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Saturday, June 11, 2011

RED Alert: attempted Break In at 31, Jalan Puteri 6/10

Dear Community:

There was an attempt of Break-In around 11:15am on 1 June 2011 at 31, Jalan Puteri 6/10.

3 men came to the above house and attempted to break-in:

Proton Waja car plate no 9995. BLACK in colour

Their Tactic was:
  1. First call Hello to make sure whether anyone at home or not.
  2. Since there was no response, as the house owner was upstairs. The burglars thought nobody at home and they attempted to smash the front door grill lock.
  3. Alerted by the smashing NOISE the owner came down and noted 3 men were trying to force open the house grill. Thus the owner shouted for help and the burglar managed to speed off.
  4. The chief guard was informed regarding the incident. Not sure, whether he took note or not. I suspect he probably would not inform the committee. Thus I wrote this email to ALERT everyone.
  5. I had advised the owner to make a police report so that the polices can do something. As usual, people try to save trouble and not intending to make a report.
Mr Lim
Bandar Puteri 6 Residents' Association Committee (RA Committee)
Jawatankuasa Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Puteri 6 Puchong Selangor (Juniper & Lilac)

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  1. Dear residents,

    I noticed that theSun has been distributing newspaper to each houses. I did not subscribe to it. I have called them many times to cancel it but they don't seems to bother. It is very annoying especially when I'm outstation. The newspaper is piling up and it is telling people "Hello, please come break and robbe my house, I have been away for many days, selamat datang".


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