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Monday, March 4, 2013

Mpsj Landscape Dept - 1) Basketcourt Enquiry 2) Request For Fertilizer And Termite Medicine

Salam Puan Azlina,

With reference to my email dated 21 January 2013, regarding my enquiry about the status of the basketball court and our request for fertilizer and termite medicine.

First, we regret to bring to your attention that we have not receive the fertilizer or the termite medicine, thus far. 

We hope to have these items that will definitely help in getting rid of the termite surrounding the plants and the growth of the palm trees healthily.

I am therefore shall be most grateful If you can kindly look into this request at your earliest possible, please.

Second, we wish to know at when can the basketball court be build to cater the children in our Taman, since it has been almost 3 months we have been waiting for your green light to have it made.

Thanking you for your usual kind attention,

Yours faithfully,
Alice CHOO
Chairman RA BP11

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