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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guards SOP

Mohan / Khoo / Pua / Leo,

Please make sure our guard are all well informed that all P12 residents without new stickers and visitors of P12 have to be registered. NO need to hold their licence if they are P12 residents and MUST write down their address too.


I suggest guard at the access road will help at the main guard hse frm 9am to 4pm on 5/10/2011.


must have yr supervisor to help ensuring smooth operation and trafic flow.

TQ SOP must carried out strictly.

cc P12 Allan

IOI will start repair the road from the guardhse down the slope on Wed (5.10.11). The exit lane will be closed to all traffic from 9am-4pm. Pls exit thru Puteri 11.

Thanks Allan

cc Alice P11

1 comment:

  1. It seems that residents of Bayu Puteri started to park at the road side even with "No Parking" sign.

    Wondering why it was cleared some time ago and now the problem resurfaced?


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