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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Parking and others

Dear resident,

You are all requested to avoid parking at the corners of the road as this causes poor visibility and accident.

Please also advise all visitors, relatives and friends to park properly without blocking neighbours' cars as in many cases improper parking causes unnecessary difficulties to your neighbours when moving their cars.

Lorry owners should also be informed that parking of lorry in the taman is prohibited by MPSJ and the applicable fine is rm 5,000.00. Therefore, please look for an alternative parking space.

For security purposes, taxi or visitors should not use the Puteri 12 access road to enter the taman.

Dog lovers, please clear your dog business as a matter of courtesy to all residents and to keep our taman clean.

Please put your new car sticker in place in order to help our security to give a fast and efficient service. Starting  from the 1st October, 2011, all cars without the new sticker will be registered by the security at the gate.

RA is asking your fullest co-operation.

Thanking you

Alice Choo

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