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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Road accidents

Dear All neighbourhood friends,

I saw a road accident outside our house compound last nite at 11.00pm. This was a second accident on the same stretch of road in 3 years. The accident is not a minor and it is a major with possibility of fatal. Last night, the car turn turtle and the passenger were badly hurt and need to ambulance to sent them to hospital. So far, 2 cars overturn at that stretch of the road in past 3 years; at the same spot; along side with the "coconut seller" stall. very straight road but 2 major accident happen there so far.

This prompt me to write this email to all of you.
There are 3 roads stretch leading to Puteri Puchong 10 which are considered dangerous due to the design of the road : (poor engineering design).
  1. Please slow down when you drive along the main road near Columbia Asia Hospital. The curve up hill has blind spot and a lot of cars will speed up through the T junction there.
  2. Along the main road after past the "Coconut seller" stall, please slow down and don't speed. It is a straight road but with 10 degree curve. However, the "hump" there has no sign board. Drivers will speed and press emergency break when noticed a "hump" there. The "hump' is quite high and it will cause the car to fly up and turn turtle.
  3. When you make a right turn from main road to Puteri 10, near the guard house, please be extra careful as the oncoming motorist normally drives very FAST. Also, there are bushes that block the view. If you can't see, just honk and blink your high beam lights to signal the guard to check any speeding motorist coming from the hill top or not. How I wish someone from Melia Committee push the MPSJ to have few "humps" along the road. I rang IOI and IOI asked me to call MPSJ. I rang MPSJ last year and they "noted and will act". So far, nothing yet. Please act before any accidents happen there.
  4. Another one is behind Puteri 10 leading to Putrajaya or KLIA road (near Puchong Hartamas). There is a 90 degree curve along the uphill towards downhill. A lot of truck and vans like to park their vehicle there. This pose a dangerous to other oncoming vehicle as obviously, it is a blind spot there.

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