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Friday, January 6, 2012

White Ants Issues with IOI

Hi all,

I made a complaint with IOI re the white ants issues at my house. I was informed that the 5 year warranty period started in June 2006 therefore it is OVER.
  1. Warranty start date is when their contractor did soil treatment and not when we purchased the property or when we took vacant possession. When I bought my house their staff told me that its 5 years warranty
  2. I took vacant possession in June 2008 therefore 3 years 7 months only
  3. The Star and Malaysiakini is helping me out on this issue and i have engaged a lawyer also
Due to whiteants my roof is leaking (roof tiles have moved due to lack of support)

Residence, in the newer unit still have some warranty left (Nadia and Nadia2 no more warranty)(Olivia and Primrose still have warranty)

ps : Here i go against again with IOI...

1st issue was refund of booking (booked Lilac) they refused to return the booking eventually they gave in (The Star and my lawyer called them (Christine))

2nd issues was the Condo issue

In fact had small issue of the plastering issues ( small bulges on the walls)

Well folks there never a boring day in Bandar Puteri....

Happy New Year and Gong Xi Fa Chai

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