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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Security Access System

Dear residents,

We would like to apologize for all the inconveniences caused on the 1st day commissioning of our barrier gate system.

There were numbers of tags/cards were inactive as due to the shutdown of the PC while activating them. Hence we are unable to identify which weren’t activated until we started the commissioning of the system.

Somehow we have solved the problems by activating all the 1,131 inactive cards today and the flow has been considerably smooth and efficient.

For those who encountered the failure, you are kindly requested to
  1. remove the card and slot it back to the device before using it.
  2. Place the smart tag on the right of the dashboard and face towards the big square reader. The reader below it is the TnGo reader instead.
  3. Should the reader failed to capture the signal, please remove the card and use as TnGo to have the access before approaching us for changing the device.
For those who still do not possess the Access Card, please kindly access through the VISITOR/ NO TAG LANE to avoid blocking.

Resident who wish to purchase the Access Card, please feel free to either contact me or any of the RA member and we shall attend to you as soon as we can or you are welcome to approach us too.

Thank you

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