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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Puteri 11 Residents Association Logo

Dear all residents,

This is one of the suggested logo for our soon-to-be formed Puteri 11 Residents Association.

Please give comment.


  1. Very simple & nice

  2. Propose to have the words of "Persatuan Penduduk" in this logo

  3. Hmm... personally, I think flower is been over-used in many residents association logo. Plus, the 3 names doesn't has anything to do with flower.

    Just an suggestion. Maybe we can keep it simple by using a bold & strong typo only :)

  4. should have a hill in the pic since we are one of the few who have a hillside

  5. yeah, i agree.

    We are one of the priviledge few who have a panoramic hillside view (besides Puteri 12).

    The logo should take advantage of this

    A flower logo has is so normal

  6. Besides the hillside, you can add a sunrise/sunset to it.

    Puteri 11 has a breathtaking view of sunrise/sunset !


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