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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Puteri Hill

A meeting was convened today, 25.3.2013 at 2.30pm at MPSJ, Jabatan Perancang in the presence of the following persons: 
  1. Cr Chang Kim Loong AMN
  2. Cr Ng Sze Han
  3. Cr Pooi Weng Keong
  4. IOI/ Flora Development representatives : Wong Peen Fook & Tan Keng Seng
  5. MPSJ Jbt Perancang, Pengarah - En Ismail Muhamad, Timbalan Pengarah - En Hazman, pegawai Kawasan - En Shazhin
Re: Puteri Hill

Since the minutes of the previous meetings ( convened on 16.2.2012, 28.3.2012 & 6.9.2012 ) chaired by Tan Jo Han and Ng Sze Han have been duly signed, it is ready for distribution to RA and Flora Development. MPSJ will forward to me a set of the official minutes for ouwards transmission to RA 11. MPSJ will officially response to RA 11 letters dated 28.11.2012 and 20.1.2013 after Flora Development Sdn Bhd reply to your eight (8) queries as specified in your email below. MPSJ has granted Flora Dev a grace period of 2 weeks to response officially.

MPSJ officers will visit the site to verify the current status and made a preliminary report to the department.

Re: Holistic TIA study for the entire Bdr Puteri area

IOI / Flora Development has agreed, at their own cost and expense, appoint a Traffic Consultant company to prepare a holistic study on the traffic system and to propose traffic plans. This is apart from the TIA study that MPSJ will embark on for the entire Puchong area.

It has been agreed at the meeting that there shall be no approvals of NEW application for development save and except such TIA is conducted in totality. Existing applications will not be affected.

Re: Dewan Masyarakat

Two (2) Dewan Masyarakat has been earmarked in Bandar Puteri area; one of which is situated at Bdr Puteri 10 with an area approx 3.0 acre  and will be air-con with three (3) Badminton Courts. There will also be a stage for performance with a capacity of 300 pax. The cost is expected to be approx RM1.3 million and borned by the developers ie IOI/ Flora Dvelopement

Re: Road Upgrading, proposed Fly-Over and proposed Tunnel along Lebuh Puteri (from Columbia Hospital to the end of the stretch of the bridge in front of PFCC)

IOI/ Flora Development has proposed to invest RM30 milion to upgrade the roads, proposed a 'Fly-Over' and proposed a Tunnel along the stretch of road stated above. Details of the proposals will be made available in a Public Consultation thro' slides, power point presentation on the following date and time:

Date: Thursday, 18 April, 2013
Time: 8.00 pm
Venue: JKP Zone 16 cabin

Please let me have sometime to sort out more details before calling for a public meeting.
Thank you.

Cr Chang Kim Loong AMN
Ahli Majlis MPSJ selaku Pengerusi JKP Zon 16

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