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Saturday, August 15, 2009

More updates on robbery

Managed to talk to the house owner just now and she confirmed the robbery happened on Thursday afternoon when nobody was around in the house.

The house do keep a dog but the barking did not deter the robbers.

The robbers went in through the main door middle glass panel. See picture below (red-highlighted).

The middle panel do not trigger the alarm.

The house was ransacked and some cash was taken.

The alarm system was not working at the time.

Police report was made and was informed the same robbers/operandi happened to Puteri 12 too during the last few days.

Hopefully this will be an impetus for all Puteri 11 owners to seriously look into the current security which is really below par.


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  2. the glass door panel and the grille doesn't seems to be disturbed. Is the photo taken as example or real crime scene?

  3. It shows us the existing complimentary alarm from IOI has it limitation and the burglars know it very well. Not sure if we can complain to IOI for the lousy alarm system. Better to install motion sensor in-house additionally for safety.

    But I am so surprise to know that the burglars are dare to break in even there is a dog. Must be surveying the area for quite sometime for choosing target.

  4. my two cents: for sliding door, need to put extra lock though it might not look nice. And put a stick on the track to block it from moving (last time i used to buy the broom stick and cut it to the size of the track). This is not full proof but at least make the break in harder.

    We need to tighten the security/guard house. Puteri 8, all visitors have to leave their ID card at the booth.

  5. I notice that the guard are justing walking around our hses only. They never look up & into our hse to check is there anything suspious or anyone that should not be around the area. They also never ask the new indon worker who just came to reno hse to verified if they are really working there.

  6. wat kind of a DOG that barks but does not deter the burglars ? can shed more light on the dog breed ? i will need to upgrade to more guard dogs if necessary....PITBULLS for example

  7. It will be helpful if we know the answer for the following questions so that other owner can take preventive measures:-

    1) How did the burglar went in to the house? Considering a grille and glass door were locked.
    2) Anyone at home at that time?
    3) Was this caused by negligence? e.g. door left opened and unattended?

  8. is it efficient to put a guard to monitor a single road?

  9. We need to talk to IOI properties for deteriorating security in this area. I always see their kancil and kembara kereta ronda stopby Puteri 8 but seldom in Puteri 11. If neccessary can the RA liase with other RA to get some preventive idea?

  10. Hi! I think we residents must be alert at all times. Whenever an alarm sound we must look out or get out of our house to check. In this way we might deter burglars. Don't take it like "it's one of those faulty alarms sounding off again" attitude. Maybe this would help us from slumber when a robbery is really in progress.

  11. I personally feel that our security guards have to improve on the 'screening' process and procedures.

    Scenario#1: Have all of you ever experience that our guards do not check in coming vehicles during raining? The gate is fully open.....

    Scenario#2: I also noticed that some vehicle will overtake a que of a few car in front once the gate opens and the guards just looks on only.

    I hope with the new guard house will improve the above.

  12. Is there any possibility to implement "Touch-n-Go" type of security gate at the new guard house? For those non-resident, they have to register their vehicle and destination by providing either IC or driving license to the security guard. Hope the RA could consider.

  13. I second the above proposal, putting a "Touch-n-Go" type of security gate, and a must for non-resident to register for what so ever reason, no excuse.

  14. Yup I too second the TnG solution but I suppose much discussion is needed on the commercial and implementation issues as we have two separate guard house in Puteri 12 and Puteri 11 and both Puteri's have to support this idea.

  15. TnGO is good. But definitely there will be "someone" who just refuse to cooperate...

    Take lake Edge as an example, the "someone" just run-over the barrier with his Hilux.

    Puteri 11 can implement a lot of safety measurement, but will still need to have a way to tackle ppl who refuse to comply.


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