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Friday, June 26, 2009

Traffic and parking problems at Puteri 11

We managed to take more photos of the traffic and parking problems at Bayu Puteri Apartment. The hazardous parking caused the roads to become narrow single lane for road users at Puteri 11. The authorities must resolve the road problems before allowing further development.


  1. Good shots. I did comment this to IOI but their senior management personel mentioned that they have tried increasing the car parks at the road sides (which is true) and he claimed many house owners who have more than 1 car relunctant to pay extra for another car park bay within Bayu compound. They prefer to get free car park outside the apartment which jammed up the road for all Puteri 11 residents. It's really ashame for both IOI, Bayu management and MPSJ for not thinking ahead!

  2. We face this parking problems everyday until the authorities find a solution.

  3. well, plenty of units are being leased out and that explains why they are not getting the 2nd car park.
    well, on the other hand, if those who bought and stay, but refuse to buy another one and thinking of enjoying the free one, then we will have to invite MPSJ to come to make sure that they ended up paying more than renting another lot.

  4. Raymond said...
    .... we pay more than puteri 12, but they get a "luxury" two ways highway up to their door step, what do we get?

    it's not really you pay more than Puteri 12 if you go back and study economic. how many units in Puteri 11 & how many in Puteri 12? Pls study before making accusation.

  5. sorry XXX,

    I am not referring to all of the Puteri 12 residents, but IOI for that planning.

    we are being victimised, and that is out voice of for happy. at least I am open and using my own name. ok?

    sorry once again, nothing persona.

  6. In reality, Puteri 11 and 12 owners want a proper solution from IOI. If worse, all Puteri 11 users will just skip the Bayu Puteri entrance and use the Puteri 12 entrance instead. This will cause problems for everyone.

  7. Not sure whether this is a feasible solution. I have suggested to IOI previously that maybe we can build the guard house right before the junction to Bayu Puteri and Puteri 11. This will only allow Puteri 11 residents and cars with proper parking in Bayu Puteri to enter, thus avoiding other cars to park illegally at the slope. IOI said they do not have the authority to do so and we need to get approval from the relevant authority. I believe it will only partially solve the solution as those irresponsible people will still park at the side of the main road but i guess it is safer than parking at the slope which has so many blind spot and only 1 lane for each direction where as the main road has 2 lanes for each direction with proper divider. Just a suggestion for consideration.

  8. Good photos taken !! Welldone !!

    We must expect the unexpected cars rushing out from Bayu Appartment everytime as long as we use this slope. Especially when we go back to Puteri 11.

    I believe everyone will agree with this statement.


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