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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lost Dogs Found

Recovered the last one in kajang Utama at 1.30 am this morning.

Dear All,

I have located the orange car and also 2 of my missing dogs tonight Monday 19th November in Kajang.. The small Jack Russel and one of the German shepherds. The other is still not returned yet and I have given the dog nappers until 6 pm tommorow to produce it or face the consequences. I believe that male german shepherd was sold but recoverable.

Thanks to everyone for the tips. I have travelled far and wide to locate the dogs. I have visited practically all the Security Guardsposts in Wawasan/Puchong jaya and Bandar Puteri who were more than helpful.

Many thanks to Makkal Osai the Tamil daily and its Puchong Bureau Reporter Mr Gopi for coming to my assistance and running the story today. I have to really thank Makkal Osai for ending my anguish these last 3 weeks.


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