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Thursday, August 6, 2009

AH1N1 flu at Puteri 12

According to a resident, a child in Puteri 12 is hospitalized in Sunway Medical Center for AH1N1 flu.

The person is on self-quarantine now. Confirmed.

It is inevitable should H1N1 come to Puchong Puteri or even right at our door steps. Everyone has to go out to work, school, college, socialize etc but there is the tendency for some to catch the bug. We should do our best to keep ourselves fit.

Personal hygience though has been talked about may not actually been practised by everyone. Besides that drink plenty of water, eat the right diet and have some exercise to strengthen our body constitutions. I do not think we can stop anyone from coming into our area.

Just want to alert that IT is here, in our area. So practise good personal hygiene, when outing, try to keep a distance from others. And if you have those symptoms (touch wood), seek medical advice and don't just treat it like normal flu, and try as much you can to stay home if you are sick.

Update (14/Aug/09) :

Just an update. The puteri 12 kid are discharged from the hospital after 3 days treatment, for pneumonia caused by AH1N1.

Also in today newspaper, Puchong SRJK (C) Yak Chee is closed till after school holiday, as 4 students are confirmed AH1N1 case.

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