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Friday, September 3, 2010

New guidelines for gated, guarded housing areas in effect immediately

theStar: New guidelines for gated, guarded housing areas in effect immediately

PUTRAJAYA: New guidelines for gated communities and guarded neighbourhoods will be implemented with immediate effect, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said Thursday.

These include a specific height for fences and a permanent guardhouse with security personnel manning the area around the clock for gated communities, while guarded neighbourhoods must ensure that boom gates and guard posts are temporary structures which can be removed if found unsuitable by the local authorities.

However, existing gated communities and guarded neighbourhoods have been exempted from having to follow the guidelines.

"Local authorities will approve the gated community concept by developers or guarded neighbourhoods proposed by residents' associations only if all points stated in the guidelines are met," Muhyiddin told reporters here after chairing the National Council for Local Government meeting.

He added that the guidelines, approved and endorsed by council, were aimed at streamline these facilities.

"The guidelines, however, do not touch on the issue of pricing as this is for the concerned parties to negotiate and decide," he said.

Muhyiddin said it was also important that approval be given by a higher percentage of residents before a guarded neighbourhood could be implemented.

He added that a by-law would later be formulated to allow local authorities to take action against those failing to abide by the guidelines.

In a gated community, all roads and facilities in the gated areas are privately-owned, whereas in guarded neighbourhoods, residents engage security services but the roads and facilities within the area are public infrastructure.

Gated communities and guarded neighbourhoods have sprung up in recent years, especially in urban areas, as a initiative by residents to protect themselves.

However, criticism has been levelled at the security firms employed as they often limit access to the areas.

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