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Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Current Updates

Dear Residents of Puteri 11,

Just to add to what have been said, currently there is no legally established RA in Puteri 11. For a RA to be recognised and function, it must be formally approved and registered with the ROS, it must have a management committee and memberships from its residents, all of which are non existence at this moment.

A number of the members from the Action Committee against the proposed IOI condominium development had in July 2009, submitted an application to the ROS to establish a RA in Puteri 11. We are still awaiting the ROS's approval on our application which we hope to get it soon.

Once our application is approved by the ROS, we can then approach all Puteri 11 residents to sign up as members of the RA and call for a meeting to elect a Management Committee to oversee the running of the RA.

On the proposed condominium development, we understand that IOI has yet to reply to a number of questions and conditions raised by MPSJ.

On the issue of security guards, they are engaged and managed by IOI.

Hope the above helps clarify the situation and if you have any question, you can contact the following residents for information.

Chiam - 016 2323480
Mahendran - 012 2029668
Loke - 016 2620006

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  1. Just want to say thank you again especially Chiam, Mahendran and Loke. Thx.


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