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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Security Fees Collection By Puteri 11 RA

Dear Resident,

This notice is hereby given to inform you that the Road Representative (RR) will be coming to your home as from Saturday 19 March onward to collect the Security Fees of RM 150.00 for 2nd Quarter (Apr - Jun).

There will be an increase of RM 10 per month as from July, and RM 180 will be collected from 3rd quarter (Jul - Sep) onwards. This was highlighted during the EGM held on 6 March.

As usual 2 stickers will be given free of charge, and you are allowed to purchase 2 more at RM 5 each. The 5th stickers or more is at the discretion of RR and approval of committee.

The committee also will appreciate any contributions from residents in the spirit of enhancing our neighbourhood. Any amount is welcome, and a receipt will be issued. This money will go towards a few projects that have already been informed during the EGM on the 6th March. Some of the projects are - installation of the spotlights at the hill slope according to MPSJ specification. Buying a new boom gate as the one at the guard post is old and broken. We intended to purchase an electrical manual boom gate.

In order for us to practise transparency, all contributors will be acknowledged and all collections will be posted in the website.

Our website will be ready for access effectively 1st of April 2011. From this date the existing blog will no longer in use officially.

Lastly, the entire RA Committee wish to thank all residents who believe in a safe and caring neighbourhood and to those have supported us in all our undertakings. We hope for your continued support and well wishes.

Thank you, for without your support and commitment, we cannot succeed.


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