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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Install speed bumps at Puteri 11

Checked with IOI all roads in Puteri 11 except Primrose has been handed over to MPSJ. If we plan to build the speed bump we need to give the specs and location for approval. Or else will get a notice to remove like Puteri 12 RA has got for Jln 12/10.

Pricing can range from RM600 to RM1500 per speed bump. Let's do some survey and get actual price quotes from vendor and compare.

Regarding the residents not paying is something the RA has to decide based on the contribution and funds we have at our disposal. Development of Puteri 11 cannot stop just because a few residents want everything free.

Lets focus on stage 1, the winding road that connects Puteri 12 to 11, right down to Bayu Apt and the straight road that connects Nadia 2 (houses facing Puchong) to the Bayu Apt. I think this would be a quick win.

We can focus on individual roads that connects the houses later on.

If need mpsj agreement, why mpsj is not bearing the cost, but the resident? we pay cukai pintu every year and mpsj has the responsibility to maintain common areas and ensure road safety. sounds not rational for community to pay, isn't it??!!

Below are images of RA-installed speed bumps from Puteri 12.


  1. just to clarify my comment earlier, i m not against the installation of speed bump. i m wondering, if mpsj approve the speed bump, indirectly it means they also accept the residents argument tat speed bump is indeed required. if they approved, then why the need community to bear extra cost? puteri-11 area is not under strata title, so it's mpsj responsibilities to act, right?

  2. I have observed the last road of olivia 11/1A on both ends require immediate speed bumps at least, n also along the long road that goes straight along from the old guard house to Nadia

  3. I agreed that a speed bump is needed along Jalan 11/1A before reaching the old guard house. There were a few instances where cars were speeding towards the old guard house when residences coming from Nadia have to be extra careful. Some of them just simply don't stop!

    Hope this could be looked into. Thank you.

  4. I am not sure why MPSJ does not do this, we can find out but if they dont they dont. In this country to make a policy change and protest/appeal MPSJ or any goverment agencies to look into these things take time.
    By the time all this is done and dusted with, we would have lost a couple of lives on the road already from the daily FI drivers in Puteri 11.
    By the way, webmaster, whoever you are, great job on the photos and the initiative taken to put these pictures up and putting a current and relevant topic up for people to share their views.
    Besides speed bumps, which to me is the number 1 quick win we can do for Puteri 11, the second menace I noticed recently is the number of stray cats, coachroaches and rats that are growing in population.
    When I first moved in, there was not a single stray cat in sight. I remember telling my wife, this is much better than USJ which has cats and rats. But now, things has changed.
    First came 1 cat, followed by another which multiplied to kittens, and as for rats, this is something that I noticed lately as well running through our drains. Coachroaches is another menace I noticed a lot in my neighbours house.
    What are the thoughts of the rest of you folks on this?

  5. According to knowledge, road/speed hump can be done 2 way:
    1) Request from MPSJ to install - need to write in letter with group signature from the residents to MPSJ to justify/reason why the speed/road hump is needed on that particular area. approval depends on budget availability and importance.

    2. Own installation - if no one in our area complaint to MPSJ on the road/speed hump, it will permanently installed.

    On the speed hump design, the idea design is at the Persiaran Wawasan road. The road from LDP turning up to Pusat Bandar Puchong (right after the new Bomba building)

  6. Dear all residents,

    Off topic a bit. It is about the traffic in front of Bayu Puteri apartment. It is getting serious nowadays; everytime I drive I have to pray that there won't be any F1 driver coming.

    To prevent illegal parking at roadside, do you think MPSJ can install those plastic lane divider in the middle of the road along Putri 11/1 up until our guard house. While this will narrowing the road but that can prevent illegal parking at road side (since we are limiting the space).

    I believe the traffic problem not only affecting us but also residents from Bayu Puteri. Maybe we can work together on that?

  7. i guess everybody is waiting for accidents to happen on this, bayu puteri resident care less abt parking along the 2 sides of the road, up down hill drivers, learning the skill to RALLY :d hahahaha

  8. What is the purpose of setting up speed bump!!! Have nothing to do or try to make money for car workshop!!!This is all depends on the driver attitute.


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