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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Puteri Hills pollution

Dear All ,

We, the residents of Bandar Puteri, wish to lodge a complaint against the Developer (IOI Properties) on the New Development of Town Houses being built at Puteri Hills.

The foundation works being carried out at the moment has inconvenient us, the residents at Bandar Puteri, as it has polluted our environment with dust particles which are being blown into our houses daily even behind closed doors. Our yard is forever dusty.

The environment has become very dusty, unhealthy and unbearable whereby we can’t do our simplest everyday chore like drying our laundry,  children with asthmatic problem are not allow to go outdoors because of the dust, etc.

We have enclosed herewith a video clip of the actual situation we are facing daily.  We hope the Chairperson of Bandar Puteri and Department of Environment are able to assist us to find an amicable solution with the Developer to our problem.

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  1. Dear Residents of Puteri 11,

    Pleased be informed hoardings will be put up along the stretch of Persiaran Puteri and Jln Puteri 11/1 bordering the boundaries of the project and works have already commenced as can be seen at the site. In addition, we have also instructed the contractor to control the dust level by using geotextile layer with water spray whilst the soil nailing drilling works are ongoing. We sincerely apologise to all our residents for the inconvenience caused during this period and seek your kind understanding in this matter.

    On behalf of the management of IOI


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