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Monday, June 15, 2009

IOI SalesOffice ShowModel displayed low-rise condominium

The following pictures were taken from IOI SalesOffice. The pictures clearly showed the condominium are low-rise, not the proposed high-rise of 18 to 19 floors. The displayed condos do not block the view of the houses at Puteri 11.


  1. how to get all puteri 11 owners to join this petition ? has to be all out to stop IOI from contructing high rise.

    Look at puchong jaya, not even a single piece of empty land being left out, resultant traffic jams, messy, no parking, & probably the living environment of puchong jaya is also deterioting fast !!

  2. Anonymous,

    You are right. I was wondering, can we be considered 'conned' if IOI does not follow their earlier blueprint? Can we use legal action against them if they change to a high rise building?

  3. pl bring this topic up with this picture when meeting MPSJ

    from the legal viewpoint, IOI have misled the buyers


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