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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brief Report (Minute) On The Meeting Between Mpsj And Ra Puteri 11 – 24 Apr 2012

Venue: Bilik Mesyuarat 2, MPSJ
Time : 9.30 am

List of attendance:

Chairman : Cr. Mr. Chang Kim Loong Amn

MPSJ : Puan Azlina – Pengarah Landskap En.Nor Azmi – T. Pengarah Pembangunan
En. Yusri – Jab. Landskap En. Kamil – Jab. Pembangunan
Cik Rodhiah – Jab. Perkhidmatan Cik Rohana – Jab. Perancangan
En. Ariffuddin – T. Pengarah Kejuruteraan Jabatan Kesihatan
En. Azli – PA (Kejuruteraan)

RA Puteri 11 :  Alice Choo (Chairman) Seow Yeok Hin – Member
Leo Swee Leong (Treasurer) Yong Weng Yew – Member
Fauziah Arshad (Member) John Keong – Member
Pua Boon Chan (Member)
Ann Lee (Sub-Member) Lai Swee Ping – (Sub-member)


JABATAN LANDSCAPE : Puan Azlina confirmed that
  1. Basketball Court :
    will be budgeted for next year (2013) as this year the money they received is only meant for repairs and upkeep.

  2. Reflexology Stone :
    Landscape will replace the existing one with a complete new ready- made reflexology stone slab. It will take at least a month and a half for completing the requisition procedure before the project completed.

  3. RAMP for Elderly, Handicapped & Infant on Pushcart
    It will be funded by JKP Zone 16 and agreed by JKP Chairman Cr. Chang Kim Loong. Landscape will furnish the spec and quotation to JKP beforehand for evaluation and funding.

    Puan Azlina agreed to have the plants trimmed once every 2 months instead of the usual 4 months period. They also said that the clearing of all garden trash at the playground is under their responsibility. Same goes to the chopped big plant/branches.

    RA highlighted that there are too many big stones/rocks at the playground and at the empty land situated at Jalan Puteri 11/1A, which need clearing up as it is unsafe for children who played around these areas.
  1. Gated & Guarded
    • RA has finally received the proper acknowledgement from MPSJ PERANCANGAN thanks to the support of our MPSJ Councilor Cr. Chang Kim Loong.
    • RA has to furnish them with ROS Constitution, Plan to show the G & G site/area covered. 
    • RA has to furnish them with the TOL file reference and RA has checked with the Pejabat Tanah Petaling that they are in the process of preparing a letter to Perancangan to obtain their support before Land Office can approved our RA the TOL applied in May 2011. 
    • RA has already furnished them the 97% signed consensus

    Cik Rohana said that they have to discuss with the Engineering Dept. our request for
    • IKRAM Report on Slope Stability,
    • IKRAM Report confirming that entrance/exit cannot be relocated to Laman Puteri 3 and the reason why,
    • A copy of the Summarized Traffic Impact Study and
    • Soil Test report, before furnishing us a copy of it.

    • Cik Rohana said that no approval has been endorsed as yet.
    • Still waiting for the developer to furnish them with the report on various checks and will have to discuss in the OSC.

    • Cik Rohana said they will make necessary arrangement and let us know the date once they have it

    • RA has received 2 sets of Minutes for the abovementioned dates and will verify its accuracy

    RA highlighted the Club House build by IJM at the edge of the hilltop facing Puteri 11 Semi-Ds and located at the slope of Class IV can be a threat to Puteri 11 in future.
    Therefore RA asked if it is possible to build a Retention Wall or Rubble Wall as a protective measures and whose responsibility to do it? It’s IOI or MPSJ? En. Ariffuddin requested Perancang to check and to visit site.

    • RA has furnished 2 photos of the slope elaborating the degree of steepness of the slope of 35 degrees and 50 degrees with sign of land erosion. 1 photo to show the crack shown on Puteri Bayu Apartment’s Wall to Cik Rohana after the meeting.
    • RA highlighted that our slope is under category of between Class 3 and 4, which is not supposed or fit to have any developments or high density developments and requested her to convey this message to En. Hazman
    • Also RA stressed to Cik Rohana that under the Garis Panduan set by the Board of Planning (Negeri Selangor) stating that all building/development should construct from low land to high land, whereas for our area was constructed from High land to low land which is not substantial for Road and Drainage planning.
    • RA also elaborated that the development on land/slope categorized under Class 3 must not exceed 3- Storey (Bungalow, Semi-D or Terrace house) and MUST BE of low density.
    • Perancangan must also consider the Social Effect Analysis besides EIA. It is a MUST to carry out EIA for Class 3 too.
    • RA also request for confirmation from Perancangan the “Plinth” and the distant of the appropriate “Buffer Zone” between Puteri 11 and Puteri Hills Project. Cik Rohana will check and advise in the next meeting.

    Advised by Cik Rodhiah schedule for clearance is as follows;
    • Garden Waste – Every Tuesday and Thursday
    • Domestic Waste – Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
    • Grass cutting & Streets Sweeping– every 1st week and 3rd week of the month (3 days to complete task)
    • Drain cleaning – every 2nd week and 4th week of the month

  2. RA was requested to advise Puteri 11 residents to place the packed light and small garden waste at their front door and will be collected by Domestic Waste Truck instead of leaving it at the road side.
    • RA agreed and will notify residents accordingly.

  3. Self-Help Scheme
    • Mr. Chang highlighted this scheme to Puan Azlina and Cik Rodhiah that he will propose this scheme in their next meeting.
      He elaborated that RA will take full charge in hiring the labor for sweeping the streets in the Taman and also grass cutting. The funds assigned to the Main Contractor will be deducted and allocated to JKP accounts to pay all labor either to the RA concerned on the amount incurred or to the worker directly once this proposal is approved.
      Expected time of commencement: Probably in June 2012 (if approved) Puan Azlina and Cik Rodhiah agreed to it. Hence Cik Rodhiah will continue to supervise until changes are in place.
  1. RA thanks En. Ariffuddin and his subordinates to have 2 junction mirrors installed at the curve at Jalan Puteri 11/1A and the curve between Jalan 11/1 and 13. They can only provide 2 instead of 3 as they have to distributed funds fairly and accordingly.

  2. RA also highlighted the importance to have the Speed-breaker at the curve after the guardhouse

  3. En. Ariffuddin will instruct his team to check on the ponding occurred at the patched hump at Jalan Puteri 11/13 (in front of Hse 3 or 5). He suspected the lack of “Chamber”. If it is of this reason they will do the layer of chambering for water to flow.

  4. He highlighted to RA that this kind of problems is actually caused by residents especially with on-going renovation and car washing. Resident who intend to renovate their premises should first attend to them for consultation and they will be furnished with proper guideline and the knowhow to prevent the ponding situation. He requested RA to inform and to bring about the awareness to residents accordingly. RA will act accordingly.

  5. En. Ariffuddin assured us that he will not give any approval to IOI unless they have done the entire Slope Stability test and the stability of the retention wall situated along Jalan Puteri 11/1 as RA stresses the seriousness of Puteri 9 problem due to the crack of the retention wall.

  6. Alice has informed En. Ariffuddin that the rectification works on Jalan Puteri 11/1 was stopped and wanted to know from him if this work has to be carried out further.
  1. Puan Fauziah (RA member) brought to the attention of Jab. Kesihatan representative regarding the black water tanks (more than 10 barrel) lying around the empty land on jalan Puteri 11/1A (for couple of months) may become the mosquitos’ breeding ground.
    She requested MPSJ to issue notice to IOI or their contractor as we have forwarded various complaints but was to no avail.

    Chang then instructed Jab. Kesihatan to look into this matter promptly and to notify the party concerned with a specific time frame for clearance or otherwise Summons be issued if problem prolonged. MPSJ will also look into the seizure process.
  1. Alice addressed to the issue of new location of Communication Tower (Asiaspace) and intended to have the progressing feedback.
    She also stressed that RA cannot take any decision on this issue because RA requisite consensus from majority to have a clear and precise mandate.
    In such case she requested En. Azmi to facilitate a Q & A session between Datuk Ghani and P11 residents before installation take place, to avoid undesirable protest.

    Mr. Chang suggested the Q & A session to take place on our coming AGM on 29April, 2012.

    All parties agreed to this suggestion.

  2. En. Azmi said the Communication Tower (Asiaspace) will be placed at the new Site located between Puteri 12 and Puteri 11 access road (near to the water tank).
    Asiaspace has submitted their application to the Secretariat of State Government hence is waiting for the official grant of land to them for this purpose.
    He will comply with our request to have Datuk Ghani, CEO of Asiaspace to have the Q & A session during our AGM.
Meeting adjourned at 11.00am

Prepared by:

Alice Choo
Chairman of Puteri 11

Date: 25TH APRIL, 2012

MPSJ Councilor – Mr. Chang Kim Loong Amn
MPSJ Landskap – Puan Azlina MPSJ Engineering – En. Ariffuddin
MPSJ Perancangan – Cik Rohana
MPSJ Pembangunan – En. Azmi
MPSJ Perkhidmatan – Cik Rodhiah
MPSJ Kesihatan

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