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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Residents meeting on 13 June 2009

Dear All ,

Spoke to MPSJ no date yet until expiry date over. They will write to us. Based on some feedback they would prefer to deal with a RA .I explained it is the process,guys we have to rush the RA formation.

Letter to the MB should be sent by tomorrow.

Saturday 9.00AM hopely it is the best time to meet. Attendance from comitee members quite poor.We actually don't have time if they slot us in for the 22/6/2209 meeting.


Dear Residents,

We, the Action Committee Members of Bandar Puteri, Puchong, would like to seek your support in relation to the proposed development of an 18-Storey Condominium at a location opposite the existing Bayu Puteri Condominium.

We are in the midst of collecting names and signatures of all residents of Bandar Puteri, who are and will be affected by the above mentioned development. Therefore, we would appreciate it if each of your family members who are at and above the age of 18 years to fill in your name and signature at the form attached herewith.

Kindly return the form to us at the following:

  1. Meet us at the playground at 9:30 am on 13/6/09 or
  2. Drop the complete form at any one of the following addresses by 13/6/2009

If you would like us to keep you updated, kindly provide us your contact details:

Email Address : __________________________________________________

Hand phone No. : __________________________________________________

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