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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Meeting with the Press to protest the high-rise condo

This morning the committee and residents invited the press from major newspapers to Puteri 11 to protest the proposed high-rise condo. Mr Tan Jo Hann from MPSJ Councillor was also present.

The residents are encouraged to continue send "surat aduan" to MPSJ to complain the traffic and high-rise condo problem.


  1. Thanks all residents for making this effort.

    MPSJ, I have sent them so many letters but they don't even bother to reply now. The condo project is probably already approved?

  2. Can we purpose to buy the land of the high-rise condo to build a Club House there?
    Does it enough fund if there have 500 residents from puteri 11 & 12 willing to invest RM 20,000 (10m)?

  3. ROTFL... is this stupid or pure innocent??

  4. I don't think the protest can stop IOI build a condo there...
    Instead of protest, why don't we use other way to solve this problem?

    To join a club house, usualy it will cost 10K -15K also...

  5. IOI stands to make at least 120 mil from the project 10mil is a lot smaller then that.MPSJ will make alot in term of cukai pintu...

  6. Yes, millions earning for them but disastrous project. I don't think MPSJ will reject the project, you know what I'm saying.


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