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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Comment on Security Summary Meeting


Missed the 1st meeting last sat on security issues. Glad to know that there will be succession session every sat of Oct for residents to meet RA and seek suggestion. Further to your summary, would like to seek more info and hope RA can clarify as follow. However, please do excuse me if these were brought up during the 1st meeting:

Point 1)
Can RA share the 3 proposal with us and what do you meant by preference given to Puteri 12 Security due to "operational synergy". If im not wrong, RA did highlight few security incident at Puteri 12. My Q's, why engage the same firm if security was in some way compromised. Isn't it "safer" if we have another security firm to safeguard our own area. Unless, you are looking at cost effectiveness. There again, i do not know how much the other 2 charged, their responsibilities, etc.

Point 2)
10 security guards proposed. Can you elaborate more in terms of security responsibility, area of coverage, accountability, shift pattern (24hrs coverage) and importantly, how much are the security personnel paid monthly. Dont get me wrong, we are in no position to question how much the firm pay their guards. But if the cost of each guard is RM1500 per month and they are paid (assumption) RM800 or RM900, what level of accountability will they assume? No one works for free. Security are not easy job and they deserved to be paid adequately to perform the job. I have had guards telling me off, "gaji kurang apa lu mau..." Unless, there are other cost to cover by the firm. Again, appreciate if RA can elaborate on this.

Point 3)
Car decal and security Tags issued to paying residents. Clearly meant that those that dont pay dont get these i assume. So, may i know what is the difference in terms of security treatment? Yes, I know, as mentioned many many times, we as neighbours have to work together, meaning contribute to the betterment of the Taman. I agree. But do bear in mind that these commitment are long term the moment you moved in till you move out from this area, as in paying the RM50 p/mth. OK, assuming that i am not a paying resident, so i dont get a car decal and security tag on my gate. Am i to register at the security post each time i need to come in/go out? What is the procedure? Can i harass the guard and intimidate him to let me pass tru if i refuse to "sign in/out". How strict can they be? I am voicing this out due to the fact that eventually, when there are residents who discontinue to pay or not satisfy or start to compare "why not paying (no decal) but still can access freely... blah..blah", thats when the issue starts and you see the contribution dwindle and eventually short of fund.. and so on... thats the usual scenario. So, do you have a system to solve this. Dont throw the Q back to me coz i dont know. Honestly.

Point 7)
Can RA elaborate the requirements for guards to have residence names, address and car number plate. Again, here im referring to what use of these and what system are they using to cross check these for what purpose. No point having it but not using it effectively. Again, security procedures.

Point 8)
Great to hear that there are follow up to the narrow road issue. I had commented on previous blog saying that its a waste of time with IOI and MPSJ and got a reply from RA President that its never a waste of time as there were issues that were solved previously by being patient with the respective parties. I can be wrong by making that statement. So, we just wait lah.... FYI, i did call mpsj few times myself to the extent of telling them that in one incident almost cause me an accident. My children were in the car. I had to brake hard. I drove slow uphill knowing the famous sempit road but there are a lot of inconsiderate drivers out there that knowing the road already so.... so...narrow, still bulldoze tru like F1 drivers. Lucky 2 of my kids were in child car seat, safely buckled. If not, probably one thrown tru the windscreen, the other have his head smash on to the front seat, breaking his neck!!!! Im not exaggerating, this can happen. Imagine all the daily school van FILLED with children plying the same route each day. My eldest son is in one of it. No seatbelt, overcrowded. Reply from MPSJ, working on it.... work... work. So, again, we wait and see who will be the casualty. I pray its not my family members and i pray its not yours either. Just like the express bus incident. We just wait, and wait... Pls do fwd this to IOI and MPSJ. Let them know our daily hazard.

Point 18 & 19)
Since there are 471 houses in Puteri 11, assuming every resident pay, monthly security fee total to 15k (RM1500 x 10) so in average we are looking at RM31.84. round to RM32 per household to cover the cost. Now, since there are 270 that sent in consent we will have total of RM13,500 (270 x RM50), assuming everyone paid. Who will bear the balance of RM1,500? Off course i hope more will participate. Basically, the more the cheaper. And what if the collection reduced? Again, its there a way to cover this?

Point 21)
I agreed, internet is cheap and fast as Mr President replied in my earlier comment. Other channel will be used when necessary. I agreed. For the benefit of residence that do not access internet, or illiterate, pls do not get offended by my statement (I meant non English speaking), can i suggest RA approach IOI to sponsor to put up 2 notice board at the play ground (Nadia and Oliver) and another 1 at Primrose. Create a bulletin area. They can either build a standalone structure or incorporate in the covered seating area. This helps the RA in many ways. If necessary, dont waste time doing house drop of letters, leaflet, etc. Just have them on the notice board. SHOUT OUT to the residence to refer to notice board for updates, info, activities, etc. At least notices in 2 or 3 language (ie Eng, Mandarin, Bahasa, etc). If IOI stingy, then RA raise this up and suggest to us residence. We can chip in to get it done.     

Kudos to the RA for spearheading this exercise. Lets discuss these on the next meeting this Saturday.

Finally, just a suggestion to everyone who commented or intend to comment in this blog. Since there's emphasis from RA that we as neighbours should get along and know each other better, can i suggest that we start by ending our comment with your name and not to have "Anonymous" signing off. At least the next time whenever we meet during the meet the residence session, etc, we know who we are talking to. Hope you guys get what i meant. BTW, RA, lets organise a TT session in one of the mamak lah. My treat for the 1st session. What you guys say.... Someone have to start somewhere... Cheers.



  1. Dear Mr Kuan,

    Appreciate you taking the time and effort to provide the comments and suggestions to RA. I wish you were there at the meeting to share your ideas and experience with us all and vice-versa.
    Lets meet this Saturday to have another good discussion on the points you have raised. There is much to do and we need someone like you on board the RA.


    Implementation on any rules or laws will inevitably cause the unhappiness on certain groups or personnel. But, when the implementation is necessity,the benefits of the majority has to be the final consideration.This is to avoid the anticipated hiccups that will arise and cause the implementation more troublesome.
    The one or two that not eager or total refusal to pay the fees for guarding purposes,usually will show anger on theier face,act tough,or even using vulgar words to prove to the visitors that they are better off.In actual fact,when the total family income is in the devastating stage where unable to make ends meet,this is method use to protect themselves.The best way to response to those people is stopped talking to them and get away from that house immediately.Personal safety is vital.
    In order to be fair and just to the majority,the vehicles number that belong to that one or two family that not willing to pay,must be make known to all guards who will make sure that every time,those vehicles going in or out the guard room,those drivers has to stop their vehicle and log in their name on record book at the guard room.Then ,there will be no passing through the guard room freely,even though the driver give a good gesture or giggle to the guard or acting fierce or what ever the tactics the driver do,they have to stop their vehicles and log-in or out.
    This is what need to be done,to avoid complains from majority that contributed and a “JUST AND FAIR” to everyone.
    Once,the meaning of the Safety of the family members is the most Priority,is fully understood,than,I belief complain that will surface,will be minimal.
    Finally,I wish the unable-to-contribute-family,can voice up their difficulty during the incoming meeting.
    Right or wrong;good or bad,please take it positively.After all,my point of view only.

  3. Thank you for your comment 'Fair And Just'. There are plenty we can discuss on this hot topic when we duel into the details. Other RAs also face similar frustrations. Some are doing fine, some just surviving while others gave up. Yes, RA will act on the wishes of the majority. Impossible to please everyone with different viewpoints. Cooperation and support from the residents is absolutely vital. RA committee comprise volunteers among our residents. They are not employees of the RA. Trust everyone do understand this limitation.


  4. Agree with Fair and Just. Never easy to implement things as this never please everyone. Gated Guidelines were in the papers and if im not wrong, states that cannot stop residents and public fr exiting & entering the areas. So how to argue with those that insist not to log in/out. Guard will definitely have a hard time unless the firm can assure and commit that their guards will be that strict. Then, this will be fair and just to all paying residents.

    As mentioned, some RAs doing fine, some surviving, others gave up. So, which group Puteri 11 RA will eventually be. Thus my comment on how and what method RA can or will implement to avoid this. No easy solution i believe. And believe me, unless RA can convince all to participate, which i think is impossible, the issue of eventual defaulter will crop up.

  5. I got to know that one of the Taman in Cheras was implementing a very good security concept but it might involve a bit of cost which I think it is worth giving it a thought.

    Whenever there is visitor, the visitor has to register with the guard by providing their I/C or driving license and write down their car plate number and the address of the house they intend to visit. Let's say they intend to visit house 1, Jln 11/11 then a token stating 1-11/11 would be given in exchange for their I/c or driving license. Thereafter, the guard will guide the car to the address given, if found that address given does not match the eventual destination, the visitor will be chased out.

    In this scenario, I believe we will need a few motorbikes which is expensive as Puteri 11 is not small...Anyway, just a suggestion.

    Another way would be, call the house owner to get consent before allowing visitor to get in.....

  6. Dear KYL,

    Can you provide RA the contact information of the security company in Cheras or get the company to contact our RA.


  7. Dear KYL,

    Good suggestion. However, pls be advised that no one are allowed to retain IC for any purposes. Driving License OK.

    The system you mentioned is used in YTL properties like Lake Edge and Lake fields with Nepalese guards who speak good English and extremely strict but very very polite. However, cost is definitely high. But residence pay high maintenance fee. No doubt the procedure is tedious given the fact that Puteri 11 has 471 houses but effective in deterring potential theft and robbery. Unless suspects 'pakat' with guards. Thus reputation of security firms utmost important. Security firm have to prepare to do this. I dont mind paying if they are doing this.

  8. Dear Mr.Chiam,

    I did not manage to get the security company's contact as was told that they are not registered security but just partnering among friends to form a team as the Taman is very small. Was told the Taman is Bukit Segar, in case anyone has friend living there.

  9. Dear Kuan,

    Yes, I agreed that YTL's properties has very stict security which is good. Even when there're house launching, you need to be invited (with proven documentation that match the list they have)otherwise, you'll be politely declined to get in.

    I think we need to finalize what residence wants. i.e. the maximum monthly security fee that each family is willing to pay and their expectation. Of course we can't fulfill everyone's wish but we need to appoint security guards from a good company, IMO

  10. I called up YTL Lake Edge's management office and was told the monthly fees for terrace houses is RM 300 per month. For semi-dees and bungalows is RM 450 per month. The fees cover clubhouse facilities and security services. SR Property Management Co. Sdn Bhd is engaged to manage it.


  11. Dear Mr. Chiam,

    SR Property Management is owned by YTL.

  12. Dear KYL,

    Thats the reason why their security is very good. Lake Edge is also an award winning residential development. Residents pay high fees to enagage professional management and costly Nepalese guards.



    I wish to inform you all that I have resigned as a Road Road with immediate effect and I would like to thank you for all the supports you have rendered me all this while.



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