to drive in. Thank you IOI.

The new security guard house is coming along just fine. Hopefully IOI will also put up a "Puteri 11" sign similar to Puteri 12's.

The new guard house is at a winding section of the road. The illegally parked cars from Bayu Puteri will be affected. Hopefully the car owners will consider renting a proper car park within the Bayu Puteri compound.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Burglar driving a Proton Waja silver blue colour WLY 5870

This morning a burglar opened the car boot of a Honda Accord belonging to one of our Puteri 11 resident. It happened near one dim sum restaurant in Bandar Puteri. The burglar was a well groomed big size Chinese man. The car alarm did not sound?

The incident was reported to the police. The burglar was driving a Proton Waja silver blue colour with registration plate WLY 5870. So everyone just be aware and alert on such incident.


Dear all,

This morning my husband and I were having tim sum at Axion restaurant in Bandar Putri 4 at 11.05am. We parked just opposite the shop and next to another restaurant next also to a car wash. As we were walking towards our parked car after breakfast, we noticed that the car bonnet was up.

I told my husband to quickly rush to see what was happening! My husband rushed towards this man who was already fiddling with the car engine under the bonnet. He was surprised and my husband gave him a blow on the chin. He rushed towards me and I let fly my handbag which he blocked away.

He rushed towards his car to make his escape. My husband hit him again and he hit my husband back. Our tim sum also flew all on the ground. Another man came too late to our aid. However everybody else just looked on without helping.

This man is Chinese, clean-dressed and very big sized. His car is a silvery, greenish, bluish colour and the make is either a waja or wira. We could only see the back. The number plate is WLY 5870. Please be careful of this man and this car!!!

This happened to one of our committe members.

AH1N1 flu at Puteri 12

According to a resident, a child in Puteri 12 is hospitalized in Sunway Medical Center for AH1N1 flu.

The person is on self-quarantine now. Confirmed.

It is inevitable should H1N1 come to Puchong Puteri or even right at our door steps. Everyone has to go out to work, school, college, socialize etc but there is the tendency for some to catch the bug. We should do our best to keep ourselves fit.

Personal hygience though has been talked about may not actually been practised by everyone. Besides that drink plenty of water, eat the right diet and have some exercise to strengthen our body constitutions. I do not think we can stop anyone from coming into our area.

Just want to alert that IT is here, in our area. So practise good personal hygiene, when outing, try to keep a distance from others. And if you have those symptoms (touch wood), seek medical advice and don't just treat it like normal flu, and try as much you can to stay home if you are sick.

Update (14/Aug/09) :

Just an update. The puteri 12 kid are discharged from the hospital after 3 days treatment, for pneumonia caused by AH1N1.

Also in today newspaper, Puchong SRJK (C) Yak Chee is closed till after school holiday, as 4 students are confirmed AH1N1 case.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mosquito fogging at Puteri 11

Mosquito fogging was conducted at Puteri 11 today at around 7pm. This confirms the dengue case.

Fogging is only temporary effective in outdoor areas against mosquitoes. For long term health, the Puteri 11 residents should practice cleanliness and destroy mosquito breeding places like stagnant water, etc.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Minutes of Meeting on 2nd Aug 2009

Dear All,

Present at the meeting today were Mr Chiam, Mr Lian, Mr Lee, Mr Teng, Mr Seow, Ms Ling Ling and Ms Devi.
  1. It was suggested we put up a banner near the existing guardhouse to inform new residents of our contact through our blogspot
  2. Mr Mahendra is to follow up with Councillor Arumugam and MPSJ officer concerning this month's MPSJ OSC meeting where our bantahan will be heard.
  3. Mr Lee is to contact Selangor Exco member Mr Ronnie Liu to get latest information regarding the OSC meeting and the names of Councillors seating in the OSC.
  4. Mr Loke is to get ready the RA membership form as we want start the membership recruitment drive.
  5. Ms Ling Ling is to nominate a RA Coordinator for each of the roads in Puteri 11.
  6. The RA Pro tem Committee is to formally informed IOI of its formation.
  7. The police station contacts are: Bandar Puteri Police Station (Tel. 80762222) Police Hotline (Tel. 20529999) Bukit Aman (Tel. 22626555).
  8. IOI is currently constructing a permanent guardhouse on the road between Bayu Apartment and Primrose.
  9. Puteri 11 residents are advised not to speed on the road of Puteri 12.
  10. It was suggested that we buy the security whistle for Committee members and Coordinators.
The next meeting will be held on Sunday 9 August at 9:00 am venue Puteri 11 playground.


Chiam Tun Cheng
Pro tem Committee Chairman