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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Puteri Hills to put on halt

Dear Sirs,

Re: Puteri Hills Project

With reference to our last meeting with IOI and MPSJ on Thursday 6th September, 2012, 9.30 AM at Bilik Kenanga Aras 1, wherein your goodself and the  developer agreed to look into incorporating into  the above project some of our comments/requests to alleviate the anticipated hardships, traffic flow and problems faced by the residents prior to commencement of constructions works thereon, namely ;
  1. security measures to prevent double parking along Jalan Puteri 11/1
  2. placement of road dividers and curbs along Puteri 11/1 to prevent illegal double parking
  3. the new drawings with scale/plans for the road widening as follows;
    • proposed widening of the road along Jalan Puteri 11/1 adjoining Puteri 11
    • proposed widening of the junction and it’s scale
    • proposed widening of the new T-Junction
  4. the plan/drawing for the relocation of our guardhouse
  5. the plan of our new guardhouse and it’s beautification
  6. the replacement of Puteri 11 Granite signage with a bigger one
  7. the drawings of 50 new car park lots for Puteri Bayu apartment
  8. the location and number of lamp posts along Jalan Puteri 11/1
  9. the confirmation of rejection of the ingress/egress for Hartamas’s new project facing Laman Puteri 3 (opposite Puteri Bayu)
  10. installation of  all restriction signages along Jalan Puteri 11/1
  11. to rectify the cracks along the principal road Jalan Puteri 11/1 (inside Puteri 11)
  12. to rectify/confirm that there is no blockage on the drainage pipes installed on the retention wall of the said principal and that they are in working condition.
Therefore we think that this development should rightfully be put on halt until we see the new submitted plans and an agreement reached with all parties concerned. But thus far, you have not shown us any updates regarding these matters raised at the meeting.

Furthermore, we have yet to receive the two amended Minutes of 16 February and 28 March, 2012 plus the latest minutes for 6 September, 2012 and nevertheless I was told by En.Shahrin that these 3 sets of Minutes is no where to be found as they were purportedly with our Cr. Chang Kim Loong AMN as claimed.

We therefore shall be most obliged if you can kindly furnish us all these Minutes and also to arrange a date for us to view the new submitted plans/drawings at your earliest convenience.

We repeat, please direct the developer to suspend their development works in the meantime until we meet for achieving the final agreement based on this latest new plan/drawings as discussed on the 6th September, 2012.

Thanking you for your kind attention.

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

c.c.  CR. Chang Kim Loong AMN
        YB Gobind Singh – MP Puchong
        YB Teresa Kok
        En. Ir Ariffuddin – Timbalan Pengarah Kejuruteraan
        En. Choo & Soo -  Chairman Puteri Bayu

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  1. I think MPSJ has approved the project as the construction plan signboard is already erected in front of the recently tiled road. Basically, there will be 1 block of 20 storeys condominium and 120 blocks of 4+1 storeys of townhouse.


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