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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Borehole drilling machine at Bayu Puteri Access

This morning saw this borehole drilling machine at the Puteri 11 road access near Bayu Puteri Apartment. Please advise what is this and is IOI already proceeded with the high-rise development?

Update: The machine is missing by today afternoon.

Update: The boredrilling machine is now at Puteri 12.


  1. shall we intensify our protest ?
    get all NADIA, OLIVIA & PRIMROSE owners involved.

  2. It is borehole drilling machine used for soil investigation. They 'do' the test due to pressure from authorities and public. I'm sure they have the soil data before they come out with the proposal of highrise. Just for show only.

  3. It doesnt make sense to bore at the outer side of the land. At least a few samples have to be collected across the vacant land.


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