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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Puteri Hills Plan


  1. fellow residents,
    we need to a little time off from our hectic daily activities and care about our future living environments before it is too late. Below is what i anticipate AFTER erection of Condominium & Townhouse:

    1. Heavy Traffic flows along Jalan Puter1 11/1 (Bayu puteri , condo & up to Puteri11 guard house are);

    2. Puteri 11 residents will endure “traffic crawl” everyday (peak hours), due to long queue from mainroad-Jln Puteri 11/1 traffic light (inevitably in future) to Primrose or Olivia, even Nadia is possible.

    3. More cracks will appear on Puteri 11 houses (especially Primrose) due to soil movement or settlement result from the Condominium project.

    4. Other side effect from High Population Density.

    Simple calculation:
    Puteri 11 pop.density = ratio of people living in unit of area
    = number of house) x (3 pax per house) /Area
    =(Nadia+Olivia+primrose+Bayu+ condo+townhouse)x (3) / 1 km2
    = (750)x(3)
    =2250 population per km2

  2. We should protest to the higher authority if this doesn't sort out our issues and worries.

  3. besides the traffic issues, also feeling being CHEATED. Before buying the house, shown with nice views, surrounded by bunglows....

    Too naive to trust them, did not record down the conversation as hard/solid evidence...

  4. I think there's still a lot of residents unaware of the whole situation. What we really need to do now is to create awareness. Then protest.

  5. But actually, the houses are facing each other and can’t really see the view also lah.

    You Yi

  6. Is the condominium part of the Puteri Hills even safe? From what I notice overlooking the project site, it looks like the units itself are going to be pretty close to the slope. Shouldn't there be a minimum distance?

  7. @klaw, "shouldn't there be a minimum distance ?"

    where got distance in such a small area ! IOI care for dolar $$$ only. I believe they will cut the slope to get more space. In future, someone from condo balcony jump to the puteri 11 main road !! BTW, i hope it does not happen...


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