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Friday, February 18, 2011

1st EGM to be held on the 5th March 2011 at 5.00pm

Venue: Children Playground / Park

Dear Resident,

This EGM is called for the following issues:
  1. Constitution amendment on several clauses that requires your consent
  2. Increase of security fee by RM 10.00 with effect from the 3rd quarter (from RM 50 to RM 60).
  3. The control of new car sticker
  4. Security
  5. Inconsiderate parking attitude
  6. Dog faeces
  7. Cleanliness of the taman
  8. Appointed road reps and new sub committee member Mr Paul
  9. Up to date account
  10. Blog termination - new website (www..............) created
  11. Other matters
I shall be most grateful if you can make yourself free to attend this meeting as it is really important due to various changes and measures we are going to act on, with hope to enhance a better living environment and a stronger understandings between you and the RA committee members.

You are required to confirm your attendance to me at

Without you, your support and commitment, we cannot succeed.

"Unity is strength"

Thanking you all

Alice Choo
RA Chairman


  1. Dear Residents,
    Regret to note that there is a little confusion created on the EGM Notice in both the English and Chinese version due to the translation discrepancy made.

    I wish to rephrase my line i.e. I shall appreciate if you can confirm me your attendance to allow us to order the correct size of the tent and number of chairs so the monies are spend correctly

    I repeat, it is highly appreciated if you can confirm me your attendance, if possible, please.

    Thank you


  2. May i know why the security fee is raise to RM60? but puteri 12 is still remain RM50.
    What is the usage for this extra RM10?

  3. Dear Daphne,

    Before I reply to your query, may I suggest you to attend our meeting in near future because whatever listed in the agenda will be well elaborated and is transparent.

    FYI Pse, Puteri 12 is twice of our residency scale. We have now recruited 6 guards instead of 5 due to a more fair and justified supervision of our Taman.

    Futhermore, our security fee will be increased from $3.80 to $4.00 effectively June 2011, which supposed to be increased from May 2011, as we succeeded in the negotiation.

    May I stress to you that our increase to you resident is only from July onward, whereby RA is going to cover the extra expenses incurred for June 2011.

    However, by end of March you are going to receive our 1st quarter report and copy of the account for your reference.

    The current collection we have had its just enough to cover the security fees. The saving of the $7,500.00 (half month saving from January 2011) has now used to pay for:

    1) 16 cones
    2) 2 tents and 150 chairs for EGM
    3) 24 police/MPSJ stickers for cone
    4) Toilet flushes for guard house
    5) Washing sinks for guard house
    6) Filter for guard house
    7) Bulb & other electrical appliances for guard house
    8) Stationeries (photocopying all notices)
    9) Photos for all requests made to MPSJ
    10) Phone Prepaid Reload for guard house
    11) All the old RA expenses for AGM 2011
    12) SYABAS deposit & water installation fee
    13) Old RA reimbursement
    14) Banner and electrical (PA) used by old RA

    Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at 017 320 4619 or to our Treasurer Mr. Ng 012 612 6079.

    Thanking you
    Alice Choo


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