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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beware Of Good Samaritans

Hello Resident,

This is a FIRST PERSON story, not hearsay.

Last Saturday, 17-09-11 (Ci Hang 25th Anniversary Charity Dinner), at about 11.30 am as I was driving to Thean Hou Temple to see how the arrangements go, just near the Federal Auto/Volvo show room, a motorcyclist started to hoot at me and gesturing that something was wrong with my car. Then he passed me by and went on his way.

A few seconds later, another motorcyclist with a pillion rider also came by, this time on my left and started hooting and shouting at me. I slowed down and rolled down the window and asked what was the problem. He shouted in Bahasa that my front wheel brake was leaking with brake oil and he wanted me to stop the car so that he can fix it.

In my mind, stopping on a road with heavy traffic is certainly not the best thing to do and further more what can he do for me, if the problem is a serious one. So I shouted back that I am nearing my destination, without telling him that I was going to Thean Hou Temple. I drove on wary of the 'brake problem'. Seeing that I was gathering speed and making the turn that leads to the Brickfield Police Station (and Thean Hou Temple), they did not follow. At that moment I was rather grateful to these guys (of dark complexion - needless to say you know who, we are not suppose to be racist) .

When I parked the car at Thean Hou Temple, I went and have a look at the front wheel. Sure enough, there were several drops of brake fluid. I was convinced that the brake caliber was leaking and so called Chee Wah to get me a bottle of brake fluid on his way to Thean Hou Temple.

When Chee Wah came with the brake fluid, Lee Gim Hee and I went to refill the brake fluid, but surprised to find the brake fluid container in the car still full! To cut a long story short, when I sent the car to the mechanic on 23-09-11, the mechanic could not find any leakages. Fishy situation, I thought.
Now is the real situation. When I golfed with my friends on 24-09-11, I related the story to them and one of them who stayed at Taman Seputeh said that I was lucky for not stopping otherwise, I could have been robbed. He further added that many residents at Taman Seputeh and the Brickfield areas, especially ladies, have fallen victims and robbed, when they stopped to 'receive' help from these 'samaritans'.

So be alert whenever you are being approached in this manner and in any places, not just Brickfield areas. As long as your car can go, move on and get to the nearest mechanic to check it out, rather than trust some strangers.

P11 residents, so be awared.

RA 11

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