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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tai-Chi New Classes

For Puteri 11 residents who are interested to join the new Tai-Chi classes, please contact Mr. Sam 012-218 0663.

Venue : Puteri 12 fields

Date : Tuesday and Friday

Time : 8pm - 9pm

Fee : RM 10.00 per month

New class to start July. The class is conducted by an experienced Tai-Chi master with over 30 years experience. All welcome to join.


  1. Dear Committee, illegal advertisements are now cropping up on our lamp posts again. Now the signboards are promoting easy loans from you know who la. Can you help to get IOI or the guards to remove these unsightly signboards please? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Looks like no response from Puteri 11 residents and committee regarding my complaint on this matter. Seems that it is fine to have our neighbourhood plastered with unsightly signboards sigh, sigh.

    I complained to IOI and they reverted back to say that it is under the jurisdiction of MPSJ. Now I am wondering why I am paying monthly security fees for? Can't we ask the guards to remove these signboards?

  3. When did the collection of monthly security fees begin?

  4. Sorry not yet begin. My mistake. Only membership fee.


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