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Saturday, October 10, 2009

New DAP Puchong Service Centre dinner

The new DAP Puchong Service Centre has opened yesterday at Jalan Kenari, Bandar Puchong Jaya and the Puteri 11 committee members had attended the Puchong MP Gobind Singh's dinner.

The committee will continue to work closely with the local authorities and representatives to ensure the many issues currently affecting Puteri 11 are fairly and expeditely resolved.


  1. has the Puteri 11 committe resolved the new condo building issue and altogether the every day squeezing through the tiny curvy updown hill road next to bayu puteri ?

    i m a fan of Pakatan, however pls help us to get things done instead of some kiss ass posting, dat things had already been done ? its simply just not good enough

  2. dear anonymous

    if you think you can do a better job than the current committee please go ahead and join the committee and contribute instead of bitching around. nobody owes you anything. i think the current committee (unpaid volunteers) is doing a good job please keep it up.

  3. It is fine to give comments here. Do you have any suggestion on how things can be done better? What can you do to help us move forward?

    Btw, please use proper word; respect other readers of this blog and you will be respected.

  4. Dear All,

    Please keep politics and political affiliation out of the Puteri 11 RA. Please mind your language! I suggest the person below who commented to seek out MPSJ on the problems as mentioned. Maybe the authority could be of better help to him/her. I have long mulled on the idea of selling my property due to the impending condos and the existing narrow road that leads to Puteri 11. I finally abandoned the idea of selling.
    I would like to share my experience whilst in the midst of wanting to sell, I have come across many parties very interested to purchase and we could actually pick up between 20% to RM25% in gain. Maybe the anonymous below should sell his/her property if the impending project + narrow windy road are eating into him/her. Life goes on! Enjoy ourselves, pick up some profit by selling and move to a more secluded area with little or no traffic.
    As to the RA commitee members, good work so far. I can commend this group has full of drive and initiative. Thank you RA comittee for keeping us (especially me) in the loop.

    Very appreciatively,

  5. From a mere number of 4 postings, that has already revealed the fools living within us, I am truly amazed, if a blog can only be sang with scores of praises with feel good factors, are we just enshrining ourselves to look within ? perhaps its time for us to consider the actual issues that has been going truly instead.

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  7. Dear Anonymous

    Here is i want to speak up, when ppl commenting on actual issue, educated and civilzed ppl will not choose to use vulgar words. Everyones know the RA in Puteri 11, has done whatever they could to do all the right things to improve the quality staying in Puteri 11, including you today by saying vulgar words to the RA, is going to benefit the fruits one day in near future.

    Since you feel puteri 11 RA is not up to your expectation, that they did not do enough, let you become one of the RA, let the residents knows your ideas, your hard work, your contributions interms of expences and weekend time with your family ...???

    Pls do not judge ppl too soon that Puteri 11 RA is not doing their job by looking into the current issues

    You should be ashamed of yourself as a resident of Puteri 11, never come forward to offer yourself and ask .. what can i do for the people, rather sitting there scoulding everyone what can others do for you..

    i agree with one of the resident said ... please use proper word; respect others and you will be respected.

    You get some comments from Tan Sri Datuk Sri Khaw by moving out if you dont like Purtei 11, dont you realised that, is just because you dont know how to respect others in the 1st place

    Respect is something you cannot demand... but earned !!

    to ... RA in Puteri 11 .. keep up the good work and YOU ARE JUST GREAT !!

    Have a nice day !!

  8. Hi fellow residents,

    Let's be calm and focus on current issues. On the aspect on why the "kiss ass" comment has been raised, I personally has encountered similar events on the curvy road; yes Mr. Khaw has his points in self tolerance act and live well perspective, however perhaps the recommendation in asking the person to move out is poorly undefined. Please remember we all own our properties due to our own given rights, therefore I feel mutual respect has to be given likewise.

    Coming to the points of contributing to the RA, well let us take a step backwards and recount the events; a lot may have been said towards the person, I do not likewise welcome and agree on such harsh comments. However I do feel sometimes a little bit of whipping can keep things in check.

    Last but not least, I do not support such verbal abusive remarks neither do I agree in given blind support to events without check.
    My only concerns are to have a better created living environment which I believe all residents are looking forward too.

    Cheers and peace to all :)

  9. may i suggest to those who belittle RA's efforts in making a better Puteri-11:

    #1. come forward, attend committe meeting and contributes positively.

    #2. write down your name (evev better with house no) here so that RA commitees able to attend/listen to your frustrations & ideas to move forward.

    By just complaining does not move us forward. You must do something.

  10. Dear Anonymous who posted your blog on 12/10 9.35pm

    Well said !

  11. Dear Anonymous October 10, 2009 8:10 PM,
    Action speaks louder than words. Please get yourself registered with Puteri 11 RA and be part of the committee. Don't just be an armchair critic.

    Dick Tracy

  12. From the Marvel Hero quoted : "Great power comes with greater responsibilities"....I cant feel the same but wondering if any of the RA ppl could discern this any better ?

    When somebody makes a remark, this has termed out to become abusive or even as a complaint;

    Since when did a blogspot which is meant to sound out concerns intendedly however turn out shortly and becoming a (road)"block" to possible whistleblowing instead ?

    Faced with the actual REALITY, (yes kindly allow me to highlight this); RA n blogsters who are pro-RA at least, could ONLY keep commenting and daring fellow residents, stop the bitching and join the RA slogan; for this, in the first place, how on earth did I even consented you of being my RA ? this was given to you in goodwill and trust, turning out when complaints were made; Instead I am being told to stop bitching ? or worse still some silly advise to sell off property ?

    If the current RA could take sometime to examine the milestones of their achievement ? If any ? perhaps lets start off with the BIG DAP dnr photo ? I believe more were to benefit from the actual REALITY issues that are bugging us all : ~ bayu puteri parking ~guard alertness ~guardpost ~speedbumps ~condo building etc etc.

    I dare any of you RA or pro-RA, apart from your so called taunts in joining RA or whatsoever, take sometime to reflect upon your actual capabilities, if you cannot do your JOB, yes I mean it, please do not keep the seat warm and ever challenging barking remarks ie. "come join the RA, yadda yadda bla bla..."

    puteri11 THE ROCK

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  15. This is getting hillarious, but come to a point too good to be ignored. Exactly my DIRECT QUESTIONS to the RA, I have equal concerns too.

    What has been done for to the following points raised earlier ?

    1. upcoming condo
    Any normal sighted person can see in the home page there is a request to participate in protesting the condos building, but what and where are the updates ?

    2. illegal parking and dangerous road winding condition
    Am I going to start selling my property just like the OLD FOOL KHIAW has said? or to all who does continue to stay on in puteri 11 to abide and share his view, move on and enjoy the scenary and experience knowingly such concerns but yet disregard the effects ?

    3. Speedbums, security checks points, breakins, dengue
    The above are truly points of concerns, has enough been done ? What exactly are the recommended preventive course of actions ? I did not include things like slippers with dog poo though, which I felt only minors with petty characters or underdeveloped mindsets would be interested amidst of all the imminent issues are on going still.

    4. RA effective ? pro RA vs anti RA
    I am not interested in deciding if RA is good to continue or should anything drastic like the recent MCA EGM has been called for; nevertheless, what exactly has the RA done ? please do not reply and start calling the holy duties of us residents to attend mandatorily; in a way, there should be pro active mediums of communications to communicate with ALL puteri11 residents ie. E news letter, BLOG post ups, emails, newsletters. Coming to this, I just cant help to redress my views on this blog, for goodness sake please post things of concerns, and not just dogpoo tainted slippers or dirtied walkways, unless the author is just some cleanliness freak.

    5. DAP dnr page
    What exactly is the objective for the author to post up such a dnr photo ? To show that our area MP is constantly in contact with us ? For what ? to listen and understand our reasonable concerns and resolve them ? or is this just some sort of self gratification to show the YB with your pathetic face ? Why do I say so ? Not exactly that I miss such events, trust me I had bigger more prominent dnrs, and the VIPs; so if you are not after such shallow agenda to KISS ASS with YBs, why would you not even post a picture of your family dnr ? but come to such dnr with YBs ? Forgive my ignorance, but I just cannot help to discern likewise.

    6. RA effectiveness AGAIN
    I seriously hope NOT to see the kind of challenges of joining RA, or armchair critics whatever; in my opinion, if you cannot be effective, at least start learning to LISTEN enough. If I have to join in and start doing your job, what exactly are you there for ? YB dnr photos ? open house photos ? dog shit postings ? come on, lets get serious.

    Yes, we humans all love compliments and shun complaints, but in a way, true and sincere ones will improve our standard of living and way of life.


  16. Seems like you guys have a lot of complaints and concerns. After so many postings, do you guys realize that none of you managed to write any positive suggestion or contribution to move things forward. It is good that you guys know we face lots of problems in Puteri 11 but how about do something about it?

  17. hahaha u funny la, wan suggestions and contributions from ppl who complain? easy la, but the point is, the RA committee should come out with a channel, no channel how to feedback, moreover, who knows how they would take feedback like ? later term it as more n further bitching, worse still more request to move out, in short, if in here cyberspace also can have so much of SELF DENIAL and only heaping on feel good factors, dun think real life face to face or feedback can do any help la.


  18. Be thankful we have this blog where we can get updates of what's happening around us, to provide suggestions as well as to voice our concerns.

    We have different views but we share one common objective - to make Puteri 11 a better place. What we need is really cooperation. To me the committee is the vehicle, the residents must drive it.

    You never know, someone you criticized today will be your helping hand one day. What's the point of having smooth traffic, canceled condominium project when my neighbour is no longer my friend?

    Just my 2.5 cents.


    Wow. Another posting from you. Strange how people like you who can complain in every single posting yet refuse (unable) to provide any useful suggestion at all. You want proper channel to feedback? How about this blog? Try to post something useful for a change.

    If you spend more time thinking of solutions instead of waiting for others to solve your problems maybe you won't complain so much!

    You complain the RA is SELF DENIAL even before you write any useful suggestion. You also don't think your feedback will do any help. I think you're very wrong. The RA needs all your feedback and suggestions. The RA is not GOD. It can't instantly solve all your problems but the team is trying their best. The RA is just people like you and me who care for Puteri 11.

  20. wat to complain on winding road?? the masterplan has clearly shown the access road when u bought the house... else blame urself for being "blind?

  21. you guys are pushing UNDERTAKER for answers ? if he has all the answers, are you guys willing to execute 100% to his resolutions ? I highly doubt so, coz you guys are just spiking him, in fact, the more this goes on, the more it reveals you guys are taking issues PERSONAL, from what I see, the few good men who talk abt the issues, are actually trying to kick off some points of thoughts for everybody, but it seems you guys are more interested in WITCH HUNTING and disregard the mentioned points.

    So even by mentioning the points the concerns has already received such ungrateful and callous allegations, how much more do you think the guys or so called ppl who criticize but who plans are willing to SHARE ?

    In fact, by challenging these men, by finger pointing them, it only indicates those who lift their fingers are just ppl withouts ideas or thoughts; or did they even have a brain which can think at all ? alas.........

    puteri11 HULK HOGAN

  22. to the BLIND who called others "blind"; what access road are you talking abt, this has nothing to do with access roads, the POINT is the illegal parking along the road on its both sides !!! if you need a comprehensive mind or to acquire comprehensive skills, please kindly enroll yourself to the nearest ERICAN or British council for some basic elementary English lessons; or perhaps this has nothing to do your language skills at all, it is just to do with your under-developed logic processing god given sense; for this, go figure out with your parents :D

    p/s: you guys are cute man, UNDERTAKER, HULK HOGAN, who else ?


  23. Dear all,

    please don't fight in here, i think both RA and non RA views are equally valid. Earlier on I read a lot of serious issue like condo building, house burgary, bayu puteri illegal parking, guard house but all dont have much feedback ? why ? my neightbors also say the same, only ask us to protest but no results one ? or at least give us feedback la. You know the sunday meeting is very troublesome, we need family time and other stuff to handle.

    Please give us results and updates. And also, why the dinner with DAP did not inform us ? we also want to join can next time ? can arrange more ? Thanks

  24. This is what i said , for those non RA to comment on RA is purely ignorant,


    Dont you think why RA still meet weekly and try to give positive feedbacks, follow up, or solution to tackle current few issues ?

    Each everyone too have family and stuff to do ... many of RA even have to sacrifice their daily working time attending meetings with MPSJ or deal with IOI management staffs.

    The blog is for you guys to give positive SUGGESTIONS and IDEAS how to to improve, BUT NOT .... posting up RUDE AND VULGAR words by just asking why this thing not done, that thing not good ....?

    So please ... those ppl who felt current RA did not do enuf ...


    Let RA knows ur view to HELP them to improve from your valuable ideas...

    HOW RA CAN DO ....

    Helping you and helping all of us here so that in Puteri 11 .. high rise building will not build in near future, the winding road become safe to drive, no burgary, people becomes more friendly and less bitter to each other ???

    Give values and ideas .. NOT critics and condamning.

    As the earlier writter said, no one owes anyone anything, they dont recieved any single cents form anyone, all the RAs are unpaid volunteers but only sacrifices their time and money to work together hand in hand to meet one objective.

    Please understand all the residents are not enemy to each other, pls cut off all vulgars words which i dont think RA deserved.

    Again ... give IDEAS not CRITICS.

    Critics will not STOP the highrise building appear infront of your nose tomorrow, will not make the narrow winding road becomes smooth ..

    But IDEAS will ........ !!

    Do you understand ?

    Have a nice day !!

  25. when got next dnr ? can invite us residents too ?

    Mr. Makan

  26. To this blogster,

    "This is what i said , for those non RA to comment on RA is purely ignorant"

    You are being downright repulsive, have you not even read the comments, if I have to join RA and start doing YOUR JOB, why in the first place are you there for ?

    Yes, RA is some volunteer work, RA requires self sacrifices in terms of time and space. I fully concur. However truth to be told, does RA benefit the rest irregardless of the work quality itself ? Being in RA, does not mean whether you do a good or bad job = you deserve the credits.

    Look, I am not saying RA is lazy or arrogant, why can't RA just make known of its wkly meetups and agenda, minutes of discussion things like that, make stickies in the Blog or forum if necessary ? Give updates, at least if you cannot give desired results, nobody will hang you guys for this, so stop feeling abt RA self injustice, its time to look at the bigger picture.

    My words spells out not jz me alone, a couple of times neighbours have also discussed abt the PASSIVEness of our RA; cant they be a bit more informative ? comments from my neighbour aunties " I have moved in for a good few months, until now, I don't even know who to look for, got RA meh ? who is RA ? only got form, ask me fill up and go submit to some house in puteri 11 jalan XX/XX"

    You call that SINCERITY ? if you guys want us to participate in a proper protest, at least show us you MEAN it, you are so shy of even coming up to us, and introduce yourself, go on house vistiations things like that. How do you expect us to give you your required support ? All in all, whenever remarks are made, you and your supporters will be screaming " Long live RA, RA rocks, RA lives, RA yada yada bla bla bla......dun like it, move out, dun it ? u r blind...dun like it, you r rude......

    You and your KISS ASS BALLS LICKING RA or whatsoever, WE DO NOT SUPPORT U !!!! read my lips n my words ........


  27. i see the blog so much fire 1 ? but i think i wan to ask a queston, y got post open house, is the open house ra punya ? how come din invite us 1 ? how come the gobin sing dap diner also dun let us know ? always eat liao then only show picture up here later ?? very kedekut la ....or u guys only invite your own ra ppl senyap senyap ?

  28. i think our Puteri 11 ra lousy la, puteri 12 got 2 guardhouse, and they can chase those outsiders down the hill, our RA, let bayu puteri park cars until my car always mau kena bang liao whenever drive up n down, and that Mr. Khaw, really kaw, you asshol, tell ppl to move house if dun like it, very selffish stupid fella, i hope his car accident la when he go up n down to experence it himsef la

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  30. UNDERTAKER, THE ROCK, whoever.

    Ar. More postings from you guys and zero suggestions again. What do you guys want now? To dissolve the RA?

    Support RA or not is up to you. There will always be idiots like you all in every taman. Even in Puteri 12 only 50% residents are paying the monthly fees.

    Why do you guys expect the RA to go house to house to give you guys update? The RA already publish on this blog all the updates.

    The dinner was self-paid dinner (RM60 per person), not free makan!! In fact, nobody was willing to attend until half the table was empty. The RA has to pay the empty seats themselves.

    The dinner is not to show support for DAP or Pakatan. The RA attend because it is our Puchong MP.

  31. "illegal parking and dangerous road winding condition" these r 2 points u raised (refer back to ur post if u lost ur memory)... winding road definition : [a curve, bend, or complete turn in wound material, a road, etc]... u mean becoz of parking the road become bend? look at the masterplan again joker... in addition, when puteri-11 house on sale, bayu puteri has started construction & parking outside apt is not uncommon in malaysia, u never "see" tat?? then u got to blame ur parent for not educate u how to "see" but only know how to BARK!!

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. Why must we use impolite & dirty words when writing comments? Why must we scold somebody parent for not educating their children well? Why must we curse somebody to have car accident?

  34. Earlier on the dare was to shut up and join RA, now it has become, give suggestions ??

    Tell you what RA, admit your incompetance and passiveness and be sincere in your actual statements, the fire started somehow because of your lofty high headed self assuming righteousness. Perhaps we can all share our suggestions then.

    You can say, you do not deserve this and that sort of allegations we have on you, but in the first place, being in RA has already got the light focus on you as per your responsibilities; you can either now BACK OUT or LISTEN to our complaints, either way its your choice. Likewise we the rest are watching closely on your behaviour, your reactions, your statements

    End of the day, if you fail as RA of puteri 11, pls do not go around and start blaming everybody, its all because you are not willing to lower your selves egos and start communicating well with the rest of the unknown residents.

    Last but not least, if you really think so highly that nobody can replace your lofty positions as RA, try to vacate it, competant ppl will come in and replace you easily. Its no big deal.

    Hulk Hogan

  35. all the questions throw out to them, they cannot answer, so now tell ppl to accept and live with the fact of Malaysia is like dat lor, cars park outside condo lor is acceptable lor...wat kind of mentality is this? r we not supposed to observe n point out the faults n improve on there ?

    rm60 bucks, table empty, serves u guys rite !! becoz u so arrogant, rather go yourselves as a gang, n deprive other residents the chance....u say nobody willing to go ? HELLO did you even go around announcing the dnr and ask for participation...never man !!! so dun come here n start LPPL with me n my team la :P

    "but only know how to BARK!!

    October 14, 2009 10:20 AM "

    hey, is your mind so twisted that you cannot even process the BASICS of logic ?

    lets say your house road infront directly of you which is horizontally straight, piled it up with cars on both sides by your neighbours, I am sure you would be complaining with the tiny space to drive through, put in a on coming car against your direction, you will be swearing instead of complaining.

    So now, the winding road of bayu puteri, issit straight or bend ? with cars on both sides further, i need not further remind you there is a bottle neck which is even TIGHTER and g-string or pantyhose at the bottom of the hill, so with both sides occupied of cars, n with on coming car coming as well, how are you going to drive in EASE ?

    if you still cannot comprehend, pls tell us your HOUSE NO. or leave your contact no. we will demonstrate it to you....LIVE


  37. i only ask why got dnr never ajak, i not asking u ra to give me foc dnr la :( rm60 so big meh, it only show u wan to lick ass with YBs and den show us picture to show off lor

    also RA give updates in here....not good enough la, my next door auntie uncle dunno how to internet meaning they should not know any news by default ?

    u ra ppl very selfish, talk big big, pretend to be nice, but when ppl point out to you, you defend left right center upside down, until as if Puteri11 only u guys stay saja..very very selfish, wats wrong to go around n make house visits n know residents, u ra mah, u volunteer to join ra, so u should already prepare to do work lor, now say ra very high position n very bz dat better dun do la...i propose let THE ROCK or Undertaker tell u wat to do n u guys all go clean up the mess

  38. I would suggest you guys to list out criteria of successful RA so that people from RA could try their best to serve the residence of Puteri 11 in a more efficient manner. Please also provide constructive suggestions so that RA could improve and providing them a yardstick to judge their performance. This would do good for both RA and residence.

  39. see now got more n more ppl saying ra useless la, we wan more effective ra ...more news updates, not just internet by wkly newsletter, or leaflets, every street should have a streetking to take care of their members,

    solve the condo issue if not chase after YBs to provide updates
    solve the speed bum
    solve the bayu puteri ASAP !!!
    create nite watch grps
    test effectiveness of current security protocols, including guards response
    more transparency
    more humblesness !!!

  40. much wham bang and dang

    I think RA job requires a lot of selflessness, to perform a good service to fellow residents.

    In this case, is our RA doing the right things ? They organise condo protest, they provide online blog, events...but seems like not all residents actually get to know whats happening due to some factors, maybe they did not even know who and what RA is or in the first place is there any at all ?

    So in this case, what has a RA done ? well if not because of this blogspot, I would not have known ours to be existing at all. From day 1 since moving in, nobody from RA has approached me or talk to me; I do not require any invitations to dnr or ceramahs, all it takes is a simple face to face self introduction, at least the effort itself says a lot more in action than words in here.

    Next regarding the common issues, like up-down-hill driving hazards, this requires IMMEDIATE attention, I do not know if RA can contribute on this, but if RA can help to negotiate or come out with resolutions on how to avert such hazards, creating a hill base secondary guard house n eliminate parking along up-down hill road ? nego with IOI for multi storey car park for the bayu guys ? I am sure all the fire of hissing pissing in here would be quenched down eventually. Next in line would be IDENTIFYING and ERECTING speedbumps to eradicate potential F1 wannabes, I have observed, almost alot of residents and outsiders tend to speed their machines somehow.

    As for security, nite watches, guards, cleanliness these are on going long term goals we as a whole need to achieve together; therefore it would be highly appropriate if RA can also take lead to organise on the actual action plans, such as make sure every resident know what to do in events of security emergency; we all know it takes sometime for the boys in blue to arrive, so what else can be done before then ? this is a point RA should actually come out with more action plans or open forum for discussion. organising monthly gotong royong would be good to clean up not only the park, but also on all sides that circumvets our vicinity.

    Last but not least the condo building plan, this is the largest issue and requires most time I guess. However since it involves profitability to IOI and some parties, it is important that although results can never be produced overnite, but timely updates should be distributed throughout various channels, ie. internet know how residents and non internet residents. How do we get to know, who knows and who don't, go for a simple door-to-door house visit. As a RA, by volunteering to do RA, this is the ABCs of it, you need to know your ppl and also get your ppl to know you. If possibe extend the visibility of RAship into every street, get some residents to become part of the RA family

    In conclusion, RA is never a job too easy to do, this must be clear for all to understand. However never say too difficult and reply in haste whenever challenged by normal residents. Take time and patience to educate one another, we are all here to stay for sometime. Some maybe very well to do, some maybe average, so please kindly ensure transparency and equality is delievered to all doors, irrespective of certain values.

    p/s: going through the long postings for this simple DAP dnr, has triggered some learning points for all of us, I personally find KHAW being an undersirable character, to tell ppl to leave the place they have bought, this is outrightly RUDE. Likewise some quarters ie. undertaker, rock commenting unnecessary which has created more firing for everybody.

    Have a good day ahead guys.


  41. door to door visit... what an absurb thinking... ask urself, how many neighbours hv you visited so far? similarly, how many RA meeting hv u attended so far?
    in similar analogy, do u expect the prime minister to visit every single rakyat in the country?

  42. door to door visit... what an absurb thinking

    Hey you above, r u part of RA ? if yes please identify yourself, it is ppl like you we do not need and do not want at all. Only want to join RA for glamourous kiss ass photo shoots but dun wan to do work ? Really kena marah kind of attitude....whats wrong with door to door visit ? puteri 11 very big ah ? 1 wkend u can already cover a few streets liao, imagine the kind of awareness u r creating ?

    Jz say so u r downrite lazy n irresponsible

  43. THE SAINT,

    Good that now someone posted some common sense comments, and not just complaining without suggestions. Now wait for RA to response....

  44. i m not RA, just normal human being think of others as human being. RA is not superman though, and they dun have 48 hrs per day.

    Just ask yourself and answer to these question:
    a)how many neighbours hv u been visiting so far? do u need to be RA committee b4 to visit neighbours?

    b) why u don't ask prime minister to visit u as well... u paid him salary thru ur tax, but RA never receive single cent from you?

  45. kakaka. maybe the ra should visit the bayu puteri condo owners door-to-door ask them to stop parking at the roadside. then maybe undertaker and gang can be satisfied at last. kakaaka...

  46. Dear RA Members
    Pls do not let some stupid (there are only a few of them) idiots prevent you from achieving your objective which is making Puteri 11 a better & safer place to live in.

    If there were votes taken today, there will surely be support for you for taking the first steps.

    Our support is still with you.

    To the idiots who made negative comments about the RA, pls stop it & give them time to deliver.

    Don't be too eager to give judgement yet. You can give input and be constructive instead of being destructive.

  47. THE SAINT is right. why ra never approach or visit him since he moved in? in future all new residents who move into puteri 11 must first register with ra then ra will know that fellow has moved in and pay them a visit. maybe ra can sit with the guards and check every new visitor to know who is moving in and who is moving out from puteri 11. kakakaka...

  48. After RA from Puteri 11 meeting up with MPSJ officers to protest against building the high rise condo at puteri 11. S far, no feed back from MPSJ nor IOI, to approve to build or not to built the high rise condo. About the illegal parking at both side along Bayu Condo that narrowing down the road, MPSJ has taken action regularly issue summons to those cars owner.

    RA attended Gobind Singh new office launching dinner, is not bcos of political issue, no one is talking about politics here, but becos he has come forward to help us, he came to visit, understand and listen to Puteri 11's residents about the high rise building frustration when we needed his help most.

    RA attented Mr Gobind's function ( RA self pay dinner ) to show our appreciation in return and also hope that in near future he able to help Puteri 11 residents solve everyone's current needs.

    Residents 11 .. pls come forward boldly, contribute ur time and effords, show us ways how we can improve if we have left out anything important, with only a small handful of WILLING HEARTS and SELFLESS RA efforts, our voices has less impact to represent the whole Puteri 11 with total few hundred houses of residents here,

    I believe the more you give, is the more you get ...

    United we stand, Divided everyone falls !

    Have a nice day !

  49. wah who is the kakaka ? sound like a moron, do
    u even know your comparison of RA job with PM is totally flawed and wrong ? u dun become a PM for money, u become a PM to serve the nation. U join RA becoz u wan to serve residents not becoz u got more or less than 24 hrs.....u morons

  50. ra must go door-to-door meet every resident house. if that resident is not at home at that time then ra must try again the following day until the resident is satisfied that the ra is doing job. puteri 11 is small, only few hundred houses.

    and ra must print flyers, leaflets, banners for those without internet. no money to print? then this is ra problem.

    and ra must install speed bumps too. no money to install? i don't care. ra must be selfless and use own money for puteri 11.

    if ra is so useless, let UNDERTAKER and gang takeover the ra. bet the gang can solve all puteri 11 problems instantly. you lazy arrogant ra.

  51. Sorry

    i am a 4 months old resident here but I am not RA ...came to know this blog by accident, after read all the blogs, i am only sad there are few very unfavourite neighbours living with us that create ill feelings

    i am ashame of myself due to my tight schedule i still not able to contribute my time to become a RA.

    to RA ... i personally felt you guys are just great, willing to go the extra miles to do the things for the benifits of each of everyone who stays here.

    Without you ppl stands up to form the RA, i believe the quality of our living will never be better but surely will be worst in near future! Expecially we all face such a big challenge against with MPSJ and IOI group ...

    Who can do it individually for that matter ?

    Why must we be little a group of selfless someone who is tryin so hard to help. Even though many feel currents RA has a lots of room for improvements, but i feel this group of members all are very new and maybe lack of experience, advice to those very harsh residents, give them more time to fine tune and learn ? When RA members are growing, i believe they will have more resources and expertise, than only very few of them.

    i think those only giving harsh word but not ideas.. has not been very fair to this small group of selfless RA

    Dont give up ur good job RA ! U got my support !

    May God Bless You All ..

  52. To Hulk Hogan October 14, 2009 10:43 AM,
    Please join RA. Action speaks louder than words. Don't be an armchair critic.

    Dick Tracy

  53. I'm not RA committee, not DAP nor BN fan.

    Asking IOI to cancel the condo project is not simple matter. Efforts from all puteri 11 & bayu residents seems unavoidable. If we are disintegrated, how can we win the war ?

    If you think the current RA is not effective, use the official channel (sunday meeting) to outs them. If you do not have better ideas how to improve things, just shut up.

    we visit this blog for updates, info but your rubbish, shallow critics & vulgar words !!

  54. To Anon October 14, 2009 6:27 PM,
    I support your statement. Sometimes people don't get it. Got RA these people criticise. Without RA, these people also criticise.

    I have one proposal which is on the extreme side. The whole RA committee just resign enbloc. Then let those smart alek who can criticise find a solution.

    Volunteer for RA also criticise. Not even a word of thanks. Like that better quit RA and let those smart aleks take over.

    But come to think of it, do u guys feel there are some people trying to incite hatred and manipulate residents. I hope these people don't have an ulterior motive (e.g. politics whether they are from BN or PR).

    Dick Tracy.

  55. yeah. why only ra get invite to raya open house? i know who the owner invite is up to him but this is not fair to other residents. next time ra must ask the house owner to invite everyone in puteri 11. this curi curi makan ra is lazy and irresponsible.

  56. yes RESIGN u all............I am THE ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!

  57. i have decided , i will not support this useless RA anymore, some good ppl like Undertaker , the rock, saint, hulk hogan, and those no nicks has said so already when challenged with suggestions, ppl had given, but go unheard, I will not support you RA anymore byes byes

  58. I'm not RA committee but I did attend their sunday meeting before. I guess they are being invited to the raya open house not because they are RA, but they have close contact with each other (eg. sunday meeting) and they have make friends. That's why they are being invited to their raya open house.

    For those who didn't received their invitation, maybe it's due to the fact that the owner didn't get to meet you.

    I don't think it's fair to say that why only RA get invited. Let's look at the house warming. Did you ever invite all Puteri 11 residents to your house warming party. I doubt. The most you will invite your neighbors who're few doors away.

    As for illegal parking, I doubt we are able to solve this problem as it's the most common problem face by those who live near an apt or condo. The only way probably is to build another access road bypassing the apt. Is it possible ?

    Please do not use this blog to scold, belittle, condeming others. If you need updates, any you're not free to attend meetings, just post your questions in the blog. I believe they are ppl that's more than happy to answer to your queries

    Let us make Puteri 11 a happy place to live.


  59. THE ROCK, UNDERTAKER, HULK HOGAN and one of the anti-RA anonymous, your posts are so close in terms of time (within 20 mins interval). Are you guys from the same group or it is just one person playing different identity? Suggest to have a session with RA, face to face to resolve issues.

    THE SAINT, thank you for your feedback and I must say your post is mature and constructive. It helps the current RA to perform sanity check.

  60. Dear Oct 14 10.28pm

    Ask those batus to meet RA ??.. Excellence suggestion, but those few or that particular single person ... u think they will turn out help to iron out some of the issues.

    i bet you .. they are all only chicken yang berkokok

    i am a resident randomly meet the RA at the park on Sundays.

    telling you how i feel as i do not take side.

    i believe oneself should also take the iniciative and efforts to call anyone of them if u guys have further questions on any other issues, just like me ( their name can find at the landslide banner and from this blogs ) i even keep their hp numbers! i also provide RA papers cutting and ideas if i have any

    Be a go getter, is always easier for you to reach them then expect a handful of them to look for everyone at the whole garden, after all they are not in silent, is just that we are not pro active,

    Be considerate and be patient, dont abused and make ppl time foolish, they are all volunteers and all has reputable work inthe office or biz by their own, all of them equally busy and tight with times, if not bcos of the Condo .. they will not form this RA, cos one of the RA told me, without RA, no individual can protest the high rise building, and all the complaints and protest will only fall into deaf ears, dear residents, we all come into 1 neibourhood, sorry if i said wrongly, current RA only consists of 7 or 8 of them, they have to solve all these major issues for everyone's benefits is not something you or me willing to take up the challenges.. Then why talk so much?

    Or what if they resolve RA...
    what benefits will you get ?
    the 18th floor building is blocking the beautiful views and breeze? or wathcing TV from others people windows ?
    You need to take 1 hours to get out from puteri 11 everyday morning and evening ?
    and all other future matters?

    I prayed very hard for RA .. ple stay put ... We residents need you seriously.

    For those Batu Batan ... i think you guys really got major problem, i cant wait just to advice RA ..

    If those Batus refuse to step out and meet the RA , he is simply i so call very chicken, a fire and problem creator ... you should ignor him/gang totally .. and move on to those who has given some real good suggestion and valuable feed backs which might helps ... one of them i can named is THE SAINT

  61. I dare to say what the rest have not been willing to stand up for, reason being I want to see CHANGE, unfortunately, once again our passive RA and pro RA guys are really dissapointing !!


  62. CHICKEN berkokok the Batu

    CHANGE ?

    Yes ... you are so right for at least once,so glad you are awake for a second.. everyone in the whole world is talking about changing, AND never forgeting put ACTION into CHANGING

    I confidently said from this blog, our current RA will surely improve from some good feed back of workable ideas given and suggestions.

    As i said i am a 3 times random visit residents to their meetings, personally i want to speak to them bcos i want to know more, what i found out was, is not like what you have said, YOU ARE SO WRONG .. this handful of the members indeed very down to earth person and they are helpful with smiling faces ...

    this is the fact ...

    i also found out, each of them holds a very reputable work in their respective office and some of them are even successful buisness man, all of them are very very busy, yet still come together to contribute to help out all of us here, including you chicken berkokok is going to benefits from them in one way another ...

    Want to spread poison mails to let ppl have wrong impression on them that they are arrogant and disappointing ?? Pls come and convince me 1st .. meet them in person, pls dont judge people too soon that becomes your regrets one day

    i knew they hve done not much, but ALL they could ...

    Please look yourself at the mirror ... ASK yourself what have you done so far for yourself and the residents here ? Only Berkokok ?

    Let me remind you ... Please WAKE UP from your sweet dreams. and starts CHANGING from you YOURSELF.

    Dont let me teach you that .. You DO NOT have be a RA to contribute to protest the high rise project and improve the narrow bottle neck road. What you face the inconvenient todays is all the same to everyone out there.

    Talking about CHANGE .. be an EXPERT arm chair critics and expect everyone be slaves to you and wants everyone to please you happy? Wake up CHICKEN.

    So .. why berkokok so much .. ?? And how you review your selfishness, and dont care attitude to the public has only bring a shame to urself ...

    Let me tell you now, i know the whole world always changing including the RA for improvement, the residents in Puteri 11 will be a more caring and frendly person to have as neighbour

    when you cant even CHANGE your own problematic attitude .. and expect THE WHOLE WORLD TO CHANGE.

    You are still living in the 1000BC STONE AGE ... that's why you are aware call yourself BATU !! i think you should call yourself .....


    From me
    Oct 14 11.52pm

  63. alamak, THE ROCK has spoken !!! :D wah somemore taking that we are the same ppl hehee; anyways it doesnt matter. What we are saying is the same likewise also same with a few others. The saint said we are commenting unnecessary, well some times it just fuels me to see so many so called self justified RA or pro RA in here, and whenever the slightest calling that RA has not done enough, wow, call to move out la, some idiot kakakaka non stop, then now wat, chicken berkokok calling n batu personalizing ?

    Guys, it doesnt matter, in a way, you ppl can keep on challenging us to go meet RA, join RA, be RA n do RA; end of the day the UNIVERSAL LAW is simple, somebody has to do the work, and somebody has to comment on it !!

    I dun wan to make irrelevent remarks abt politics, however from the perspective of the great assignment of being a PM (since some joker kakaka has mentioned b4) whether how good a PM is, surely got our 50 yrs plus of independence history, a few PMs, even the founding father, also can draw criticism.

    Yes and if your what chicken calling allegation stands ? does that mean everybody who disregard the PM has to become PM themselves to prove otherwise ? even if they wan, nobody would allow the madness to continue !!!

    So this law of criticism stands, be it u like it or not !! So stop harassing me, rock, hukhogan and others with nicks who yes SAY RA is useless, insufficient, incompetant, inept,
    ....becoz why..they have choose to become RA, so when you have chosen to go under the eyes of public : 2 scenarios....either u do your work, accept compliments n critics alike. Or if you cannot accept the harsher part, since u r so sensitive n so easy to feel hurt, or dun have 48 hrs, the 1st place dun be hero n go do RA.....dun be PRETENCIOUS !!! dats my point at least

    so now coming to your chicken calling daring remarks.....why i wont meet the current RA to sort things out ? 1st of all......with the 60+ postings made out in a short few days...i think going up on par with KLSE too hahaha...RA has not spoken officially or made officially remarks...apart from deleting a few post which they deem offensive (heck do they know a ding abt offensive...those r very light stuff for grandmas or suckling tods)
    anyways coming back to the n those lorry loads of...RA great..RA good RA we love u ...we need u ....tell you wat CHICKEN...u sux !!! dun be such a pathetic blind follower..we had enough in dis land of bolehland...the last thing i hope to see is any of dat coming from even my own TAMAN

    anyways...i very bz dun think so have time to go on with your kind of very much passionated every sunday garden dreaming with dreamers...dream too much, reality continues being THE SAME, NO CHANGE


  64. hey you guys pro RA yang berKOKOK batu;

    why are you just trying so hard to ignore and neglect the fact there is a VALID NEED to give our RA a bit of the whipping ? if everybody starts singing to the tune, RA good, RA great, RA I LOLVE U the heck can we move forward n understand the points n concerns we all need to solve ?

    Worse still, your referral to the point that RA ppl are professionals, successful biz ppl, what exactly is your point ? your objective ? I smell only your subtle pretencious praises of them only, to make them feel good n to remember u especially better ?

    Do you even not see the point that we the ones who point out the FLAWS in our current RA ?

    yes they are our fellow residents, they have volunteered, they have done something. BUT it is not good enough at all.

    EXAMPLE scenario, in your company, some newbie has joined, during the probation time, he cannot meet his given tasks, assignments; end of the day, he is given the boot. The newbie defended, hey I have given in all my best, I dun have 48 hrs, I even learning office stuff during my personal time at home when i suppose to do my personal would the mgt reply ? do u think they will retract the decision ? some mgt maybe generous but rule of thumb most mgt will say, sorry we cannot accept your LOW PRODUCTIVITY n NON COMPLIANCE,n all in all NO RESULTS, sorry but u have to go !!

    you can say, the newbie is paid at least n RA is not, but look here. What the RA is doing is based on mass public benefits...if they cannot perform, they should acknowledged it, apologize, n try asking for help or RESIGN and let others take it up. from the very much postings of 60+......i cant see any sense of repentance or being sorry at least, no apologies, fine, and no updates ?? TOTALLY UNAACEPTABLE!!!

    1 more thing I wish to highlight, open house here n there, no extended invitations to others is plain rude !! if you are part of RA, quietly ommitting on this is jz as kedekut n spiteful when being defensive when others are questioning u.

    I gone through a few points that our big SAINT has mentioned, well seems pretty neat and straight to the point, even with SUGGESTIONS, so what now you guys want from us ? still wan us to meet up with u ? for wat ? take it from here n quickly go do your late begotten job, for all goodness sake !!


  65. If not mistaken, it has been quite some times no updates on the the condo-project protest. Believe it is time to update bloggers as this condo issue is one the the major concern of all puteri-11 residents...& bayu puteri as well. Thank You RA. keep up the good work & improve it. Your "customer" is puteri-11 residents, serve them well and attend to their needs are the primary objectives.So, i guess feedbacks (area needs attention) from residents could be very helpful. my 2cents comment.

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  67. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  68. lets wait and see, maybe we should go to their sunday meeting enbloc and tell them to RESIGN ENBLOC becoz no results means no results, so dun waste other ppl time n waste everybody chance ...can undertaker, or the rock or hulk hogan organise 1 ?


  69. Yes, undertaker, the rock, hulk hogan .. meet up with them!!

  70. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  71. UNDERTAKER, what a waste if you don't lead us residents to move forward. We need people like you. You've made a difference here, let the fire continue, meet up with the current RA! Talk to them face to face, we want to resolve those issues. THE ROCK, HULK HOGAN, can help?

    MR. FIRE

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  74. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  75. aiyo...Mr. Fire too bad, all my post gone missing le....maybe admin cannot take it liao hahahaha


  76. Well..undertaker....u can still post....but in proper language. Cheers.

  77. i dun recall anything vulgar at all ? onlything was the mentioning of asking current RA go try manage NIRVANA MEMORIAL PARK dat aso kena deleted ?

    ok la den very boring already


  78. blind support is wrong but blind critic is also wrong.

  79. sad la, all this while it has been fun reading u guys posting, sigh now all kena deleted; while its not exactly dat vulgar just slightly with a bit of oomph, guess our RA wants to play discipline master in here, n those pro RAsters wan to be good students too, its very very 1 way biased; anyways its good to see in our Puteri 11 having ppl strong will n dare standing up to PRETENCIOUS characters, n dare to NOT AGREE with the mass swaying but to say NO, you show n make a difference that there remains a good force to be reckon with in our taman, and of coz u guys r our unsung heroes, dun worry although we dunno who u guys r, or maybe u just 1 person, nvm. anyways must learn to say NO


  80. can somebody get those BAYU cars away from the HILL ?!!! wan to park go park along the straight road leading to puchong hartamas dun park along the HILL road bend !!! really bunch of idiots, feel like renting some bulldozer n bulldoze the bunch of them !!!

  81. go go go....its not exactly legal, but i wont stop u :P


  82. Oct 15 1.45pm

    Yes .. i got the same issue like you ... everyday so very angry you know ... you better go and rent the bulldozer fast fast and do it for me ? i want to tumpang your benefits ? Hear good news from you ! :))

  83. i have a piece of news to share with you guys, in the event if you have an accident with any cars along the road be it if you are on your lane or whatsoever, it will be difficult for you to claim fault on the other person, that is if you hit an on coming car sideways or headon, due to the lack of space as cars parked along the road. In this event, you will need to get yourself SAMAN, yes even that sounds silly, but after that using the report to claim your OWN insurance even if its not your fault as events like this along hill roads, the rule of thumb, claim your own


  84. how can like dat ??!!! i dun care man, if i kena bang, i will swerve also into the car dat is park along the road it a double bang, yeah gang bang those illegal parked cars :P

  85. Eh, sometimes I saw police car go patroling at Puteri 11. Those police not angry one meh seeing the traffic like that, hehe. Usually they will just SAMAN even though they are not traffic police (just like when they SAMAN us when do not use handsfree).

    Actually I suggested to IOI and MPSJ before one, separate the access to Puteri 11 from the Bayu Puteri one. Build another road, win-win mah. It is not Bayu Puteri residents fault as there is no more parking also lah (according to prior posts).

    If the area to build the condo can be converted to another two-ways access road I think very good loh. But I'm not Engineer lah, so don't know if it is doable.

    Mr. FIRE.

  86. To Anon October 15, 2009 9:35 AM,
    "Your "customer" is puteri-11 residents"
    I would like to correct your statement. Puteri-11 residents are not bosses to the RA. Puteri-11 residents are stakeholders in that they can affect or be affected by RA's actions. Hence, Puteri-11 residents elect and empower the RA committee to act on their behalf. For those arm-chair critics, don't think yourselves as bosses. Tell yourself what you can contribute to the community. Sometimes, people can criticise but when help required from them, they chicken out! This sort of gung-ho critics are everywhere in almost any taman.

    Dick Tracy

  87. Dick Tracy, you got a problem with armchair critics ? then y are you signing off with "Dick Tracy" annonymous ? You should be setting off as a good example by signing off as YOUR real name with house number and address; and put in your NAME signning up with LING LING in the other thread, armchair critic anot, its not up to you to say, like wise I can say you are lame..............UNDERTAKER

  88. hmmmmm
    Lets move forward
    Now speed bumps, lets be realistic, the RA cannot fork out the bill themselves, we (non RA) like myself and the rest of the neighbourhood need to help out

    Can the RA act as a focal point, to find out:-
    1. How much is a speed bump
    2. How many speed bump required
    3. Total cost of speed bump divided by number of owners in Puteri 11

    For Now, can we just concentrate on the roads in Nadia and Olivia since Primrose has not moved in, my fear is the longer we wait, someone will die.

    For example yesterday evening, a White Color Iswara was speeding at about 90km/h, almost knock into a man cycling on the road.

    Also for those residents that refuse to contribute, than can we not put speed bumps in their lanes, for example if a lane is Puteri 11/64 and 1 of the residents in Puteri 11/64 dont pay, the RA do not need to put speedbumps and return the money back to the rest of the owners in 11/64 just because 1 owner refuses to pay. This will serve as a lesson to those who are not interested.

  89. I think life is more important than the lesson to the person who doesn't want to pay.

    I'm not surprise some owner refuses to pay but if majority of the owners willing to pay, we should install.

    Anyway, good point for doing it for Nadia and Olivia first since people are already moved in.

  90. i suggest if RA or individual street rep can help to IDENTIFY which are the roads that need to be BUMPED up, or if BLOG OWNER can come up with a Puteri 11 interactive map which we can select the points which think speedbumps are useful, i think a interactive online map with polling results should be helpful :D


  91. tat's a good idea. perhaps The Rock can lend a helping hand to create the interactive online map, and let the blog onwer post it here.

  92. The points raised below are of urgent and in a direct manner to the so-called "RA". From my understanding from various parties, the construction of bump requires approval from the local authorities. Flora Development has not given me the answer whether the road in Puteri 11 has been surrendered to MPSJ.

    We ought to address the issue before untoward incident happens.

  93. I wish I could....unfortuntely I am not very much web trained :D WWF WWE no probs ;)

    The ROCK

  94. OK, let me see if I can find a solution for this.

    Web Trained @ 70%

  95. thanks a lot in advance !!!
    btw does anybody knows when OFFICIALLY would they be moving out the INDON CAMP labourers quarters ??


  96. I posted the suggestion on speed bumps on October 19, 2009 5:38 PM, good to see so many good responses and suggestions from everyone

    From what I found out, the road currently belogs to MPSJ
    When I called MPSJ, they mentioned that speed bumps are installed by the "RA" of that Taman.
    Maybe someone can help to check this out with Puteri 12, how did they get this done, is there an application we need to submit to MPSJ or is it the "RA" that gets the contractors to install speed bumps

    Also thanks a lot for all your wonderful imput, good to see that you all agree for us not to wait for Primrose to move in but we can start now with Olivia and Nadia

    If we get most owners to contribute, this would be great, I dont see that happening though knowing Malaysians surely there will be some resistance, hence I suggested not to install speed bumps for certain Jalan if 1 or more owners do not want to contribute

    Also, today morning at 7.10am, a car was speeding extremely fast on the winding road heading down of Puteri 11. The car number plate is CBH 5534, gold color Kancil

    Can the owner please be careful and drive carefully and slowly as this is a housing area and not a formula 1 circuit. You are endangering lives, a few security guards and myself could have been killed if you miss timed your handling of your cornering at 80km/ph

    If you know this owner, please talk to them, I dont know where this person stays but if I go on my walks and do find this car, I will talk to the owner as well.


  97. Dear All,
    I have checked with IOI all roads in Puteri 11 except Primrose has been handed over to MPSJ. If we plan to build the speed bump we need to give the specs and location for aproval. Or else will get a notice to remove like Puteri 12 RA has got for Jln 12/10.

    Pricing can range from RM600 to RM1500 per speed bump.

    Regardging the residents not paying is something the RA has to decide based on the contribution and funds we have at our diposal. Developement of Puteri 11 cannot stop just because a few residents want everything free.

    Mahendra Ragupathy

  98. wow kancil corner at 80km/h ??!!!! wtf...he want to park permanently at Nirvana Memorial Park I guess.....i will send him there :D


  99. Hi Mahendra
    Excellent work! That was really quick response.
    Price is really high for a speed bump but if we get good participation in the contribution, I think this should be ok.

    Also maybe we can take one step at a time if some residents feel its too expensive, lets focus on stage 1, the winding road that connects Puteri 12 to 11, right down to Bayu Apt and the straight road that connects Nadia 2 (houses facing Puchong) to the Bayu Apt. I think this would be a quick win.

    We can focus on individual roads that connects the houses later on.

  100. if need mpsj agreement, why mpsj is not bearing the cost, but the resident? we pay cukai pintu every year and mpsj has the responsibility to maintain common areas and ensure road safety. sounds not rational for community to pay, isn't it??!!

  101. I am really dissapointed with the clealiness around Pusat Bandar Puchong especially at the shoplot areas. Why is rubbish being thrown in front of the shops? Refuse bin taken up the parking spaces! Road side grasses not trimmed. Common, do the basic. Why talk about 'green environment' when we can't even keep our road and drain clean!



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