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Friday, February 24, 2012

Meeting At MPSJ On 27 Feb 2012, 3pm To Discuss About The Removed Comm-tower In Puteri 12

Dear resident,

I have just received an invitation from MPSJ to attend the captioned meeting on next Monday, 3.00pm with YB Gobind, YB Teresa, Telco officers, MPSJ, Puteri 12 and probably Puteri 9 RA and residents for an open dialogue pertaining to the problems we are facing since the Comm-tower was removed.

Since most of you have been sufferings due to the poor and no signal most of the time, I think this is the best opportunity to have your voice heard rather than complaining to MCMC or MAXIS or DIGI or to me at times.

Please come along to gain and to regain the line, the signal and the proper frequency we supposed to have.

It might not necessary be installed in Puteri 12 but we had to have the tower back.

27th Feb (Monday) is the day for the Authority to acknowledge your pain towards the problems of having the comm-tower removed and to achieve a positive solution for you and everybody around.


As usual, I am most glad if you can confirm your participation to me soonest possible, please.


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  1. This action is similar to activity taken by pro-Lynas group. People are protesting at one end and you are supporting at the other end.


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