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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cleanliness Problem in our Taman

Dear resident,

Sad to note that there is people been throwing rubbish on the playground stairway situated at Jalan Puteri 11/3.

As this is our living place, RA is seeking your consciences to help keep the Taman clean and not to simply throw your trash all over the places, please.

Also, I wish to inform you that our Taman is no longer having the sweeper in the meantime because of their resignations. Moreover, it is a very difficult time to hire someone as a lot of the Indonesian maids have left the country due to Immigration formalities.

However, Encik Hassan the Alam Flora Supervisor has agreed to provide us at least 1 sweeper 3 times weekly to maintain the cleanliness of our Taman, whilst searching and to employ new workers.

Here on behalf of the RA and Alam Flora, I ask for your understandings and patience till they succeeded in hiring the workers.

Please bear with us and thank you very much indeed.


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