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Friday, March 11, 2011

3 Burglaries Between 12.30 To 1.30pm At Puteri 12

3 houses in Puteri 12 were robbed by 3 young chinese man driving a silver Honda Crv nbr 2703 (can’t see the alphabet) today between 12.30 pm – 1.30pm while owners were out doing their chores.

These burglars are very smart indeed. They opened the electric gate with the remote and drove their car in as if they are the residents’ siblings or relatives said by one of the neighbor.

However from the CCTV of the 2nd victim showed that 1st these burglars rang the bell and when they confirmed no one at home, they then pressed open the gate and entered.

The houses were ransacked and most of the valuable items and monies were taken.

Burglaries usually happened on friday between 12.30 – 2.00pm as said by Puteri 12 RA committee members.

From this experience, tighter measures that needed to be taken are;
  1. all visitors and contractors must register at the main guard house at all time.
  2. guard from the guard house must asked the guard of position to attend to the house that the visitor is going t, even if visitor can provide the address
  3. ensure that ronda guards must do their rounding every 1 hour without fail
  4. residents relatives ie. children, siblings, in-laws etc who are frequenting our taman on whatever grounds, have to (must be) registered.
This is for precautionary as we still cannot afford a CCTV. i am afraid intruders might use this as one easy access.

With a tighter way of manning our security and applying stricted implementation may not allow these burglars to break in so easily.

As said by Betty (P12 chairman) and William (security in charge) that these 3 young mens might have observed and know that P12 security is so bad and loose, or otherwise how could they possibly broke into 3 houses in less than an hour.

I need to have another meeting on Friday 18 March 2011, with you all regarding the car stickers before we distribute and sell them to the residents as this can be crucial in term of security of our taman. Venue will be advised later.

I shall be most grateful if all of you can attend this meeting as your views and suggestion can help us to achieve and to construct a better security system.

Thank you

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