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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Current Updates and Moving forward

In recent days this blog has received many comments and views on the performance (or lack of it) of RA and request for updates. We welcome and accept all such views.

The RA members are just residents like you and me who are concerned with Puteri 11 issues and have volunteered to join the RA to help resolve the issues so that Puteri 11 can be a better place for us all to live in. The RA never join for personal nor monetary gains.

  • Protest against proposed condominium development. The RA has submitted the protest letters to the MPSJ, Menteri Besar, IOI. MPSJ is now waiting for Environmental report from IOI. We have no update from any party.

  • Narrow access road. The Bayu Puteri owners parked at the roadside due to lack of parking within the condo compound. The frustration affects all of us including Bayu Puteri owners. A long term solution is not possible now until we know the outcome from the proposed condominium development.

  • Hill base secondary guard house. Creating a hill-base secondary guard house will not stop the owners from parking at the roadside as the Bayu Puteri owners are victim in this situation too. Also, it is illegal.

  • IOI to build Multi storey car park for Bayu Puteri. We believe that such car park will be expensive to build. IOI is not obligated to such building. Anyway, such request should come from Bayu Puteri owners, not Puteri 11.

  • Speed bumps. Speed bumps cost money, up to few hundred ringgit per bump. If the residents agree, RA will collect the money and install it. (Speed bumps at Puteri 12 are installed using funds collected from residents)

  • RA formation. The committee applied to the ROS for the formation of the RA. The ROS has not approved our application and until such time there is no RA yet in Puteri 11.

  • Monthly gotong-royong. The RA should organize monthly gotong-royong to clean the surroundings of Puteri 11. Hopefully more residents will come forward and participate.

  • Additional security guards. Currently the security guards are provided by IOI. We may emulate Puteri 12 where the RA hires an additional group of guards but this requires monthly fees from all residents. Also, primrose owners are yet to move in and this too do affect the fees involved.

  • Door-to-door visit. The RA did door-to-door visit once to collect signatures. As more residents move in, the RA will need more volunteers to cover more streets. Also, primrose owners will move in soon too.

  • Flyers and Leaflets. If residents feel that flyers and leaflets are important, the RA will collect fees from residents to print monthly flyers and leaflets.

  • Transparency and equality. Puteri 11 RA has always been very transparent and all info is available online at the blog. Resident comments are welcome except those vulgar and rude against other residents. The RA is for all residents and all residents are equally important to the RA.

  • Support for RA. We may have differing views/opinions but we are still one big Puteri 11 family. Not all will support the RA. The RA will strive harder to convince the non-supporters that it is worth to support the RA.

  • Moving forward, we welcome any resident to come forward to contribute or take-over the RA for the benefit of all in Puteri 11. The RA is open to all who share the common vision to make Puteri 11 a better place to live in.

    The author of this blog is not a RA committee member, just a normal resident like you. But the author do contributes in every way possible to support the RA in the believe that every resident is obligated to help the RA. Similarly many residents too do support the RA by providing updates, photos, visit to MPSJ, etc. The RA appreciates such support and are thankful to the residents.

    A better home is not just within your house compound but include the surroundings and the environments. It is a vicious cycle. Residents don't support RA because RA is not doing enough. RA is not doing enough because there is no support from the residents.

    I would like to end this with our Puteri 11 logo. The logo is simple but meaningful. It symbolizes the unity of all residents in making a beautiful flower out of Puteri 11.


    1. OK la, since now you guys in RA have managed to come up with official statements on most of the concerned issues; I wont hold this back for you, KUDOS to puteri 11 RA

      I rest my case for time being, always concerned and watchful over scenarios :D

      THE ROCK

    2. Please continue to keep this updated from time to time, this would be very helpful to avert any possible misunderstandings coming from fellow residents :D

      All the best GUYs, appreciated.


    3. Thank you for your understandings and support. I personally apologize to you all for deleting your comments but I was left with no choice as the comments are overboard and rude to our fellow residents.

      We welcome you to continue to give us suggestions and ideas. The RA is not perfect but we will continue to improve.

      Once again, thank you for visiting Puteri 11 blog.

    4. Thank you and kudos to Puteri 11 RA. We as residents of Puteri 11 wish to have the common goal - Make Puteri 11 a better place to stay. Let's work together to make this a reality.

    5. OK la, since all the taikors agreed, I also rest my arguements :d

      kudos to all :D


    6. Dear Mr puchong puteri 11

      I thank you truly for the updates as i sincerly hope more residents from puteri 11 come forward to serve and support.

      You have truely set an excellent example for many of us that also proof to us, you dont need to be a RA to contribute on what you are good at!

      Pls allow me to voice out some thing here

      I and my sub committee member total 3 of us, actually took a tour go from one house to one house home visit, nothing less than then 2 times per house, but some i did it during the night, cos some of them not in

      For those residents i met personally, not only i called them to sign on the petition, also i URGE each of every one pls COME FORWARD to participate themselves as a committee members for Puteri 11, some i even need to beg and convince them.

      With my record i covered 100% of the houses (those vacant)in our taman except the new houses on Primrose and Olivia.

      For those i never meet them, i left the leaftlet stick to their main gate (make sure each and everyone will not missed our message what we want to deliver )

      1) Protest the high rise Condo

      2) We need committees and formation of RA

      3) Make known to each and everyone where and how to locate us.

      4) ask all those person which i spoken to DONT FORGET to pass the message to their next door neighbour or residents they know to come forward during our meeting time.

      I appologized if i have not tried hard enough, that most of the people technically SHOULD BE WELL INFORMED about our activities and meetings.

      This is to cover some of your queries on (house to house visit)

      Lately 2 to 3 months ago

      Our committe actually seeking for willing volunteers, i spent quite sometime on calling each individual houses and ask for a or 2 representatives from each Jalan to be team leader of each road of the house.

      So our purpose is .. if we got any improtant updates or activities, just to inform these few handful of ppl and he or she will help to pass the message to each individual house (but only cover for their own row of houses)

      Rather only base on 1 or 2 person to pass thru all the message house to house visit for few hundred houses ... in long term it is not an good idea just to texting on one person, best if we can have few backups (bcos our man power is so limitted, each member has to hold quite a major responsibilty)

      I stopped trying on the 3rd row of houses after i called each individual, rason was


      Everyone is hoping ... their neighbour or someone else to take up the post

      ONLY one guy call me so far that he wants to volunteer to be the TEAM LEADER for his row of house ... JALAN 11/11

      Dear Residents ... now i voice up openly, we desperately need one or 2 TEAM LEADER from each JALAN able to come forward to represent their own JALAN. Their duties is to pass messages to the whole row of their houses if any news need to deliver.

      Those volunteers pls post up ur name, ur address and hp numbers in this blogs, to introduce yourself and make known to residents here, or just call (if you prefer ur information P&C)

      Ling Ling at 0133672001 or
      email me at
      house add : No 16, 11/11

      Wishing you all all the BEST !

    7. Great updates!

      UNDERTAKER, like I said you made a difference here. Come lah, let's join their Sunday meeting to contribute ideas, we really need people like you, Holk, The Rock, The Saint who can see things from different perspective.

      For the Gotong Royong, I have one suggestion. We need more trees lah near the hill side to make our neighbourhood greener. My friend told me can request MPSJ to plant more trees one, let me send in a request. Will update you guys.

      Mr. FIRE

    8. Thank you RA for the updates!

      However, point #1 states that "MPSJ is now waiting for Environmental report from IOI"....this might be MPSJ procedure but IMHO, environmental report should come from a neutral party, not the developer.

    9. Dear Residents

      To add on something i forgot to mention earlier,

      For those who often read this blog, let more ppl know by telling your neighbours about this blog ... Living in the era of IT, encourage paperless practice to help the environmental, saving Residents printing money ( if Residents insists flyers and leaflets ) and save everyone valuable time is surely a good practice.

      Dear Residents .. besides reading and knowing what's happen to Puteri 11, can you just start the ball rolling by offering your time to help ..

      YES ! YOU ! Dear Residents !... in so many ways we truly need your action and participation.

      When MORE residents willing to work closely hand in hand, treating each other just like a big family. I trust everyone here agree with me Puteri 11 is truly a better place to stay

      Best Wishes
      ling ling

    10. Hi Guys,

      Its good to have ironed our some issues, I will drop by whenever I have time on Sunday :D

      Dun worry you will know who the HULK is who I come hehe


    11. hahaha, maybe should have some ppl organise makan too :D preferably during sunday meetups, gotong royong stuff:D

      mr. makan


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